Thursday, December 31, 2009

Self-declared holiday..

I declared holiday for this whole week because PINK DARLING asked me to go Nilai.. Since it's end of the semester, so I ditched class for 2 days and go to Nilai.. Pink darling came to hostel and fetched me with her friend, LuShan.. Finally, I'm able to meet her in person... :) We shopped in Pyramid for freaking 5 hours straight.. People who knows me will surprise by the fact that I can actually shop that long.. Lolz. But I got my coat so it's worth the million and I'm actually started to enjoy shopping.. Plus I'm with people I love, I'll certainly enjoyed it more.. We had dinner in Gasoline and then went back to Nilai.. All 3 of us bought something which makes us happy.. At least no one went back empty-handed.. We talked, joke, laughed all the way from KL to Nilai.. Can you imagine? Girls will always be girls.. Pink and I showered and then online for a while. We had pillow talk until 4 am..We have a lot to update each other about.. It's been so long since we last met.. Pink is so surprise that I can actually stay up til so late.. I sleep early most of the time but I guess I just need to thank the nightmares that haunt me.. Lolz... They eventually trained me to be a late sleeper.. We sleep until 12pm the next day. What a wonderful day.. Pink had the day fully planned for me.. We will 1st have nasi kandar for brunch and then sing k.. Finally, we will swim in Jared's(Pink's boyf) neighbourhood's clubhouse.. Singing k is fun but the game is killing me. They have this small competition where we were requested to drink a cup of water as fast as we can.. I didn't expect that cup of water consist gas. I almost choked while drinking.. We lost and ran back to our room to continue to sing.. Haha.. After that, swimming time.. I don't know how to swim but then trying very hard to learn.. We had so much fun and I'm dead tired when I'mback.. LOlz.. The 3rd day is Jared's b'day.. Pink prepared his present a day b4.. I finally met him that day.. I'm happy for Pink too coz she found someone who loves and care for her.. It's time to leave also.. I wish I could stay there with her.. I miss her already.. :( Anyway, I will try to spend more time with her.. I'm finally back to my boy's arm again.. Miss him lots.. *blushed*

Connection is so down so I give up uploading pictures.. Stay tune coz I will definitely upload it in next post..

Saturday, December 26, 2009

It's finally OVER, isn't it?

Days filled with me thinking of you all days and nights..
We've gone thru so much that I'm unwilling to let go..
Never thought we will say goodbye just like this..
I guess this is the best for both of us..

Nah, I'm not done with Jerry yet.. It is just my presentation.. French presentation is finally over.. Thanks everyone for helping especially my number one helper Leong Wan Huey,Lee You Ge, Cindy Law, Liew Ruoh Wen, Wayne and finally KC... Not to forget my teammates, Louis and Derek.. Oops.. no pictures of me coz I was too tired to take any pictures. Wakakakaka... And congratulations to Wei Chuan brother's group for finishing their presentation and teaches us alot of thing too. I enjoyed their presentation with the Naruto, Yukata and food of coz..

I had a blast on Christmas Eve with my beloved Wan Huey(again), Erika Hiew, Cindy Law and Ruoh Wen in Pyramid.. Pictures with Wan Huey so just have to wait.. We had Christmas dinner in T.G.I Fridays. We ordered 3 sets shared by 5 person and all of us also very full... See,how little we ate.. Lolz.. Then we shop and shop but I still didn't manage to get my coat/jacket yet.. Nevermind, there will always next time.. Oh, and bags too.. Oh my good,I got so many things I want to buy.. I need to find jobs.. I need to shop.. Oh my god, I am so obsessed...

I am going to meet my PINK DARLING next week.. So happy.. I miss her so much but didn't get a chance to meet her.. Now I have.. Can't wait..

I attended my 6 hours motor seminar today.. Gosh, it's so boring.. But luckily, I got my brother to accompany me.. And it is only 3 hours coz another 3 hours is practical.. My brother and I went back.. Hahaha.. Exam is coming.. Gotta start studying.. Law will be the 1st subject..Sigh.. Stress lagi!!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

A Very Busy Day = Shopping and Gathering Day

I woke up early in the morning getting ready for my shopping spree.. Sis and I went to Pyramid to shop.. We shop from old wing to new wing, upstairs to downstairs only manage to get a skirt (me) and shirt (sis) from Kits Chen.. Sigh~~ What about bag, accessories, shoe, tops and etc? Just have to leave it until my next shopping trip.. Btw, I saw a very nice coat but it is too hot for us to wear it here.. Lolz.. So sis don't allow me to buy it.. It is only RM199.. Then we finally settle down in Sushi Zanmai for lunch.. A very satisfying lunch which costs us about RM48++.. Oh, FullHouse is now open in Pyramid.. Hahahaha.. No need to go until so far for it anymore.. I didn't go in coz I found out about it after my lunch.. We went back after that and reach home around 5.. I was so tired that I shower and then sleep until 7pm. Woke up and prepare myself to meet with Woon, Tian Long, Ai Then and son, Lay Ling.. Hehe.. So long didn't see them already.. We had a very nice chat yesterday. Woa, Ai Theng's son Xian xian is so cute and active.. He is so active too~~ We had a nice time accompanied by him..

This is him.. So adorable~

Today is the day to learn how to ride the bike.. My brother is learning faster than me as I mention in the previous post.. Hahaha.. Wish me luck, peeps!!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Oops.. MIA again!

First of all, I have to apologize for my bad behaviour these 2 weeks.. Sorry to Jerry lao gong, Wan Huey baby, Yogurt baby, Sook Ann baby, Louis baby, Erika, Cindy, Ruoh Wen and Derek.. I've been having bad temper these 2 weeks where I simply throw tantrums at them... Louis and Derek especially when I ignore them in class.. Sorrie~~ I don't what took place but somehow my mood have been pretty unstable.. PMS? I guess not coz I'm done with my period this month..

Anyway, shopping spree is what I needed now.. I don't know why I'm not sleeping well recently. I tend to get up around 6 something and then trying very hard to sleep back.. These caused me to be extra tired.

We have to prepare for the Cultural presentation.. France, I have to love you in this coming week..Hahahaha..

Journeys back home is tiring but I cannot sleep now coz later I cannot sleep.. hAHAHAH..LAstly, wanted to thank lao gong for little gifts..

Saturday, December 5, 2009

It's Saturday again

Hello everyone.. I just came back home this morning.. I was supposed to come back yesterday but then Ms Cindy Law said she wanted to sing k.. Hmmph.. So we all went to Sg Wang 1st instead of PC Fair.. No pictures coz I don't have camera with me and we were all too tired to take any pictures. Maybe Wan Huey did but only in PC Fair.. So we sing from 1.30pm till 5pm.. Very very tired I tell you.. With me having period, I lose the privilledge to drink cold drinks.. Bleah~~ I can lie on the sofa and sleep but I was waken by Cindy.. Cannot sleep~~ Sad~ But we had fun time and it's the 1st time singing with Cindy and Derek~~

After that, we walked to KLCC to avoid jam and of coz being cheapskate.. We didn't want to pay another round of parking. Lolxz~ We saw a lot of ppl in PC Fair.. We saw Justin, Michael, Sook Ann, Mc, Samson, Si Lin, Jun, Hui Wen and Mei Quin.. Oh, and I saw Wei Yang too.. OMG~~ So so so long since I last saw him.. He was studying engineering... I should have snap a picture with him.. Hehehe. He thought I forgot him.. How could I? He is so cute and consider my close friend during work. We chat for a while and then I left. Then, I have to go outside and get the camera from my boy~~ Sigh~~ PC Fair this time have less thing that last time. They were mainly promoting camera and laptop.. Less pen drive and accessories for laptop/pc. I couldn't even buy a pendrive and sister's earphone.. Anyway, I subscribe Celcom Broadband mainly because Mei Quin works for Celcom and I wanted to try their line.. Hehe.. We went back after that and then went to some place in Cheras for dinner and then send Erika back while Cindy fetches Yogurt and Derek back. I reached hostel around 12 something and surprisingly, roomie is in too.. Hehe.. I was too tired that I sleep after shower.. My boy is having fun singing k with his colleague in Puchong~

Today, I wake up at 9.30am and then shower.. I went home by public transport today.. I walked out and the bus left.. Bad luck~~ But I think bad luck stops there coz I met a guy and he asked where I'm going and if I wanted to share a cab with him. I said ok coz I'm too lazy to wait.. He seems to be in a rush.. Hehe.. The fare is RM 3.60 but then he only asked RM1 from me.. Lolz.. We even took the same lrt and he smile at me when i look at him.. When I was in setiawangsa, daddy called. He told me that his phone is out of batt and said he will fetch me at 12pm.. Then, sis called when I'm in pasar seni.. Asked me if I wanted to go to Midvalley.. I said ok at first but then couldn't contact daddy so I called sis wanted to tell her that I didn't want to go.. But then she didn't answer after I called millions times.. I was so pissed that I stop calling and only send her a msg. Damm.. I dunno what is the use of her phone.. I sleep just now and still feeling tired.. Sigh!!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Oh My God! My Dog is Soo FAT!!

Hello~~ I weight my doggie, Velvet a moment ago and gosh, he weight almost 7KG.. *fainted* I never thought he will be that fat.. Anyway, just some random facts..

This is the Egypt presentation pictures that I sum it up.. The aftermath of this presentation is extremely lack of sleep but worth it because Ms Kik is soooo impressed.. The memories that keep us all together.. No pictures of me being wrapped though.. Too bad..

This moment, I wanted to watch New Moon so badly.. I just have to wait until next week.. Seriously, I need to study for my midterm already.. I have 3 midterms next week and of coz some assignments to hand in.. Newscast, I not yet finish writing it. Matilah saya~~

Yesterday, we did a small celebration for my granny as last Thursday is her birthday. No pictures because no cake.. The weather is so hot that I keep sweating.. Imagine, having steamboat in such a hot weather.. Totally dehydrated.

I WANT and NEED to shop for bags so badly. My bag shopping syndrome is here... I really need to buy a bag.. Such a bad shopping habit.. Coz I ended up buying everything else but bag.. When will I get a nice and suitable bag?

On the other hand, I had so much fun last week.. Minus the extreme lack of sleep.. Been staying over at Wan Huey's for 2 days and going out everyday.. Muahahaha.. Spending money like nobody's business.. It's been so long since I splurge like this... Nope, I'm not buying any branded stuff..Purely on entertainment.. That's all..

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Refreshing morning

*open both hands and stretch body*
What a nice Saturday morning... I sleep for *counting* I also lost counts of hours of sleep. I feel so refresh and happy.. Lolz.. Anyway, last Thursday, I was in Wan Huey's house helping her in assignments and we only get an hour sleep. But the praising from Ms Kik makes all the hard work worth. I was enjoying their presentation all the time and I was the assigned "mummy". I'm the last section and the carry me out with me lying on the table. It was fun to actually act as a dead person. They teach the ways to wrap a mummy up and of coz explains the fact that their inner organ will be taken out. It was cool and of coz we did some fake organs. The wall pictures is awesome which credits to Wan Huey, her friend Silvia Sim, Ruoh Wen and Jesslyn for drawing it and *me*, Cindy, Yogurt, Erika, Derek and Kui Cheng for colouring it.. Muahahaha.. *self-praise* Arghh, I wonder how my France will turn out to be. *prays*

Anyway, I watched 2012 on Monday which cause me to be sleepy the entire week. It is because I'm having 8am class for 2 days straight. 2012 is nice and it brings impact to the audience. My New Moon is releasing.. I can't wait..

I still not yet buy the bag that I wanted.. :(.. But Erika promised that she will go shopping with me.. Happy!! Hahaha.. If I didn't get to buy that bag, it's fate and I shall find a new bag.. Muahahahah...

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Lesson of the day : Do not overturn the knob..

I open this page since morning but then didn't have the chance to write.. All thanks to my LAW assignments.. I crack my brain the whole day doing it. Anyway, I've done it now and tmr is my free day. Rest for one day.. Today, I learn how to ride a bike.. Yea, I'm gonna get a license with my brother. It is so scary plus exciting~~ Of course I know nuts about bike.. Luckily my brother learn 1st then only my turn. I can learn from his mistakes. I drive steadily at first but then couldn't stop properly.. Hahaha.. But after a few practices, I can ride smoothly.. Learning is fun and I shall take more lesson from daddy~ There are once I couldn't balance myself and then turn the fuel knob real hard and scared daddy.. Oops.. I'm sorry daddy.. But it was because daddy's didn't put his leg up when I start to ride.. Anyway, it was a very scary plus exciting plus funny experience..

I celebrated daddy's b'day with him today. I couldn't come home on Thursday due to classes so I made up to him today. Hehe.. Happy birthday once again, daddy.. I Love You~~

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Happy Birthday, darling!

Happy Birthday, Pink Darling!

Today is her 21st and I couldn't be there with her.. So sorry, darling! I really hope you had an enjoyable and lovely birthday!

Muackss Muackss..

I miss you very much!


Friday, November 6, 2009

Long post ahead..

I stopped update since Oct 23 and now is Nov already.. Gosh, why la the time flies so so fast? Anyway, my Singapore trip is so so mainly because it's the 2nd prayer trip again and I made anonymous enemy during the trip. (keep reading and you will know why)

I came back on Thursday that week because I replaced Miss Kik's class.. Friday afternoon, I was scolded by my dad because I still not yet pack my stuff.. I don't know why he so 'kan cheong'. But still I have to be a good girl and pack my stuff.. My initial plan was to sit with my dad since my brother didn't go due to exams. But then plan changed. They have this kind of drawing number of places and my mum drawed the last place. So cousin decided me and her switch places with mummy and aunt. And I was thrown to the last place where nightmares begun. Lolz.. Not that serious anyway. There were this 2 ladies sitting in front of us and one of the ladies shift her sits which makes the sits (the lying part) fell right on my knees.. The worst part is it hurts like hell and she didn't APOLOGIZE.. Both of them looked at me like I'm some alien screaming. Weird isn't it? Yeah, my knee ended up bruised and bleed a little.. We continued to chat and eventually slept. The bus stopped at some rest station and we got down where I had my nasi lemak ayam at 1am.. Hahahaha.. When we got back to the bus, my cousin overheard the tour guide said chewing gums are not allowed in Singapore.. Shit, I bought 3 and didn't realize that until my cousin told me.. Even my dad also didn't remind me.. Sigh!! I was like ' what to do? what to do? Throw it all away?'My cousin said ' crazy a? such a waste to throw it all away.' I continued ' then?' And she replied 'eat all la' Wow. It was such a big project because we chew all the chewing gums in half and hour time. I had 8 pieces while cousin had 7 pieces.. We chew 2 each time and find my mouth to be so tired and changed plan to chewing one at one time. We spit after the gums is not sweet anymore.. Hahaha.. What an experience. Make me having phobia towards chewing gums now. We reached Singapore around 4 or 5 something I couldn't remember. We went to the temple and then few places b4 goi ng back to the hotel. I sleep soundly for 2 hours and almost late for dinner.. Oops.. I had dinner and went to MerLion snap a few pictures and then went back to hotel and leave. The next day after visit some places then we left Singapore.. We stopped at many places in between before reaching home.. Argh.. Home sweet home.. I went back to college the next morning and straight away replace Ms Loh's class.. Then the study routine continued. Tired like hell..

Thursday, I went to Malacca with Wh, Yogurt, Derek, Kc, Cindy, Ruoh Wen and Jesslyn. They went there for documentaries while me, Derek and Kc went for vacation.. Hahahaha.. Thursday, we reached around 2 something. Checked in and then went for lunch.. Chicken rice ball~~ Then start shooting aka travelling.. While they were shooting at the red house(red church), Derek, Kc and I having our cendol opposite the red house.. Yummy!! The weather is so hot la.. Then we proceed to another church and then eventually walk the whole Malacca.. We plan to watch Jennifer's body in Dataran Pahlawan but then full... :( So we went and had our dinner at Wok and Pan. The food there is delicious and prices is affordable.. We went back after that and still shooting also.. All of us gather in Jesslyn's room at night and we web'cam with Erika.. Make alot of stupid move and then asked her to faster come to Malacca. Sleep around 12 something alomost 1 and wake up at 7.30am the next day.. Shower and waited for the others to wake up then went for breakfast.. Chicken rice ball again~~~ But I think 1st time's taste better.. Lolz.. Started to shoot again.. Then news about Ms Elly's resignation spread and we are in dilemma whether to continue or stop.. We continued and went back to hotel to rest and wait for Erika.. We were so hungry that we went to nearby places to search for food.. No more Chicken rice ball this time.. We settled down at a shop in Jonker and we ate different things.. Arghh.. Taste of different food.. Lolz.. Erika finally reached and we went to the red house to get her.. Brought her to cendol then bring her back to hotel.. Rested for a while then we went to dinner with Derek's family.. Yummylicious~~We plan to go to Jonker street and Satay celup but it is raining cats and dogs. We waited until 11 something then decided to just go to Satay Celup with umbrellas.. So the 9 of us went to Capitol, a not so nice satay celup.. Hahaha.. Eat then go back to hotel and shower then finally sleep.. The next day, Cindy knocked on our door to wake us up.. It was 9.30 but feels like midnight coz no sunlight in the room.. We packed and check out.. Then went to Mahkota for brunch.. Cindy and Jesslyn went back to KL 1st because they got AAR's concert to catch.. So the rest of us stayed until 8.30pm. We walked around Dataran Pahlawan again and then went to Jonker around 5 something. Walked until 7.30 then took bus to Malacca Sentral and finally bought tickets for 8.30pm.. Last bus though..Haha.. Jerry came and fetch all of us in Pudu.. LOve him~~ Then we went to Ampang for dinner/supper and sent Erika back.. Sleep is the most important things at that moment.. Haha.. I love going on a trip with friends.. Too bad Jerry have to work or else sure drag him there.. haha..

After we came back from Malacca, normal college routine again.. And I'm like having holidays for 3 days because of class cancelation.. Wh, Yogurt, Ruoh Wen and I went to Pavilion yesterday to watch Jennifer's Body.. The storyline is kinda blur because they didn't stated much about the demons and just killing and killing.. Then, we went shopping and Yogurt bought a new dress.. Kawaii neh~~ We went to Times Square and she bought winter cap..We went back around 5 something.. Then daddy came and pick me up at 8pm and I'm home..

Few days ago, I was told the news about 3 Kampar student that drowned in the waterfall. To my surprise, I knew one of the students which is the girl, Yew Shy Gin.. I was so shocked.. I found her name very familiar and so I onlined and read the news.. True enough, that is she.. She was my A Level coursemate. Although we are not close but I know her because she is Sue Ee's friend. This incident makes me feel that life is really very unpredictable. Today, we were alive and happy but tmr we will die.. Everything happens so quickly. It was really sad reading news about her and the grieving of her family, bf and friends.. Anyway, may she rest in peace..

Friday, October 23, 2009

Singapore, here I come!!

Another week had passed and results is finally out.. I was nervous like hell because I wasn't so confident in Drama and MNG.. But thank God I passed all the subjects.. I'm gonna be extra busy this semester because I'm doing documentaries and also involves in assignments that requires video shooting for my Film & Society and Broadcast Writing (TV) subject. Just wish me luck with hell amount of workload. And and I'm having 8am-6pm class almost everyday. I'm tired like hell but couldn't do anything coz the schedule is fixed.. Damm it. Even Ms Kik's class remained Friday because college is out of venue. Lousy!!

I couldn't wake up for my 2 days of 8am class.. I continuosly snooze my alarm and finally dragged myself to shower and then to class.. It was so hard to do so.. Raining everyday so I have to run under the rain almost everyday and sometimes don't have to coz kikilala will run to get her car. I'm being pampered by my friends too.. Hahahahaha..

Tonight, I'm going to Singapore with the family.. I feels so tired and will be more tired when I'm back from Singapore.. Just pray that I'm still alive by that time.. Haha.. Btw, I'm going to Pahang next weekend for my documentaries shooting..We are going to Orang Asli's village.. Anticipating and scared at the same time because we will be staying in the forest.. Leech~~ Eew~~ Just hope I can get thru it..

Saturday, October 17, 2009

For the sake of updating

Weekends again!! Me love!!

I came back early on Friday because of the last minute cancellation of class.. Yeah! My class is changed to Tuesday so no class on Friday.. Double yay!! Taking KTM is disastrous.. Very very long and tiring.. Gosh, it's been ages since I last took KTM back.. The bad side of being spoiled..

Grandma was admitted into the hospital on Tuesday because she fell down.. I was dead worried about her that I called daddy everyday to ask for her condition. Thank God she is alright now.. She was discharged today and healthy. But she cannot really walk because her wound hurts. Anyway, as long as she is healthy, other thing doesn't matter.. Yesterday, I went to the hospital with both my brothers and my bro's gf.. Around 5 something, we decided to go back to grab some food. When we were about to leave, we saw the doctor came so we walked back and my younger bro jokingly told her that we are back.. My grandma said, " I don't think you all went downstairs also then lie to me said you are back from dinner.." Cute and that makes us laugh..

My bro and gf will be going back this coming Monday.. I'm so gonna miss them.. It is very fun having his gf here tho..

I'm so tired.. I don't know why and I'm st8ill coughing... Sigh! Hate it because it interupt my sleeps everynight.. Hopefully will get better..

Friday, October 9, 2009

Typical 1st week..

1st week of college equals to cancellation of class.. Class is cancelled on the 1st and 2nd day itself.. *laughs* I spend my 3 days in KL with Wh baby, Erika and Ann baby.. I went to The Curve, Ikea, Sg Wang and Pyramid.. I came back on Wednesday evening and have to wait for my brother for half an hour because he is watching movie with his gf.. I went to Malacca with my family on 8th of Oct.. It was a one day trip.. Exhausting but fun.. Pictures will be up at fb soon because I was still recovering. Hahaha.. I'm very tired!!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Facebook is such a pain in the ass!!

Facebook is such a pain in the ass today.. I wanted to harvest my plant but just couldn't log in. When I finally get to log in, my plant expired.. @!$#@$%&^%&*&... Everything is just not right.. My 1st day of menstrual equals to bad cramp day.. But at least I'm happy... Certain ppl will know why.. lolz.. Facebook is getting worse I think and soon, it will turn into Friendster No.2... Whatever.. I deleted people that I don't know because no point adding people you don't know,right?

Weather is hot like usual.. I guess tomorrow will be better as I'm going to Genting for a 2days 1 night trip.. And I'm gonna go casino.. I'm legal but got no chance to go.. So, casino here I come.. My Penang trip is canceled but no worries, we will make it up next semester break.. Right, Leong Wan Huey? I was kinda disappointed but then my boy said he will bring me there.. I will wait.. I wonder when is the next time he will have such a long break? College gonna start next week and reunited with my B-gang baby.. I can't wait to hang out with them again.. I miss them so much.. I miss all the crazy sing k, shopping, food hunt and movie marathon.. The 1st week of college means our waste money week.. Lolz.. It's a tradition that we went crazy the whole week and then back to study mode the following week.. We will not break the tradition, baby.. Agree?

My brother is finally back tonight with surprise.. Can't wait!! *laughs* I miss my brother and scared at the same time.. Results is coming out and he will be in Malaysia when the result came out.. I'm scared that I might screwed up.. *pray hard*

Oh, and not forgetting to date our lovely Ms Loh.. We couldn't go after exam so we will made it up in the 1st week..

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Stepping out of the house is a bliss..

I finally stepped out of the house after so many days staying in.. Oh, yesterday I went out too but to fetch my beloved brother to tuition so that doesn't count k.. Today, I went to Cheras to fetch my cousin with my dad and aunt.. Then we headed to Petaling Street because daddy wanted to stock up and aunt wanted to buy bags.. It is not the holiday that I desired but at least I stepped out of the house.. (I sounds so pathetic) The main reason is because daddy's car is sent to repair and paint.. So no car for few weeks.. No car means no transport.. Basically, I'm home all the time since holiday started..

Ok ok.. After that, we went to Kota Kemuning to taste the duck noodle.. I must said, that is the first and the last.. The taste of the soup is not my liking... Maybe I will have their wan tan noodle.. It tastes much better.. I'm just not into herbs and ginger type of person.. We reached home around 4 something.. Tired but still enjoy..

I spend half the day chatting with kc.. Hehe.. Both also stay at home doing nothing.. I enjoyed chatting with him.. Funny and it made my day.. Btw, today is his mum's birthday..
Happy birthday, kui cheng mama!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Boring sial!!

Pictures!! I realized that my blog is lack of pictures again.. Well, I need more.. But being stuck at home means no pictures.. Maybe I can snatch my Velvet and simply snap some pictures? Nah, he is smart enough to turn around.. Boring sial!!

Cousin text me yesterday asking me if I would like to go to Genting today.. I wanted too but too bad, I had plans waiting for me so I have to give up on that trip..

Well, I think I just have to update when I got things to write..

Sunday, September 20, 2009

How I survive on Raya!!

I'm watching Little Nyonya during my Raya holiday.. It's a very touching story on how Nyonya survived in her own family... Both Yue Niang and Ju Xiang were mistreat by their family just because Ju Xiang's mother was the second wife.. Both Yue Niang and her mother thinks that women can control their destiny and they both fight for it..

I know this drama is very long d, but I just don't have the time to watch.. So now it's the time to catch up.. So basically, I spent the whole Sunday at home watching drama with my boy accompanying me.. He is having off day.. Tomorrow, he will be heading to Port Dickson for his company trip.. I want to go too.. *cry*

Another good news.. My korkor is coming back on the 30th of September.. He will be staying for 20days this time.. It is consider long coz the longest he stayed was 2 weeks and so.. I guess mummy gonna make lots of good dishes to welcome him home.. *happy*

Although I stayed home, but I still get the taste of Raya.. My grandma's neighbour was a Muslim so she make us nasi kunyit, rendang, ketupat and satay kuah... Yummy.. We love her rendang since young.. She's an old women with superb memory.. She can still remembers me although she didn't see me for a very long time.. She is friendly too.. Hehe..

Back to my Little Nyonya!!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Holiday, just stay as long as you can!

Finally, I'm free from exam.. Yahoo~~~~ Seriously, exam is killing me.. I wonder if I'm doing alright this exam.. Kinda worry about that.. But I guess I just need to totally make good use of my holidays first, right? My brother is coming back on 1st of October.. Hehe...

How am I supposed to make good use of my holiday? Drama? Movie? Vacation? Oh my god, I just want everything.. I can't wait to start my drama.. But first of all, I need a lot of rest which means sleep sleep and sleep.. Hahahahahaha....

Holiday, I'm deeply in love with you!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Home is the major distraction

Home is a distraction..I've been slacking so much at home.. I cannot manage to study, not at home.. I'm going back to hostel around evening.. And I guess I can study tonight.. My PPS is finally working and I can read the chinese words instead of signs.. Lolz.. I didn't realized that my brother went to school already until I woke up this morning.. Normally, I'm back to hostel on Sunday so I'm not really used to staying at home during weekdays.. Gosh, I hate MNG so much.. How am I supposed to study? I need to love it very very much until I finish exam..

Another week without my lovely lappie... I will miss you very much... I want to stay away from the book and watch drama.. But I can't... Sad case.. Derek is going to Sunway Pyramid today for skating.. I want to go also.. :(

I don't know what happened to my gums recently.. It is so painful for me to eat.. Maybe I don't drink enough water, that is why.. Am I going to sick? Hell no.. I didn't want spend my holiday on the bed.. I want a holiday, a vacation, a run away or whatsoever..

Anyway, kor kor is coming back the soon.. Somewhere around the 1st week of October.. Can't wait to see him because we might have a surprise.. Hehe.. I will reveal if we really have that surprise..

Last but not least, wish me luck in my exam.. And I wish my Wan Huey baby the very very good luck in her paper tmr.. Muackss. LOve you..

Sunday, September 13, 2009

A long long journey!

Finally, after soooooo many days of studying and all, I'm back home.. For 2 days.. Hahahaha.. I still got one more papers left which is MNG.. Nah, not that MNG is Malaysia's National Goals and Programmes.. I took so long to finaly get the subject's name.. Yeah, pathetic I know but then it's an agrucultural subject and I don't see how it is related to Broadcasting... I was reading blogs and come across something which is interesting.. One of the blog that I read was Ee Von's blog and she did videos with 40 expression which is hilarious.. It made my day tho... I will try it out someday after my exams..

Few days ago, I lost interest in studies and I couldn't study for my drama no matter how much I wanted to.. *bang heads few times* In the end, I think I kinda screwed the paper but not very sure because we don't know how the lecturer is going to mark the paper.. We will see.. Styles of study should be changed next semester.. Gawd, I talk about that all the time but never really did it.. I guess this is really the time to change..

A day b4 my drama paper, I had an argument with my bf.. Of coz, the aftermath hits me real hard.. I totally lost the mood to study although we did made it up.. Suddenly, I think a lot.. Of all the causes and effects which give me this results. Arghh.. I don't know but it seems like I'm not good enough.. No, he is not complaining.. Just me who thinks I didn't comtribute much in these relationship.. I should be awake and do something, right?

Last wednesday, after my radio & dj paper, we as in me, wh and yogurt went to Erika's house to play with her husky.. They are so adorable until you can die for it.. Below is a picture of Yogurt and the baby husky.. They brighten our day and I hope they brighten you day as well..

They look so much alike, don't they?

Thursday, September 10, 2009


Phew, finally finished 3 papers and only 2 more left.. But i think it will not be an easy paper.. My oh my.. I got no idea how to start studying my drama.. The very difficult part is textual evidence.. I don't even have Emily of Emerald Hill..*smack head* I sleep for don't know how many hours but still feel like sleeping... Geez.. What is wrong with me? I'm actually very jealous of students who took chinese coz they don't have to study.. I want to relax also.. But i can't.. I know if i relax then I won't have the mood to study again.. Which means I can only relax after my exams..

My papers were alright.. Everything that I study came out.. I should be happy right? But no coz the marks is so weird.. Just pray for the best thing to happen.. After exam we as in Wh, Erika, Yogurt and I went to Ampang and had lunch then we went to Erika's house to play with the husky.. SOOOOO CUTEEE.. Then we went back to hostel so that Erika can study while Wh and I sleeps.. So bad I know but we were too tired studying the night b4.. So sorry, Erika!! Hehe..

Saturday, September 5, 2009

English paper!

I screwed up my English paper today.. I couldn't come up with any idea for the essay!!! Arghh!! I'm so angry of myself!! The comprehension part is so so tough.. That was the 1st English paper I took in my diploma so far.. Ish ish!! Think from the bright side and study for my other paper!!

I must not disappoint Miss Loh....
I must score!!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Fruitless effort

I just came back from Jusco Bukit Tinggi.. I was supposed to watch The Orphan with my brother but then 1.20pm is full... So I bought tickets for 4pm.. I checked thru the Net and found out that couple seat is just RM 1 extra.. Ish ish.. SHould have bought couple seat instead.. But with my brother? Eww.. It feels so strange.. Wait for 4pm lo.. Hahahaha...

My brother is definitely started to grow up, mentally.. He used to stay at home and didn't want to go out but then now, he asked me to go and watch movie.. Miracle eh..

Life is boring nowadays. Sometimes I wish I have something to do.. Stuck in between exam and holidays feels so suck.. I didn't have the mood to study yet and this is very bad.. I didn 't want to flunk my exams...

I wish some thing happening in my life now.. I realized I hate peaceful life.. Too peaceful indeed.. Some excitement will brighten my day..

I miss Ms Loh badly.. I missed her practical classes.. I must yum cha with her one day.. Hehe..

oh my god, my hair looks funny...

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Guilty for not studying!

I'm finally home.. I've been spending more time with Wan Huey and Louis this week. Yogurt baby is in Penang with Derek and Kui Cheng so I didn't see her except yesterday.. I went to college and she came too.. Hehe.. She was on her way to KLCC's book fair.. Hmm.. I want to go also but then got things to do ler.. So I didn't go. I didn't really study this week because my notes is with Louis.. Ish ish.. That fella damm slow ler.. So long somemore didn't photostat..But then forgive him lo coz his gf came ma.. Let them enjoy enjoy lo. Hehe.. We went to Greenbox on Wednesday. We didn't sing k since I-Don't-Know-How-Long.. So the 4 of us which include Wan Huey, Erika, Louis and I went to Greenbox sama-sama.. 3 hours is like so not enough.. We were just warming up and ding~~ time's up already.. We wanted to extend but then full house so no chance.. The 4 of us decided to crash Connaught pasar malam since it is still early.. Louis brings the bad luck coz rains starts pouring when we reached Connaught.. We waited for like an hour ++.. The rain stil didn't stop but just drizzling so we decided to go just in case it rains heavily again.. Louis were so excited about the chao dao fu.. Lolz.. It started to rain again when we just step into the pasar malam.. We only got 1 umbrella and Erika is sick.. So the other 3 kena rain lo.. Buy buy buy then we went to 100 yen shop to eat. Walao, the whole table is full of food. We couldn't finish it but overall it is satisfying.. Hehehehe.. After that, we went for dessert, tau fu fa tong yuen..Yummy!! Erika said she needs to get an alarm clock so we stop by a clock stall.. Hahaha.. Erika choosing alarm clock in one end, Louis choosing watch for his gf in the middle and I saw a very cute turtle clock in another end.. Ended up, all of us bought something from that stall except Wan Huey.. The turtle clock reminds me of Jerry.. Hehe.. We went back happily after that.. hehe.. Spend the whole Thursday with Wan Huey.. Lolz..

Spending more time with friends which also mean spending less time with bf.. He is busy this week and I'm busy going out with my friends.. Guilty ler always left him at home.. Hopefully we can spend more time together after my exam.. Hehehe...

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Boring, I'm very boring..

Yes.. No plans for today as Wh and Louis are havin meeting at 6.. I was bored without notes to study.. Seeping is the only thing I can do. I had enough, in fact I had more than enough.. Read some magazines and then online.. I used up all my phone's batt for games and surfing the net.. I only had one meal today that is breakfast.. Up til now, I didn't eat anything yet.. Am I hungry? No, not yet. Not in the mood for eating tho..

I'm almost bored to dead now.. Hmm.. Luckily is only one day.. If more than one day, I will die..I rather go to college and study.. Attend classes like usual.. It will be fun than staying in the room...

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Relax relax...

I want my weekend to be relax enough for me to start studying next week.. So I will spend my weekend shopping, sleeping and watching drama.. Hehehe.. I still don't have my full notes but then I asked my sis to print it out for me already.. This is gonna be a movie marathon weekend.. Me likey!!

Finally, assignments is all clear out.. Owh.. I miss Ms Loh already... She is the best lecturer/tutor this semester and I heart her much much.. Hehe..

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Kelvin's farewell..

I just came back from Kelvin's farewell.. Hehe.. I very much enjoyed my high school friend's company. It's so fun.. Of coz, we had lots of delicious dessert.. Me likey! He made 3 cakes that is chocolate mousse cake, new york cheese cake and blueberry cheese cake.. I didn't eat the blueberry cheese cake but it look nice.. I specially likie one of his dessert which i don't know what is it.. It's like a piece of very thin biscuit wih fruits on top. Love it very much..I wish to have Kelvin to cook for me everyday.. Hahahahaha.. He is leaving to US next week. Gotta miss him.. I'm lost when I'm on my way to Hee Boon's house.. I'm really not familiar with Kampung Jawa's road.. Hehe.. Ended up, Ren Quan and Hee Boon have to come to rescue.. Actually, I turned in earlier.. Hehe.. The road there very dark.. Scary~~ I park my car in Hee Boon's house and then follow Ren Quan's car.. Hehe.. All the lost thing will happen because my boy ffk me.. But then I forgive him because he got work to do.. I'm gonna upload pictures in facebook..

Today, Velvet seemed to be sick coz he basically vomitted 5 times.. I don't know what is wrong with him.. Mt task for the day is to clean all his vomit.. Hahahaha.. Maybe he misses daddy and mummy.. Poor Velvet..

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Worry sick!

Exam's timetable's is out and it is time to study. Gosh! So fast final already.. I'm not ready for it.. I'm worried that I might not score this time.. I don't know.. I'm fatigue.. I just need lots and lots of rest.. Arghh.. Very very scared la.. How how how? Sigh.. Someone help me???

I guess I'm the only one who can help myself...

Saturday, August 8, 2009

I don't know what to say!

Things has been different lately.. Ever since my sis changed her job, she becomes an outgoing person.. Which at some point, I still couldn't get used to it but I cannot be bother either. Looking at her reflects at my non-social life right now.. Gosh, when was the last time I went to GreenBox this sem? I don't remember. Every week also assignment and more assignments. I might look at myself thru my sister right now. But one thing different is she is at home and I'm in KL which means I have more freedom than her. It is good to change but just she change too slow. But heck, it's better than non right?

I'm in the mid of getting sick or not! I had this very bitter tea which my daddy forced me to drink yesterday. Today, I feel slightly better but still with mild headache. Ish.. I receive an email from my live drama group mate said she wanted to change the story.. Our presentation is in less than a week's time.. I don't know what comment should I give her. I'm kinda tired to argue with almost anything..

Yesterday was a bad day for me.. I went to college not feeling well.. And then we had our class presentation which Louis is the script writer.. I didn't blame him for the wrong format because I know he did the script til late at night. I look at the script and then change a little here and there. We went and print the script out. Ms Loh was so kind and said if we got no confident then we just hand in the script and no need to present. But of coz, we wanted to present. Louis found some sound effect and then the file got corrupted because it was infected by virus.. Great! There goes all the sound effect. In the end, we manage to find some music and do our manual sound effect and of coz with Justin's help.. At least we made an effort to present right? Ms Loh said he kinda like our storyline and that made my day a little. Andrew printed the English assignment and he didn't realized that their id number missing.. And he printed it without page numbering.. I wonder what is wrong. The very pissed and sick me change it and plan to reprint.. I went to TBR after class with Alicia. The naive me thought it was just the cover page in the file but then there were actually the whole assignments and I printed it all out.. Fuck!! I was damm pissed when I saw that. Wasted my 7 bucks.. Fine! I went and buy chicken rice and then when I was carrying the soup, it spilled.. Right on my fingers.. Note: it's HOT SOUP!!! How bad my day will be? We went back for English class and I was damm moody already. After English, we went to V Block to book our audio lab. We couldn't find Ms Loh..THank god Louis spotted her in the car park and he called me.. I was like a mad person running to the car park.. Evrything is done by then and I went back to hostel.. Mild fever I had.. It was a very bad day!!

And today, I got a GOOD news.. My groupmate wish to change the story for Live drama where the presentation is less than a week.. I seriously got no comment about that.. I'm tired and sick. Let it be! and GOOD LUCK to ME!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

From left to right and right to left

Ok, I didn't manage to post up things that I wrote in the morning due to sudden Internet down. Well, I basically forgot what I wrote so here is a brand new post.. I attended morning class (freaking 8am, ok).. It's a big deal for me because I was late for the class.. I was late for 10 minutes and dang~~ I was the first to arrive still.. What a punctual class mates that I got!! Lolz.. Anyway, I survive thru the boring English class.. Derek was sick and couldn't attend but he m to come for recording make an effort to come for recording later.. Louis on the other hand feel a bot sick because he sleep too late yesterday.. I got few hours to kill before recording time.. I went to Old Town in Sri Rampai with Alicia. We had meehoon for breakfast and my tummy is not feeling well the whole day.. We sit there until almost 2pm.. Of coz, Michael (Alicia's bf) came too.. I am the lamp post.. OMG!!! I guai guai watch my gossip girl lo coz I got nothing to do. I don't have the English with me so I cannot ammend anything.. I enjoyed my Gossip Girl and really hope that I download season 3 as soon as possible. It is released already according to Derek.. Yea, so basically I'm having tummy discomfort the whole day. We finally finished recording around 4 something. We went to McD to finish up all our assignments. Poor thing Derek can only watch us eat and he cannot do anything. Anyway, we plan to have dinner together at night which he have to cancel because he is so sick.. We can have dinner next time, better take care 1st. So dinner canceled and we all went back. I showered and pack my dinner.. Watching the final episode of Gossip Girl and dang~~ I'm having toothache.. Damm irritating!!! Lost all my mood but I manage to finish my Gossip Girl too.. I love CHUCK BASS to bits.. He is so damm cute!! With his cool and low tone voices, OMG.. He makes me melts.. Lolz. Anyway, just need to take care of myself as well because I've been sleeping late and drink less water.. That's all for now.. Ta~da

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Happy Me!

The happy me finally finished up her Gossip Girl Season 2 in 2 days which excluded episode 19. It's time to get started catching up with America's Next Top Model again. Oh, I miss ANTM very much. And I couldn't watch it coz I'm not at home all the time. Now, I've got the cd's from Derek, I can watch it again. I missed 3 cycles already. Gosh! Btw, I can't wait for Gossip Girl Season 3. The storyline is making me spice up..

Love it to bits. Gotta go packing now..

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Weekends, I LOVE and HATE at the same time!!

I have this love hate relationship with weekends mainly because, I enjoys the relaxation over the weekends but then I have to do my laundry as well.. I'm a very lazy person when it comes to laundry.. I have to handwash most of my clothes ler.. I get to sleep more during weekends which I love to bits.. Sleeping seems like far away from my this week.

I was so busy this week because I got 4 assignments to hand in, 1 presentation, 1 quiz and 1 midterm.. Crazee can? I know nuts about the drama assignment which driving crazy that day. I went shooting for Ann's drama on Tuesday in Yogurt's house. I woke up early that day so Yogurt asked me to go her house to have breakfast with her as well as help her in her drama too. In the end, we come up with nothing.. Totally clueless about drama.. I only spent my time shooting and then hide in Derek and Kc's room to look for the textual evidence.. Shootings ends around 6pm so Wh asked Louis and I joined her coz she wanted to finish her English.. Three of us plus Erika went to McD in Ampang and started to do our assignments till 11 something. I manage to come up with 1000 words that night, thank god! Luckily, Pei Xuan and Janyse sent me their parts or else I will die! That night, I had arguments with my boy because I was back late and he is worried sick about me..I was so busy I ignore.. Bluek!! Very bad hor? But no choice la, time is very precious to me that night.. AFter that we made up..when i got time!! Haha.. Wednesday morning, I woke up early to finish up the final part.. I manage to finished all of it in time but then I made a mistake by not checking their work.. As the result, I have to print that assignment twice.. Learn from mistakes lo.. I got drama midterm the same day and luck is on my side coz I manage to do it.. I didn't attend Radio & DJ that day because I was dead tired.. I went back, shower and then bf came to fetch me!! Dinner time.. We went to Connaught again coz I missed the Takoyaki.. He was reluctant to go at first but then gave in when I said I was craving for Takoyaki with little bit manja!! Haha.. His weakness = me!! Too bad! I was told that my presentation is on Thursady instead of Friday. I was so shocked because I not yet finish the report.. Louis said we can hand in our report next week which make me relieve for a while.. He is the one who is going to prepare the slide show. I was late for 5 minutes on Thursday morning.. But I was last group so not affected.. The presentation is ok and we had quiz that day too.. Luckily, Louis get a easy topic.. AIDA!!! hahaha.. Friday, PSA assignment.. Thanks to Wh for the sound effect and Derek for editing for us.. I love both of you!!!! Muackss muackss.. Friday, PC fair!! Surprisingly, I got nothing to buy.. I manage to get myself a new headphone coz my old one cacat d.. Hehe.. ANd that's all I got.. Good, save money!! Home is the place I went at night!! Hehe.. I sleep quite early coz I'm very tired!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Kill me!!!!!

Somebody call 911!!!

My drama assignment is killing me.. I wan to die!!!!!

I don't know how to do..

No one can help me and no one for me to consult!!!

How How HOW????

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Review of the week..

Yes, no pictures like I promised previously.. Sorry, no time to upload.. Year 2 is crazeeeeee.... I got 12 assignments in total !! And 4's deadline is next week.. Luckily I have started on it..

Last Tuesday, we went to Tenji in Mont Kiara to celebrate Louis and Derek's birthday. Alicia and I was the one driving. I was fetching the sick Louis, the pre-b'day boy Derek, the cute guy Kui Cheng and my oh so personal GPS, Wan Huey.. Hahahaha.. We were lost in Mont Kiara itself. In the end, my 'GPS' is not working therefore we have to call to Tenji to ask for direction.. Lolz.. But the food is definitely worth all the hard work.. Too bad the variety is kinda limited but then still yum yum.. We can go round and round taking foods.. Imagine that.. I had a very nice time watching Kui Cheng eat because he makes you want to eat.. Lolz.. Although I'm very full on the end, I still feel like eating.. Oh my god!! I was so full and sleepy after that but then still can drive la.. Anyhow, we enjoyed the buffet very much..

Wednesday, the day of drama presentation.. I was so sleepy and tired.. But still, thanks to Louis and Derek for making my presentation a good one.. It was their birthday and they still come and help me.. Thank you thank you.. Surprise is awaiting for Louis as his gf flied back from China.. Sweet sweet.. I didn't have time to buy them a cake as I'm rushing for my drama.. Here, I wanted to apologize to Janice too because I didn't have time to properly introduce myself.. Hehe.. The presentation was so so because most of them didn't memorize the script but I got compliment from my tutor which boost a little of my confidence.. Hehe.. I was acting as Blanche, the flirty one.. Haha.. The day ended with my boy bringing me to Connaught pasar malam because he is having an off day.. Love him much much..

Nothing much happening in Thursday.. Just some normal debate happening in class with the topic of Money cause more problems that it solves. I, unfortunately get choosen for the agree party which is very hard.. But then, I have a very nice time debating with Derek.. Haha, I just don't know why he got so many idea to debate back.. But it was a funny 1 tho.. After debating, we went to McD for breakfast and then study for quiz as we get the info that we might have a quiz.. In the end, our class don't have quiz.. But I studied already so things that Ms Loh asked, I happened to know the answer.. Haha.. She was so surprise because all of us skipped her lecture that Tuesday.. Hahahha... Her expression worth a million.. I enjoyed very much in Ms Loh's class because I absorb better and most importantly, she remembers our name which makes us looks like friends. I love it.. After her tutorial, we are free and we went to Pavilion to hang out and we manage to come up with the idea for PSA assignment.. So proud of ourselves.. *blush* We went back to Audio lab at 4 because we booked it for our commercial assignment.. We manage to finish it by then and happy with the results.. I even can memorize the commercial right now.. Happily go back after that and meet up with my lao gong zai.. Lolz.

Friday, the day I used all my brain juice.. Morning, I got practical for Broadcast Writing.. We were given a task, that is to write a PSA.. I got cervical cancer.. Waited for Louis they all to come then we started to work on it.. We finished and present.. It was overall quite good.. Went to McD again with Alicia And Michael.. I'm the lamp post.. Gosh!! Finished and attended English.. Boring boring boring.. I read the script that Cris gave it to us.. It makes me headache.. Too much of conflict.. Then we decided to come up with a new one.. We went to Alicia's house after English and squeeze all of brain juice.. We finally manage to come up with 3 pages and went back to college. We are late and they started recording already. In the end, we record both and tutor said both also not a very good drama.. We have to rewrite.. Gosh, I was so tired.. Cris they all went back straight without trying to discuss.. Maybe we need to discuss on Monday.. Will see..

Weekend wasn't a relax time for me as I need to finish up my assignments. I haven't even start my drama assignents.. Everything packed in the same week.. And I have to start studying already because final is approaching.. Bless me.. And I get to spend more time with my boy which makes me a happy girl.. But the busy me coulnd't spend time with my dearest friend such as Hee Boon, Pink and Rin.. Sorry girls...Will make it up soon, I promise..

Sunday, July 19, 2009

A very meaningless post!!

I wrote an entry last Sunday but didn't manage to finish it. I guess I shall left it in the draft. It's over, no point posting it.. Anyhow, I'm currently suffer from cramp.. Damm, why now? I got drama presentation next week.. Gosh!!I have to memorize my script and now I remembered I haven't type the cover page and etc.. Things are all rushing in.. Line up pls!!

Hopefully I manage to film it by next week.. Have to thanks to my personal expert, LEONG WAN HUEY!! Hahahahhaa.. I want to finish that fucking presentation as soon as possible.. Thank you. Oh, and sorry to Derek and Louis because both of you have to help us on your b'day itself.. So sorry!!

Vey lazy want to post long long and upload pictures.. Lalala~~~~ So end it here 1st and will update again most probably after my presentation.. In the meantime, have a look at my Plurk or Twitter 1st..

Thursday, July 16, 2009


I'm numb..

I'm tired..

My heart broken.....

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Nothing.. Nothing

I'm missing home right now.. :( I didn't go home last weekend due to TT night and I'm now waiting for Friday, then I can go home.. Yeah!! Anyway, TT night was a blast.. Good job, Yogurt and Derek plus all the other committees..

(shout out loud)*Joseph Joseph!!! *

Too bad he didn't win but he definitely won the audience's heart.. It is better than the title right? And Sean the emcee too.. He is good and cool.. I really enjoyed it very much.. Thanks to kawan punya kawan, i got VIP tickets and manage to watch it in front.. I enjoyed very much of the show, well except the instrumental part.. It is nice but part of it is boring..I got pictures but then gonna post it up when I went home..

This coming Sunday will be OO night.. All the best to all my friends, the committees.. I shall wait for the show.. Home sweet home.. I miss you!!! and daddy and mummy and jie jie and ah boy and velvet.. Oh, and not forgetting my chinaman brother.. plus my boy... Hehe.. I think I'm exhausted.. Lolz.. Simply type...

Saturday, July 4, 2009

tough i need to be tough..

Basically, I'm very busy this whole week and that explains about my absence in this blog.. It seems dusty to me.. In fact, I'm very tired now.. It's been a hectic week. I personally busy for my assignments while my kawan-kawan busy for their TT night and OO night... I had my drama rehearsal on Tuesday and Wednesday and then proceed to my other assignment discussion. Gosh.. So many assignment's deadline is rushing in. I want to die. I've been to college early and back late. Sleepless night just to come up with something but then bah~ nothing came out.. I think I have to brush up my skills again. Finally, I hand in one assignment today. Thank god.. 11 to go.. I guess it's approximately 12 assignments this sem..I lagi want to die.. I can't help anything in TT and OO so all I can do is back them up in assignments. I hope i can help them in a way.. Sleepy la.. Me with my emotionless face everyday.. Save me pls someone.. I'm staying in KL this week for the sake of TT night and of coz my assignments.. Anything, assignments comes first.. I wana go do work and then to my dreamland 1st..Will update soon..

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Great weekend minus assignments

My bag that I got it in Internet.. Happy happy.. I'm into shopping mood again.. Gosh.. So tempted to go shopping.. Sales is on..

I went to Jusco with my sister just now.. I saw 1 dress which I kind of like it.. But then something wrong with it, you know.. So, I don't know if I should get it or not. Still under consideration.. Bluek! :p

Sometimes, I just don't understand why people cannot stand on their own. Why they will have the intention to be dependent on others? I know I'm not fully independent as I'm still asking money from my dad. What I meant here is independent in dealing with your own problems..
For example, if you make a choice, just bear with the consequences. Don't just suffer a little and give up.. I mean, come on, this is life.. You are born to live you life and not to run away from it..
Ok ok, maybe I'm not quite qualified to said about all this but I'm proud to said that I do what I need to do and bear the consequences of my choice. So, no regrets.

I'm hungry now and I need to grab a quick lunch.. My oh my.. Shopping.. Sales, please stop tempting me. Thank you!

Friday, June 26, 2009


My oh my.. I am currently in cafeteria killing time.. I still got 1 hour b4 my class starts. Disaster.. I'm so so tired. Mainly because I'm lack of sleeps.. I watched Transformer on Wednesday, midnight with my boy. I watched till 3.15am.. Can you imagine? But the movie is good.. I liked it.. I would watch it again thou.. Lolz.. Too bad, the aftermath is killing me. I'm so lack of sleep for days..
The weather been crazy these few days. Hot weather and suddenly raining cat and dogs. Gosh, I might sick anytime soon which I know I can't.. I heard rumors that SBS students get H1N1 but I don't know if it is true..

O, breaking news!! Michael Jackson passed away this morning at 5.21am, Malaysian time. What a waste and sudden right? ANyway, rest in peace.. No more plastic surgery k..

I don't have mood to study nor doing assignments.. Sigh... What is wrong with me? Wake up!!

My sis text me yesterday telling me that she got my bag already. Yippie.. Will post pictures about it later..

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A little bit of myself!

It's Wednesday and I had only one class which falls on 6pm-8pm.. Suck right? My 'dear' Ms Chan canceled all her class this week. I still haven't get my coursework outline; how am I supposed to start my assignment? It's week 5 and I haven't done a single shit. I'm so under stress!!!!

Plus plus my boy's birthday is in approximately 2 weeks time.. Lagi stress!! I don't know what to buy for him yet..

I'm like having one class per day this week.. Gosh!! What is wrong? Cancellation happens and then replacement next.. Hated lecturer/tutor so much..

Whee~~~ Transformer tonight!! Can't wait coz it's been so long since I watch movie with my boy.. Heart him so much!

Saya punya Gang, bila mahu keluar sama-sama?

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy father's day!

Papa, I love you!! Muackss.. We've been eating cake every month since February.. Oh, minus March.. February is my brother, ah boy's b'day.. April is mine, with 2 cake some more.. May is Mother's day and June is sis b'day plus Father's Day.. Yes, variety of cakes.. Me love it.. Yum yum~~

<-------- Father's Day cake..
Blueberry Yogurt!!

I'm wrong, ain't I?

I guess I'm always wrong in every way.

I feel so numb now, unable to think or feel anything.

All I need is sleep and never need to wake up.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Tired but happy at the same time..

I finally updated my iPhone's software.. It's so cool when I finally can send mms, forward message (like wtf right?), voice recording and most importantly, Internet Tethering.. Yes, finally I'm able to online using my laptop.. I can do more things this way..

On the other hand, I found my belt this morning.. Erm, should I say my sister found it? Looks like my stuff is running back to me.. Good, I don't have to look for them like mad..

My weekdays is quite good in terms of spending more time with my B-Gang.. Except for my Ann baby.. ANN BABY, I MISS YOU!! I'm sure she will she this.. I'm driving on Monday and Tuesday mainly because my boy cannot fetch me.. Few times almost bang another car because I was careless.. My fault, sorry Louis, Madeline, Connie, Choon Mei and Justin for scaring all of you.. I don't have class until 8pm on Wednesday because it is replaced on Monday. I had dinner in my room that night because Rin ate already.. I'm tired that day with the stupid discussion from drama.. Headache after I finished my class.. And most importantly, when I asked Melvyn to read A Streetcar Named Desire so that we can choose which scene to act, the answer he gave me was you decide la.. Fuck you! If Alicia, I can understand because she is busy with the sponsorship for OO night but a security do at this time? Nothing.. He only gets busy on the actual night.. I was pissed.. I swear, next time even if I have to do it alone, I won't be in the same group with him anymore.. I tried my best to finished and finally decided on scene 2,3 and 4. At the same time, we found out that we actually must hand in our Radio & DJ assignment next week which we do nothing until this point.
8am class on Thursday and Louis is late for 1 hour.. We make him do the memo the moment he arrived and he got mad about it.. I sense the anger and asked Derek not to disturb him just in case he kena scold for nothing. In the end of the class, Louis actually yell at the class because no one pays attention when he makes announcement. WHole class was stunt except me because I expected it.. Sorry, Louis baby, I promise no next time k.. We went to Old-Town after class and I updated my software there.. Happy!! We rushed back to class for a quiz which I finished in 5 minutes. We went to Jalan Ipoh and then lunch.. LAst minute, they said wanted to go to Pavilion and we went. Louis and Hui Bee is forced to try on clothes.. Fun but then I forgot to inform my boy about me going out and it upset him.. Sorry.. I know I've been doing it many times but I will try... Friday, attend practical class and then replace E2's English class.. After class, I went to lunch with young baby and yogurt baby in Sri Rampai.. Not very nice but acceptable.. Fetched Erika and we make lots of noise in the car.. Lolz.. Went back to college after that because Derek is waiting for me, Louis baby is waiting for Young baby and Wayne is waiting for Yogurt baby.. Hahahaha.. I went to library with Derek trying to come up with an station ID but failed.. We dig out all the Radio & DJ books and almost fall asleep with them.. Louis baby called and said they are done therefore, we pack and went out to meet them. We went to Jusco.. Louis is in bad mood so he ate a lot.. Hahahahahah.. We went to arcade to play photo hunt.. Around 4.40pm we went back to college to attend class.. E4 students is in the room and the programs fails on us. We restart and all but still no use. We gave up at 5.30 sharp and left. Yogurt bay came and we talked and joke in the pondok. Louis baby bought Big Apple Doughnut and he gave me one.. Thanks baby. After all the chatting, I went back to hostel and pack. I finished reading my books while waiting for my boy to pick me up.. I'm tired these few days because I don't sleep well and spend lots of time running around KL..

Weekends.. I have the love hate relationship with weekends. Mainly because I can relax but feel boring and lazy on weekends. Arghh.. I don't know. I guess I just need to plasn for the whole drama thingy again.. Great, there goes my weekends.. Boy, I just wanted to splurge like nobody's business... But I'm broke. Damm it.. Credits to my collection of books.. Lolz..

To all my B-gang baby, 加油了.. Love you all, muackss..

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Pissed off..

Yes.. I was so pissed off yesterday. Since Wednesday, I didn't had enough sleep.. Class ended at 8pm on Wednesday, went to dinner then shower and sleep.. 8am class on Thursday and only get back around 5 something.. Gosh.. Tired.. Busy here and there and chatted on the phone with my boy until 1am.. Friday, 10am class.. I'm soooooooooo tired.. Somemore breaks so many hours.. Fine.. The 1st hour, I went for lunch with Madeline and gang.. Then English class for 1 hour.. Then break for another 3 hours.. Louis and I went to Yogurt's house. We bought cendol on our way there because weather is freaking hot.. Had fun chatting, playing ps2 and eating cendol. Still very tired.. Get our ass back to college around 4.45pm to attend class.. Got rumours that class will be devided into 2 session.. I reach college at 4.55pm..Audio lab was locked.. We knocked the door and Justin came out and said the tutor asked us to go back at 6pm.. Walao.. 1 freaking hour.. I'm so pissed and it is so unfair... We were not even late.. Waited for a whole 1 hour in cafeteria.. Hot hot and temper rises too.. Can boil water with it.. Anyway, next week we will be divided into 4 session.. Will see if luck is on my side.. Stress... I find myself very hard to concentrate in lecture which is very bad.. Late classes makes me tired.. I just have to find a way to concentrate.. I didn't want to repeat..

I've been spending more time with Yogurt baby.. I misses my Young baby and Ann baby... Our time clashes so it's quite hard to actually hanging out.. Time and OO night..Just have to wait until OO night ends.. Like I said earlier, I have been spending time with Derek lately.. Have fun with all the craziness.. I'm just waiting for the reunion of B-Gang.. Lolz.. Class schedule makes me couldn't keep up with my life and entertainment of coz.. But tha also makes me a good girl and save money.. Cash.. I will find a part time job if I'm free..

On the other hand, i've been spending more time with my boy.. 3 out of 7 days? Improvement coz previously he only manage to spend a day with me and I have to go back by myself.. This week, I feel pampered again.. Like what I mentioned earlier, he send me dinner on Wednesday and send me home.. Or should I say I send myself home coz I'm the one driving.. Lolz.. He don't really allowed me to speed but I curi-curi speed la yesterday while he was asleep.. Which actually not coz he knew what I'm doing.. He puts the Christmas bear on the speed meter and I acted like I don't know coz I can't see the speed meter.. But that mighty boy knew how much I speed.. Of coz la, it's his car.. But tw?>hen, he didn't sound but just laugh when I act innocent.. I think I have to brush up my driving skill especially with manual driving.. Haha.. Friends will know what happened last week when I'm driving manual.. Lolz..

Question : What would you do if your bf/gf wanted to find a second gf/bf (二奶)?

For me, I couldn't answer this question because I don't know how to react.. Maybe I will accept and maybe I won't. But actually how many people can accept this in modern era? Haha.. Maybe if my bf shared his second gf with me then I'll consider.. B-gang will know why.. But of coz the girl have to attracted to me also la.. It's very hard to find a girl that can capture my attention.. Boo~ Too bad..

My tutor for Radion & DJ asked us to brush up our vocals as a preparation for our assignments.. I realized that I couldn't sing well after my sore throat.. How? Sing everyday or read everyday? Lolz.. I know! Maybe shout everyday.. I guess I will eventually lost my voice.. I'm amazed by the audio lab and of coz the equipment.. But I couldn't remember all the steps.. I need a reference book.

Remember I said I want to update my iPhone software in the previous post? My boy received a message from Maxis saying they will send us an instalation disc for FREE.. But it only available at 18th of June which a day later than US.. I have to wait for them to send me the disk.. I wonder how long will it take.. Most importantly, I want to know if they support thetering.. I want that so badly.. So that I can online using my laptop.. Muahahahaha..... If don't have then I will cry..... Please Maxis, support that service k? Thank you...

Thursday, June 11, 2009

New iPhone 3G S

I was so shock to see the new iPhone 3G S.. Much more feature and most importantly is 32GB..Omg.. Tempting and the feature.. I guess I can get more by updating my software.. I want i want and I want.. Hahahahha..

I'm currently in Yogurt's house watching some funny drama.. We are here to kill time.. I went to Jusco at 10am for breakfast and came back late for class.. My tutor is so angry that they scolded my classmates but not us, who are late.. Sorry mates.. Samantha went home today, jealousnya.. I also want to go home.. Tired ler, having 8am class today.. Sleepy.................................................

I want to go out and watch movie, sing k or something but then schedule sucks.. No time to go.. Like yesterday, my class starts at 2pm and straight till 8pm.. Wow, wat a long 6 hours.. My boy came and have dinner with me.. To my surprise, he packs me dinner already.. Ok, his boss pack dinner for them then he give me la.. I eat it in his car.. Hahahaha.. He accompany me until almost 10pm then he left.. He came because he know no one had dinner with me. Sweet.. Love him love him.. I'm so tired after that, shower, and then waiting for his call.. He didn't call, ok lo.. I call him.. Hahahaha.. Chatted for a while then sleep..

I still want new iPhone..Hahahahaha.. Ok la, I update la.. Free somemore.. Bluek :p

Sunday, June 7, 2009

I want it.. badly..

Blame ITunes store... They have The Sims 3 worth $9.90.. I want it so badly.. I need a credit card... Sigh.. All in US dollar.. I say lots of game I wanted too.. Monopoly Here and Now Edition.. Too bad and thank god I don't have credit card or I'll splurge like nobody's business..

I'm going back to Setapak tonight and yet I not yet iron my clothes.. Heehee... I'm currently cracking games that I got from Rin and Samantha.. Enjoyed playing game coz it's boring..

I didn't watch my drama yet.. Tempting too but kind of lazy also..

Assignments is kicking in now.. I have to prepared for the worst because my teammate have high commitments.. I'm the back up.. Lolz..

Surprise in the end..

Yesterday,I wake up feeling tired and hungry.. Haha.. I remembered that I have to wash my clothes so I gather all my clothes and throw into the washing machine.. But then my clothes is too little so I plan to wait for my sis.. Gosh.. She slept until almost 1pm.. Swt.. I had brunch again and then wash my clothes.. Play my game until 2 something then msg my boy but then no reply.. Sad... I continue to play game and online (multi-tasking) until 4pm and feel extremely tired.. I went to bed.. Still no reply.. Sigh.. Sleep lo.. When I was about to sleep, my sis on the songs until very loud.. Cannot sleep again.. When I was about to sleep again, my boy replied... Gosh.. I really need to sleep.. I slept for about half and hour then found out that the songs is getting louder.. I'm so frustrated so I wake up and continue to play game.. Play play play, then I heard someone ring my doorbell.. I wonder who is that and went and have a peek from my room. It was my boy... Gosh..I'm absolutely stunt and happy at the same time.. He didn't tell me he is coming tonight.. My god.. Surprise!!! He was in my house until 11.45pm.. I missed him so much.. *blush* We went to Jusco and had KFC for dinner. Previously, I told him I'm craving for KFC so badly but he said no because I'm still sick. In the end, he still chooses KFC and this means how much he sayang me.. Lolz.. They changed the menu already and it's a new recipe for spicy. Anyhow, I won't be eating KFC's spicy until the original one come back.. It tasted like Murukku.. Yucks.. So not nice... Murukku+chicken??? No way.. I guess in the mean time, I'l ask mummy to fried me chicken.. Taste better. Haha.. I heart my boy so much.. Muackss..

On the other hand, I realized that I'm being tag by Ann baby.. So here we go..

1)Besides your lips , where is the favourite spot to get kissed ?
I'll take neck..

2. How did you feel when you woke up this MORNING ?
Still tired.

3. Who was the last person / people you took a photo WITH ?
Connie and Choon Mei

4. Would you consider yourself SPOILED ?
Yes, very by my dad and bf..oh, and not forgetting sister too.. :p

5. Will you ever donate BLOOD ?
Nope, I think they need to donate back to me in the end..

6. Have you ever had a best friend who was of the opposite SEX ?
Plenty.. Goh Chung Weng.. Hahahaha..

7. Do you want someone to be DEAD ?
Yup, sometimes I wish she is dead..

8. What does your last text message SAY

9. What are you thinking about right NOW ?
I want to sleep..

1o. Do you want someone to be with you right NOW ?

11. What was the time you went to bed last night ?

12. Where did you buy the tee you are wearing now ?
Alpha Angle.

13. Is someone on your mind right NOW ?
Yeah, always..

14. Who was the last person who text YOU

Now, the next 10 person to be tagged are

1.Wan Huey

2.Sze Jing



5.Choon Mei



8.Hee Boon

9. Pink

10. Alicia

15. Who is no.2 having a relationship WITH ?
Tian Long..

16. Is no.3 a male or a FEMALE ?
Male.. Tall and skinny like a stick

17. If no.7 and no.1 get TOGETHER , would it be a good?
oh my.. I can't imagine..

18. What is no.1 studying?
Mass Communication in Broadcast Communication..

19. When was the last time you chatted with THEM?

20. IS no.4 SINGLE ?

Yes.. My yogurt baby

21. Say something about no.2.
Loud and funny plus pretty

22. What do you think about no.3 & no.6 being TOGETHER ?
Later Janice baby jealous..

23. Describe no.9.
Best friend and partner in crime.. Right darling?

24.What will you do if no.6 and no.7 FIGHT?
Will be absolutely funny

25 . Do you like no.8?
Yes, she is my childhood friend and best friend until now.. I love her blurness..

Friday, June 5, 2009

Another friday..

I'm back to Klang again.. Still sick.. Haha.. I went back with Louis by lrt today.. Thanks to Yogurt's sister in law, Cat for the ride.. :) I fell in love with her Celica(I don't know how to spell) It is so cool.. Lolz.. We went to Jusco and had lunch then Louis and I walked to Public Bank (he wanted to pay fees) but the bank is full.. Go home lo.. Tired like hell when I boarded into lrt.. Oh, the machine eats up Louis RM1.. Haha...... Bad luck? Maybe.. I guess coz he stick to me too much d.. Oopss.. Sorry Louis.. He was kind enough to accompany me actually.. He wanted to take bus instead but I asked him to accompany me coz I was sick and I''m scared that I might fainted.. :p..

He went off at Pasar Seni.. I continued my journey until KL Sentral.. Just one station after Pasar Seni for anyone who didn't know it. I rushed to ktm line and I guess I'm just plain lucky coz train arrived after 5 minutes.. I went in and sat beside an uncle.. He asked me questions and we chatted.. He is from Seremban and took train to Klang.. What a long journey..

I bought my sister a b'day from Jusco.. I got the idea of buying her cake is because it was her b'day few days ago and I wasn't here.. I got this idea when I shower.. Shower is always a way to make me think.. Haha.. Just a simple mango mousse cake.. She haven't blow the candle yet because ah boy(my younger brother) suggested we wait for our parents..

By the way, I'm getting closer with Derek recently.. We talked, joked and laugh in class.. We hang out too (during free time between classes) and we are in the same group for assignment.. 1 assignment only so far.. But I guess there will be more to go.. He is nice and funny.. I guess I misunderstand him last time.. Sorry Derek.. I enjoying making more friends.. Hehe.. But B-Gang is always the best and I'm waiting for time to hang out again.. Lolz.. They back me up no matter what happened.. Good luck in OO and TT night, my dear babies.. And don't forget to get me tickets.. Thanks..

My bf cannot fetch me back again.. But this makes me independent again.. I know you are busy but all I wanted to say is I MISS YOU so much..

Thursday, June 4, 2009

2nd week of college

It's been so long since I last updated my blog. 5 days? I'm now sitting in my college's canteen typing this. 2nd week is tough for me as my class is either canceled or stuck in between. It's so frustrating and I cannot even went out with my friends.. For my assignments, I guess I have to changed member.. Lolz.. Unfortunately, I have to be in the same group with someone in Drama assignment.. Just bear with it..
Damm, my Restaurant City is not working.. Hate it.. I miss the Internet and of coz my home.. The weather here is so hot that I have to shower every few hours.. Sigh.. It's been 4 days since I last saw my boy.. I miss him... But I know he is busy working so I shouldn't make any fuss..

And not forgetting, I'm sick since Monday.. I'm having sore throat and flu and eventually lost my voice.. Until today, I've finally gained back my voice but still with little bit of sore throat.. My sickness is been on and off.. Consider I'm not fully recovered.. Gosh.. But I guess tomorrow will be better..

Gotta go now, Louis went home d so I'm alone.. Better get going.. Toddles.

Sunday, May 31, 2009


People changed.. I thought family won't.. I really thought family will be the warmest place to hide in. To protect me from anything.. To my horror, it is not.. The most drastic changes is family. Recently, my uncle loses his job and we suspect that it is because my another uncle caused it. I was stunt when I heard that and really cannot believe that it happened.. We used to be family and even we are not in the talking term, we are still family.. I cannot accept the changes because they scare the hell outta me. People is something really scary.. They changed into someone you barely knew in just a seconds.. How am I supposed to cope with it? I don't know.. Take it or leave it..

On the other hand, I had my 'bak zhang' (dumpling) twice this weekend. I used to eat 2 but now I cannot even finish 1.. Too bad.. It's yummylicious.. Me likey :)

Yesterday, I talked to mummy in the kitchen..
She asked, you are getting thinner?
I was shock and answer, ya, maybe a little coz my pants is so loose already.. Why?
She said I saw your face getting thinner.. Don't learn from your grandma, eating little bit.. Last time you can eat a lot.. Why now cannot?
I laugh and said, Izzit? (very happy).. I used to it already, I don't know why. I get full easily..
She asked me to eat more coz I'm getting thinner..

I realized that because my pants is getting loose but I don't think my face is getting thinner.. I still think my face is chubby.. Sigh.. How make my face less chubby? Can anyone help me?

Friday, May 29, 2009

I'm pissed..

Apparently, I got class today so I turned down daddy's offer. Daddy said he wanted to fetch me home yesterday. Oh my, if only he tell me that he want to fetch me home 1st rather than asking do I have any class today.. Then everything will be different. My class got canceled when I so semangat stayed and then went for class. 1st time this week and I really thought SSH changed because I did not have any class canceled this week. Well, not until today. I left around 3pm and thank god Connie fetched me to lrt so I don't have to wait for cab or bus under hot sun. The journey is so tiring because
1st my stuff is darn heavy.. especially my laptop..
2nd the weather is too hot for me to handle.
3rd I'm sleepy..

Luckily, the train did not delay or else I swear I will kill people.. I reached Klang around 4.45pm and my sis fetched me.. to her office 1st.. I sit there and waited for her to finish her work and Goh actually called.. Goh Chung Weng ok..My buddies who stays in Johor now called. We chatted and although it was teasing most of the time, I still enjoy the conversation.. He really made my day. Lolz.. He said I'm bad but then didn't realized he is the one being bad because apparently he forgot my birthday,.. He said he will call me later then we hang up..
Sis and I went to Klang town to get her offer letter. The reason why I do not like to go to Klang town is because of jam.. She took her offer letter and w went to Jusco to kill time and avoid jam. I had dinner there.. I was so tired to shop anymore so we decided to leave. Seed is having sale and I saw that shirt that I liked. I wanted to buy it for my boy but then ran out of size.. So sad..

Finally, back to my home sweet home.. I got dumpling (bak zhang) to eat.. Lolz.. I get my special order as usual.. But I did not eat it yet.. I will have it later for supper..

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Conned to college..

I still remembered that day, they told me that English class in on so I dragged myself from the bed and get my ass to the college.. But turns out, ALL LANGUAGE AND NATION BUILDING AND UNITY UNITS STARTS AT WEEK 2 EXCEPT HUBUNGAN ETNIK AND TAMADUN ISLAM.... Great.. No class today until 2pm.. I really feel like killing people because I had a very hard time to wake up.. It's torturing for someone who sleeps until very late for the past 1 month..

I didn't go back right away because I need to check for my results. I''m now blogging in the Canteen with bunch of juniors around.. Gosh, no leng chai again.. It is indeed a boring college life.. My boy boy gave me a call just now to wake me up or should I said to wake him up? Lolz.. Coz he sounds like he sleep talking.. We chatted for a while and he asked, do you get used to being alone in hostel? I said, sooner or later, I will get used to it. Then, he said, I'm scared that when you get used to it, you will not need me anymore... I laugh and said, I won't silly and persuade him to ready for work.. He is adorable, ain't he? I love him so much.. Hehe..

Actually, I do miss him very much.. Fromm seeing each other everyday until once a week.. It is hard to tolerate.. Bu I also don't want him to be too tired to come over to meet me after work and I want to be independent again..

I want to sleep so badly.. Result, faster release.. It's so hot here..

Updated: Results is finally out and I got a satisfying results.. My effort pays.. Lolz.. I can go back and sleep d.. Hahaha..

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Heart Break..

Yesterday, I wrote a very long post using iPhone but then it went ka~poof just like that because the batt is flat.. There goes my effort.. Plus I'm having a headache.. Ok never mind.. It is just a post.. I'm lazy to retype everything so I will cut it short.. I didn't bring umbrella so I couldn't go back after class because it's raining cats and dogs. I still remember that the weather is very hot when I go for class.. My class finished at 3.30pm and I only reached hostel at 6pm.. Showered and decided to pack my dinner but waited for almost an hour.. Gosh.. And I'm having headache at the same time.. How bad my day will be? I ended up sleeping early because my head is killing me.. But then things just don't go my way. The fire alarm rang at the block opposite mine. I forgot how long it rang but all I remembered was I was waken by the loud alarm and also screams.. It a guy block anyway, so what's with the screams? After very long only then alarm stops and I can finally had a goodnight sleep.

Today, I wake up happily at 10.30am.. Why so late you must wonder? My class only starts at 4pm.. You can see how shitty the schedule is.. I shower and had my breakfast then went to library.. To my horror, I dropped my laptop.. Ouch.. You can hear my heart broken.. And and it had scratches already.. Why am I so careless? I should be more carefull. My oh my.. I saw lots of freshie here and I feel so strange already.. Everywhere is packed with people.. I'm not used to it. I"m so used to empty college.. Lolz.. A lot of new faces but no leng chai.. Too bad.. There are lots of different kind of people too.. Nerd, cute, weird, pretty and etc... It is funny to observe.. Haha.. I have so much time to kill yet the wireless is so unstable.. My result is coming out tomorrow.. I'm kind of nervous but not that worried.. Hopefully I will get satisfying results.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Time to leave again..

Don't misunderstand.. I'm not going anywhere far.. Just going back to my college which located at Setapak. Yes, it's time to go back again. Although holiday is boring but then time still flies.. 3 weeks past just like that.. Results coming out on the 28th of May, so wish me luck.. Surprisingly, I'm not as worried as last semester.. I don't know why..

I'm packing my stuff just now and came to realized that I had lots of stuff.. I always said my sis got lots of stuff but didn't realized mine too. Maybe because my stuff is divided to 2 places, that's why.. *blushed* I ended up with 4 bags which include 2 hand carry, 1bagpack and 1 laptop bag.. I'm taking 4 shoes include the one I'm gonna wear later(sport shoes), 2 boots, 1 ballerina.. Plus a bunch of clothes, house wear, college wear, and what so ever.. And my closet is not even half empty.. Oops.. I'm not shopping kind of people. I cannot stand walking around the shopping mall the whole day. But yet, I still owns so many things.. I wonder why..The only one who can make me shop like that is Pink.. She will asked me to try on clothes or shoes or etc. We will ended up in the mall the whole day.. Now that I have lost my partner in crime (she studied in Nilai now), I couldn't bring myself to shop that long. I missed those time when we can enjoy very much of our college life.. I miss you, Pinkie my darling..

But people have to grow up and clear about their priority of life. Now I know I need to study 1st so no more enjoying life like last time.. I've wasted lots of time playing and it's time to be serious. Although I still went out and relax a bit but when comes to exam, I will study.. Thanks to my roomie who motivates me.. Study study...


Now, I realized that I'm using construction instead of renovation.. Lolz.. See? Holiday makes my vocabulary worse.. Gonna catch up with English soon..

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Crap schedule

Finally, I get my schedule.. After asking a few people, Ann sent to me.. Lolz.. I heart her much much.. I love my B-gang..

Have a look at it makes me headache.. One class on Monday and it starts from 2pm-4pm.. Tuesday, 3 hours break.. Nuff said.. No more complain.. I wonder if I can have exemption this semester.. Please, let me exempt my English..

Tomorrow, I must remember to collect my jacket from the laundry.. Oh, I tend to forget things easily recently..No, I'm not old, just lazy. Too relaxing, that's why.. Honeymoon week for the 1st week of college because SSH loves to cancel class.. We will see..

My hair is getting longer.. My boy love longer hair but I told him I will not leave it long til the length when I'm studying A levels.. Maybe slightly longer than shoulder length.. He complained that my previous hair cut is way too short.. Even my friends is shocked when they saw me.. Right, Woon? Lolz.. Want to see the comparison?

Side view..

front view..

This picture taken last year.. One month after the hair cut..

See the difference? I look so tough with short hair.. Haha.. Can fight le.. Longer hair got more 女人味.. I wonder if the words I used is correct..
Anyway, do leave a comment..

Oh my (^o^)

Holiday... Makes me less alert, less thinking, less water and most importantly less eating. This is very bad because holiday makes me lazy to think and because of this, I get scolding from the parents few times already.. Things that they asked me to do, I will said ok and forget the next minute. I stay inside my own lovely world and date with my laptop everyday.. And went downstairs occasionally.. Sometimes talked to my brother and parents for a while or maybe not talking at all.. My point is, I forgot the date and even sometimes don't know the time. Yesterday, my stomach cramp out of blue (note: not period cramp). Mum been complaining that my eating time is not fix. that's the reason of the cramp. And she said I get sick so easily.. Sis been laughing and said she hardly can fall sick. We came from the same parents but different immune system.. Not fair.. I want to be healthy too. Sob Sob.. Now college gonna start soon, my stomach is playing a fool with me.. Gosh, when I'm free, I don't get sick.. Watever.. Not important.. Lolz..

College starting next week and I'm still clueless about my schedule. TARC's been a bitch because they did not update SSH schedule until the very last minute.. Sigh.. I'm going back to hostel tomorrow and will be seeing Rin and Samantha.. Wonder if I had a chance to see my boy.

Talking about my boy, I miss cuddling with him and hug him to sleep.. Lolz.. I know he is working hard, I shouldn't complain much.. Just bear with it.

My blog is so lack of pictures.. Maybe college reopen will make me take more pictures because I got more friends.. And and, my boy working now, his property is alomost mine.. I got the camera and I can snap whenever i like.. Not that my phone do not have the camera function, I prefer using camera.. My plan to keep more pictures of me and my boy failed because he will have less time for me also.. :(