Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Heart Break..

Yesterday, I wrote a very long post using iPhone but then it went ka~poof just like that because the batt is flat.. There goes my effort.. Plus I'm having a headache.. Ok never mind.. It is just a post.. I'm lazy to retype everything so I will cut it short.. I didn't bring umbrella so I couldn't go back after class because it's raining cats and dogs. I still remember that the weather is very hot when I go for class.. My class finished at 3.30pm and I only reached hostel at 6pm.. Showered and decided to pack my dinner but waited for almost an hour.. Gosh.. And I'm having headache at the same time.. How bad my day will be? I ended up sleeping early because my head is killing me.. But then things just don't go my way. The fire alarm rang at the block opposite mine. I forgot how long it rang but all I remembered was I was waken by the loud alarm and also screams.. It a guy block anyway, so what's with the screams? After very long only then alarm stops and I can finally had a goodnight sleep.

Today, I wake up happily at 10.30am.. Why so late you must wonder? My class only starts at 4pm.. You can see how shitty the schedule is.. I shower and had my breakfast then went to library.. To my horror, I dropped my laptop.. Ouch.. You can hear my heart broken.. And and it had scratches already.. Why am I so careless? I should be more carefull. My oh my.. I saw lots of freshie here and I feel so strange already.. Everywhere is packed with people.. I'm not used to it. I"m so used to empty college.. Lolz.. A lot of new faces but no leng chai.. Too bad.. There are lots of different kind of people too.. Nerd, cute, weird, pretty and etc... It is funny to observe.. Haha.. I have so much time to kill yet the wireless is so unstable.. My result is coming out tomorrow.. I'm kind of nervous but not that worried.. Hopefully I will get satisfying results.

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