Sunday, March 20, 2011

Loving all of you

So, I will be going to China tonight for 10 freaking days. And that also means that no facebook, twitter or whatsoever. How to survive you tell me! I finally completed my assignment for this semester and I can go for vacation without thinking about my assignment. Hahaha.. I will so miss all of you here.. I wonder if my luggage exceed the weight limit but hey, I think I didn't bring much things also.

It's been so so long since I last post any pictures. Yeah, picture-less post.. As usual.. But no, today, I've insert some picture..

My love.. So long didn't post his pictures already. Haha. Can you all still recognize him? This was taken during CNY in my granny's house. I will definitely miss him so so much.. As mentioned in the last post, he gave me surprise. I really love him for the surprise and also being him. Yes, sometimes, we argue and I was furious. But in the end, he will show me that he love me with his whole heart which melts me every single time. As usual, I will learn very much from the arguments that we had. Our relationship will be strong.. I promise you! I love you!

Pictures of ma buddies!! My very loyal buddy that stayed with me through thicks and thin. And he is turning to 21 this year!! Hahahaha.. Too bad, no available.. Or else I can introduce la.. He will help me to hand in my last 2 assignments. Muahahaha.. I think we need to take more picture, LOUIS LIM!!

Yeah! My new come close friend.. When we were on facebook chat last week, we tried to arrange some meet ups but turns out that our time is not compatible. So, we said we will meet up when I come back from China. However, fate makes us meet for 3 times this week which is out of our expectation.. And I really had lots of fun hanging out with you, SHINNIE! Don't be too emo k and all the best for your exam.. You can only emo when I'm back coz by then, I can be there for you.. Lol..

Xanne, Wan Huey and I.. We've been hanging out quite often recently together with Shinnie.. Too bad, I don't have a picture of the 4 of us together.. We should take more pictures together next time.. I don't care.. It's a must.. Muahahah.. We've clicked quite well that we got things to talk when we meet and then continue in twitter.. Nice one!
Acting cute la this fella! It was taken in Pavilion some time ago which I also forget when liow.. Ma buddy.. I've spent time with her almost everyday. (I didn't meet my boyf everyday also) I wil sure I will super miss her.. Her lameness and everything about her.. OMG, I sound so gay already..
Us together.. Lame but happy as always!!
This is her in girly attire.. Hahaha.. Very very seldom will get the chance to see her like this.. Exclusive for my blog only... When I post this picture in Facebook, everyone is super surprise seeing her dress up like this..

Who is this? This is JUN!! Jun, Jun, Jun.. My new classmates for this semester.. Very funny and also very helpful.. Having so much fun with her this semester.. But next semester, we will be apart again.. Never mind, will definitely stick to her la.. Hahahah..
And lastly,
My surprise.. The surprise is the camera and the other one is the external charger that Jun help me buy.. I love this 2 item so so much! Thanks lao gong and also Jun.. Yes, a DSLR is the surprise that ma boy gave me.. Happy? Yes of course but kind of worry as well because I'm so not used to DSLR.. So, my G12 fly away already.. Gotta fully get use to the new baby.

Don't you think my charger is very nice? Super love it.. Gotta doll it up when I have the time. It is the generous type and not the selfish type.. Lol..


Thursday, March 17, 2011

You make me smile once again

I've been rushing for my assignment like a mad woman. It was a frustrating weekends that I've been through just for the China trip. Anyway, everything will worth it when I'm having fun overseas.

Recently, I've been arguing with my boyf for some matter. I was so upset by the fact that he is not trusting me. Therefore, I'm angry at one point but then cool down in a while. Anyhow, I cannot bear to be mad at him. And yes, he deserve it because today he gave me a big surprise.. Lol.. I'm happy once again... I'm kind of suspect it when Wh actually tells me a little about it. Haha.. But due to the arguments, I didn't ask so much.. Thank you Lao Gong!!!! He is so sweet to get me big present every year!! Hahaha. Although my b'day is another month to go, but this is enough for me already. I love it when he always gives me surprise. And surprise after argument is a bonus.. *loves*

I bought myself an external iPhone external charger with the help of my friend, Jun. It was a generous kind because it had so many different type of charger.. I wanted to buy the selfish one (for iphone only) but after seeing Jun's charger, I think I shall buy the generous one.. Hahaha.. It is a term given by Jun and it is copyright.. I guess I own almost everything that I've been dreaming of. And the last one will be graduate from Advanced Diploma smoothly. I will post up pictures of my pressie and charger soon..

Stay Tuned!!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Weekends with the love one, ASSIGNMENTS

Morning everyone!

My weekend is gone!! GONE!! I was drown with lots of assignment.. All I do everyday is wake up, shower, facebook, breakfast/lunch/dinner then ASSIGNMENT!! How kua cheong can that be? Last week, last week to finish my shit loads of assignments. Help help help.. Someone just do it for me la.. I will thank you very much.. I just finished ONE.. How la? CONTINUE LO!!

Last Friday, I planned to do my assignment for the whole day but to my horror, period decided to visit me that day.. Ended up lying on the bed the whole day due to bad cramp. All thanks to the contribution of McDee's sprite. Yeah!! One day gone!! Then, yesterday, I spend some time in Midvalley's Education Fair with my brother. I'm the one asking for him and it looks like I'm the one going to study. Everyone is approaching me.. Asking me which course I'm interested in.. Lol.. I look like I'm just fresh graduate from SPM huh? Haha.. Tak tahu malu.. Worst thing in Midvalley is not the crowd but I had 2 meals in less than 3 hours.. That is scary.. Maybe due to period so I eat more lo.. No harm kua.. Lol.. I tell my friend in fb saying I'm gonna skip dinner.. But not only I had my dinner but also supper coz I'm super hungry in midnight.. Gosh.. Something is wrong with me already..

Anyway, no more talking crap because I have to get back to my lovely assignments.. I'm so gonna love you, my dear assignments, midterm and presentation.. Muackss..
Buh-bye my friends..

Saturday, March 5, 2011

The oh- not- so- stressful week

Hello everyone!

So this week, I've hand in 2 assignments which is on Monday and Thursday.. Phew!! It was a struggle for me to complete the assignments. Then I watched movie twice with the buddy. Hahaha.. Speaking about movie, I find both of the movie is very interesting. Both are movies from different genre and different types of actor/actresses. Ok ok, I've yet told you all what movie that I watch.. It's Burlesque and Black Swan. I enjoyed Burlesque because of the dancing and singing part plus most importantly, JACK.. He is my new love now.. Hahaha.. He is so cute that makes me melt instantly. I find Burlesque's storyline is not exciting enough because it seems to be very flat. It is kind of predictable type of movie.. That is my opinion and you don't have to be agree with me.. As for Black Swan, it scares me.. A LOT.. The split personality thingie makes the story scary.. But overall, it was nice. Oh, and I respect Ballet dancer so much because it is so hard to dance and so painful..
Rui Xanne, I'm definitely proud of you and respect you for your love towards dancing and ballet.. Hahaha.. I don't think I can do it.

I bought myself a very large luggage bag.. I am truly happy because it is red in colour too.. Haha.. happy happy.. I went to Pc Expo held in Midvalley yesterday. Erm, it is more like a pasar to me because the place is small and too many sales person. I barely can walk.. Plus nothing to buy inside. It is mainly laptops, printer, camera, a little bit of pendrive and printer. That's all. Buuut, to my horror, my baby external hard disk's price drop until RM 179.. That is so so cheap.. So, I am thinking whether to get a new one.. Lol..

Now, I have a sudden craving for buffet since buddy have been tempting me to go to Tao.. I like being spoil with lots of choices. But often, I cannot finish it which also another reason why I didn't go for buffet often.. Buddy, when want to go Tao? Make it b4 my trip to China perhaps?