Sunday, March 13, 2011

Weekends with the love one, ASSIGNMENTS

Morning everyone!

My weekend is gone!! GONE!! I was drown with lots of assignment.. All I do everyday is wake up, shower, facebook, breakfast/lunch/dinner then ASSIGNMENT!! How kua cheong can that be? Last week, last week to finish my shit loads of assignments. Help help help.. Someone just do it for me la.. I will thank you very much.. I just finished ONE.. How la? CONTINUE LO!!

Last Friday, I planned to do my assignment for the whole day but to my horror, period decided to visit me that day.. Ended up lying on the bed the whole day due to bad cramp. All thanks to the contribution of McDee's sprite. Yeah!! One day gone!! Then, yesterday, I spend some time in Midvalley's Education Fair with my brother. I'm the one asking for him and it looks like I'm the one going to study. Everyone is approaching me.. Asking me which course I'm interested in.. Lol.. I look like I'm just fresh graduate from SPM huh? Haha.. Tak tahu malu.. Worst thing in Midvalley is not the crowd but I had 2 meals in less than 3 hours.. That is scary.. Maybe due to period so I eat more lo.. No harm kua.. Lol.. I tell my friend in fb saying I'm gonna skip dinner.. But not only I had my dinner but also supper coz I'm super hungry in midnight.. Gosh.. Something is wrong with me already..

Anyway, no more talking crap because I have to get back to my lovely assignments.. I'm so gonna love you, my dear assignments, midterm and presentation.. Muackss..
Buh-bye my friends..

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