Sunday, May 27, 2012

I've changed, have I?

I read my previous post and realized that the way I blog is sooooo different than now.. Most of my recent post revolves around my family and mainly my daughter.. Hahaha.. The changes that I did not realized though. But really, all I do now is wake up, do some house chores, play with my daughter, bath her and yada yada yada then sleep.. LOL.. My day is almost the same except for any other day where my hubby will bring us out, I'm back in Klang or went out with my buddies.

Yesterday, I sent my DNDHZ friends that are going to UK. I've lil Sammie and hubby going along. Lil Sammie is like a star because each of them carry her and show their family.. Hahaha.. Some said she look like me and some said she look like hubby. Oh ya, buddy Wan Huey went to vacation with her family so we meet there too.. Airport can be a place of happiness but also a place of sadness.. Happiness is when you went and pick up your loved one from the arrival hall and sadness is when you sen your love one off in departure hall. It is very sad to look at the back of your love one when he/she is leaving. Although they will come back, but it will be in few days, months or years time. So, I have love and hate relationship with airport..

Well, as you all aware, I've graduated and haven't find myself a job. I'm still confused in which field I should work in. So, my life is basically very boring. Not that I'm not happy with my life, just not as happy as b4.. Why, you may ask. Since my daddy's death, every individual in my family changed. As in for me, I've become more grown up and realized of my own responsibility especially after my daughter is born. I was pampered and protected by my family all the time and no matter what happened, I can always go back to my family and then they will settle it for me. Of coz now, my family still supports me but things changed. I realized I have to think and plan everything myself and cannot rely on other people. I cannot act childish anymore. Which is why I'm a boring person now. Hahahaha.. But I'm glad to have hubby by my side. He provide me everything I need now. I know he's been spending much recently.. Way too much. But, he still pamper me with my favourite food whenever we go out. And often help me to babysit lil Sammie. He is a loving hubby to me and loving daddy to lil Sammie.

But still, I'm not used to staying by myself yet.. I miss Klang and my Klang home..

Friday, May 25, 2012

New Home New Life

I officially moved to Puchong last Tuesday with my hubby and lil Sammie. One week here and I'm just starting to get used to living on my own. Yep, I stayed with my family since born.. LOL.. Even after married, I only stayed a month in my in law's place. So, basically, I only start my marriage life now. Staying by myself, cook, clean and etc.. Now, I have a routine that I have to follow everyday. It is kind of boring.. LOL.. I didn't really cook yet because I'm still learning. Husband did the cooking most of the time. PHAIL kao kao. Do I really like this kind of life? Nope, I prefer working and doing something rather than staying home all day. But now, for my daughter's sake, I have to wait. Mainly because she is still small (3 months +) and I didn't want to hire a babysitter. I have no confident in babysitter nowadays. I often hear scary tragedy about how baby is killed in their babysitter's house. So now, I will try to arrange either my mother in law or my mum to take care of her when I work.

Watching lil Sammie growing each day is satisfying. I'm wondering what is the first word that she will say.. Haha.. I'm blessed because people around me loves my daughter, lil Sammie very much. They will shower her with gifts and through their action. Here, I want to thank everyone for loving my daughter so much.. =) Speaking about that, I'm kind of missing my niece now. Few days didn't see her already. I stayed with her since her birth until I moved out. Tak biasa without her right now.. Next time when she go back to China sure miss her kao kao..

Part of my DNDHZ friends is going to UK tmr. I wish them best of luck here and will be here waiting for them to come back. I'm so gonna miss them!!!! Bring me souvenirs pls.. Notice the 'S'? Hahahahaha...