Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Say cheeeeeeeeeeeeeese

Say cheeeeeeeeeeese everyone as Pizza Hut introduced new Extreme Cheesy 6 Pizza. From the name itself you can guess it.. There are 6 types of cheeese in it..

*Pictures credits to Pizza Hut*

You must wonder what types of cheese that they added into the pizza.. Here is it..

Monterey Jack

I bet most of you only know 3 of it coz I'm one of it. Lol. It amazed me how 6 types of cheese can be melt together.. And it taste like heaven.. It is so tempting and I cannot help myself to give it a try.. As you know, SHARING IS CARING so I decided to tried it out with 2 of my bestie. *excited*

Mushroom soup

7 up Revive

Garlic Bread

Jeng Jeng Jeng Jeng.... Here is my love, Cheesy Chicken.. *loves*
I wanted to try all the flavor but I couldn't finish it. Such a waste. So I can only choose 1 out of 3.. *look at the other 2 flavor sadly*

Pictures tells everything..
My buddies did looks like a kid stealing some pizza.. This is how much we love it..
She forced herself to hold the pizza and tried very hard not to eat it.. And did you notice, there is a bite missing.. She secretly had a bite.. Oops..

Orgasm face.. That is how heavenly it taste like.. *applause*
Double layer extreme cheesy 6 pizza.. This is our own creation which shows our desire towards double layer..Yummeh..

Me with the hero of the day.. It really make my day as I'm satisfied and extremely happy.
If only I can have it all by myself..

Delizioso is the only words that can express my feelings.. Eating is my passion although I cannot eat much.. But I like to try new food after being influenced by my friends. But I'm kind of disappointed because the staff did not wear the full cheese uniform.. *sad* They only have their apron on.. Anyway, the pizza itself already filled my sadness because it is so hard to resist and be sad when having a full cheese pizza in your mouth.. Although it is sinful, but it is tempting as well.. I bet there are lots of you out there cannot resist it..


Last but not least...

I’m crazy about Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Who can help me?

All these time, thinking is so much easier than doing it. You can say whatever you want without knowing if you can do it or not. But now, I'm having difficulty with thinking. As I mentioned in the previous post, I need to come up with a idea about self introduction for my individual assignment. Now, I realized I did not truly understand myself other than having bad temper. I don't know what to do and stuck with no idea at all. So how? I don't know.

Things are not going my way because I faced obstacles with every single thing I do right now. I did not want to complain because I remembered how one of my friends used to say about my bad habit of complaining. Complain but did not do anything to change it. So, I will not complain. Because complain alone will not change anything but only make me feel slightly better. I wished I have more patient towards dealing with people. Plus, my sleeping time is reduced so I'm more grumpy than usual. I want my stuff to be done earlier but I just couldn't get the idea. Can I just go somewhere to find some inspiration? I need it very much now, seriously..

I regret wishing for production last semester. There are too many production now that we practically ran out of idea. I admit I'm not a very creative person and I'm only good at words so I often polish people's idea rather than coming with a new one. My idea will only be out on a very rare occasion. Maybe by travelling to other places brings more inspiration? But I don't have any time to travel right now because due date is approaching.. Sigh..

Thursday, October 21, 2010

First encounter with contact lens.

Please ignore my face.. Focus on my eyes.. Hahahaha.. I finally gained the courage to put on the contact lens. It took me about half an hour to do so. My left eye is playing a fool with me. It is so difficult to put the contact on.. When I finally put it on, my boyf called and told me he reached already. I decided to go out with contact. Then, I realized it is a mistakes. I'm tired and the contact lens make my eyes so uncomfortable. Soon after I reach my boyf's house, I took it off. I think I have to wear it often to make my eyes used to it..

I'm having my 1st presentation yesterday. It was quite ok and I feel so tired right b4 the presentation. I got 16 out of 20 and honestly, I'm a little bit down at that moment. But I'm ok now.. It is mt fault anyway for getting low mark. I was never good in presentation and I guess I need to brush up my own presentation skills. I need to gain the courage to speak in front of people. Sigh..

I'm still not used to 8am class and this week, I'm having 5 days of 8am class. There is a talk in college hall and I decided to skip it. Last time I attended the university talk and it bores me to death. I feel cheated therefore I skipped this one and went home to continue my beauty sleep. And I have time to clean my room and the living. Feeling happy right now.. Hehe..

Yesterday, boyf give me back the Samsung eggshell phone and I insert the new sim card. He said, you know, that guy's number is still in the phone. I looked at him and said, really? I thought he is joking coz I've deleted all the numbers inside. Then he showed me.. It is in the speed dial.. Hahahaha.. He shoot me the jealous look. I can't help but to laugh. He is so so cute. I have to sayang him back for being so cute..

Another problem is assignments. I have to hand in my assignment very soon but I still don't have any inspiration. Who can help me? Self introduction but we can do it in a creative way. Not like my name is bla bla bla and my age is bla bla bla.. That is so primary school feel..

Please dear friends, help me by telling me what do you think about me.. I might gain some inspiration from there..

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Lucky day in Ikea

You did not see it wrongly.. It was TUN DR MAHATHIR with MY DADDY.. Look at my dad's happy face, you know it is true. Lolz.. Today is supposed to be normal family outing to Ikea to look for the light. We are renovating our house so we need to survey the lighting as well. While waiting for mummy who happens to go to washroom, siblings and I actually saw Tun Dr Mahathir. We don't know how to react and wanted to call daddy who is sitting in another side. Nope, we didn't so anything because he is walking pretty fast and we lost him when mummy finally came out. Later, we saw him again and daddy is so excited. He went over and take picture with him. Which also explains the picture above. I was a little bit shy so I didn't step up. We continued to walk around and then we met him another time which also the last time. Dad encourage us to go and take picture with him. And we did. Bro, mum and I went and took picture with him but sadly he didn't look at the camera because there are so many camera there. Anyway, it was consider a lucky day because I didn't get to meet him at all during his time as a Prime Minister. Anyway, today is a lucky coz in the end, I get to eat my favourite Teppanyaki..

Friday, October 15, 2010

Where is my sunshine?

Looks familiar? It is taken in Pavilion's Forever 21. I went there with Erica yesterday. It was a very nice chatting/shopping day where we spent our evening having yummylicious snowflakes and shopping.. College is hectic for me because of 8am class. I feel so tired and lazy to do anything after class. Which also explains the delayed of my assignments. I should get it started b4 everything is too late.

I've spend 3 days out of 5 days with the boyf. It is nice and relaxing being with him although he is answering phone calls non stop. That is his job and I cannot say anything. Lolz.

I'm still madly in love with G11.. More than my boyf.. *evil smiles* Just kidding. Of course I love my boyf more. But I can't stop thinking about the camera and wanted to lay my hands on it.. Oh gawd, it is so tempting that I even have the picture of G11 as my lappie's wallpaper.. The power of love..

I've been living in gloomy mood recently because I'm extremely tired. My sleeping time is so messed up because I have morning class then I took my nap in the noon and ended up cannot sleep during night. Lolz.. So, my mood is like a roller coaster. When will the sun shine on me again? I don't like gloomy mood. Missing the bubbly me..

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Love at first sight

PowerShot G11
PowerShot G12

I'm aiming for either one of this camera above. It was love at the first sight when I saw it in the shop yesterday. Previously, I was aiming for PowerShot S90 but I'm falling in love with G11 now.. At this moment, I don't have the cash to buy it so I just have to post it in my blog so that I have the motivation to work and get it.. Wait for me baby.. You will be mine soon..

I will not go pro like Wan Huey but at least learn the basic of it.. Lolz. I have Wan Huey to teach me a little here and there. So I guess it is alright for me to buy something more than just a digital camera. Work work work! Have to be motivated to work.. But also cope with studies at the same time.

Wonder when will I be together with my love at the first sight? I just can't get my eyes off you..

Saturday, October 9, 2010


This week is not a good week for me. I quarrel with my boyf 2 days in a row. I don't know it is me who is not considerate enough or just because PMS kicking in? Yes, I'm in very bad temper these few days because of PMS. I don't know. Not being able to see him makes me feels so insecure. I'm not clingy types but it just makes me so fucking insecure. I hate it when I started to be clingy. I will be demanding and when he cannot fulfill my demand, we quarrel. I hate being free all day without nothing to do. Then, I will call him and when he is not free to entertain me, I will be frustrated. Oh PMS, please go away as soon as possible.

It's been 2 years plus we've been together. Not a very long nor very short period so it often brings me lots of questions. Will I spend the rest of my life with him? Will he always love me like he does right now? How much can I accept if changes happens? I guess we will see then..

The only things I can be sure of is he is the one I love right now. Nothing's gonna change that.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

A little about my life..

Holla everyone.. Told ya, it was a stressful week. It is just week 2 and we are showered with a lot of assignments already and due dates is also approaching. And I get a very good news.. I will have to attend 8am classes for 4 days continuously. This is because my group is lucky to picked up 10am class on Thursday. But still, 8am class is killing me. I wake up late today because I didn't hear the sound of my alarm. Luckily Yogurt called and I managed to wake up. This kind of incident didn't happened to me before. I attended class for 1 hour plus and back home again. Which also explains why I sleep from 10am till 3.17pm. Hahaha.. I'm too tired and having period cramp, that's why.

Yesterday, I was talking to the boyf on the phone. He said something about the dream that he had earlier and I asked him what is that. He said he will tell me later and I keep asking. In the end, we had a row and I'm so so tired to actually react anymore. Is it him or me? What is wrong? Sien max..

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Survived week 1

Week 1 of college is over.. I guess the coming week will be hectic because assignments starts kicking in. Throughout this whole week, I've make a few friends and also spend lots of quality time with the boyf. Lots of things need to be done. Internship starts next semester and everything have to be done this semester.. Sigh. Where is the list SSSH? Slow as usual..

Yesterday, I went to airport twice. Lolz.. 1st time is to send Yogurt they all as they are going to Kuching for holiday. It was fun because I could speed up to 160km/h. The boyf is not with me because the car cannot fit so many people.. Hahaha.. But the journey back is disaster.. I missed a turning and I went all the way to Puchong and stuck in a jam. hmmph.. Then, the boyf and I went to airport again to sent his off. It was a tiring journey and we went back to Klang after that. I sleep after fetching bro from tuition. And I only wake up at 9pm.. Hahahaha.. Boyf went back around12am. I wanted to wait for his call but I'm too tired so I fell asleep. He called and I mumbled all the way.. Hahahaha..

And today, I wake up feeling tired but couldn't sleep any longer.. Sis went to Cameron with her ex-colleague and I'm left home with my younger brother.. Hahaha..