Thursday, October 21, 2010

First encounter with contact lens.

Please ignore my face.. Focus on my eyes.. Hahahaha.. I finally gained the courage to put on the contact lens. It took me about half an hour to do so. My left eye is playing a fool with me. It is so difficult to put the contact on.. When I finally put it on, my boyf called and told me he reached already. I decided to go out with contact. Then, I realized it is a mistakes. I'm tired and the contact lens make my eyes so uncomfortable. Soon after I reach my boyf's house, I took it off. I think I have to wear it often to make my eyes used to it..

I'm having my 1st presentation yesterday. It was quite ok and I feel so tired right b4 the presentation. I got 16 out of 20 and honestly, I'm a little bit down at that moment. But I'm ok now.. It is mt fault anyway for getting low mark. I was never good in presentation and I guess I need to brush up my own presentation skills. I need to gain the courage to speak in front of people. Sigh..

I'm still not used to 8am class and this week, I'm having 5 days of 8am class. There is a talk in college hall and I decided to skip it. Last time I attended the university talk and it bores me to death. I feel cheated therefore I skipped this one and went home to continue my beauty sleep. And I have time to clean my room and the living. Feeling happy right now.. Hehe..

Yesterday, boyf give me back the Samsung eggshell phone and I insert the new sim card. He said, you know, that guy's number is still in the phone. I looked at him and said, really? I thought he is joking coz I've deleted all the numbers inside. Then he showed me.. It is in the speed dial.. Hahahaha.. He shoot me the jealous look. I can't help but to laugh. He is so so cute. I have to sayang him back for being so cute..

Another problem is assignments. I have to hand in my assignment very soon but I still don't have any inspiration. Who can help me? Self introduction but we can do it in a creative way. Not like my name is bla bla bla and my age is bla bla bla.. That is so primary school feel..

Please dear friends, help me by telling me what do you think about me.. I might gain some inspiration from there..

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