Sunday, August 30, 2009

Fruitless effort

I just came back from Jusco Bukit Tinggi.. I was supposed to watch The Orphan with my brother but then 1.20pm is full... So I bought tickets for 4pm.. I checked thru the Net and found out that couple seat is just RM 1 extra.. Ish ish.. SHould have bought couple seat instead.. But with my brother? Eww.. It feels so strange.. Wait for 4pm lo.. Hahahaha...

My brother is definitely started to grow up, mentally.. He used to stay at home and didn't want to go out but then now, he asked me to go and watch movie.. Miracle eh..

Life is boring nowadays. Sometimes I wish I have something to do.. Stuck in between exam and holidays feels so suck.. I didn't have the mood to study yet and this is very bad.. I didn 't want to flunk my exams...

I wish some thing happening in my life now.. I realized I hate peaceful life.. Too peaceful indeed.. Some excitement will brighten my day..

I miss Ms Loh badly.. I missed her practical classes.. I must yum cha with her one day.. Hehe..

oh my god, my hair looks funny...

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Guilty for not studying!

I'm finally home.. I've been spending more time with Wan Huey and Louis this week. Yogurt baby is in Penang with Derek and Kui Cheng so I didn't see her except yesterday.. I went to college and she came too.. Hehe.. She was on her way to KLCC's book fair.. Hmm.. I want to go also but then got things to do ler.. So I didn't go. I didn't really study this week because my notes is with Louis.. Ish ish.. That fella damm slow ler.. So long somemore didn't photostat..But then forgive him lo coz his gf came ma.. Let them enjoy enjoy lo. Hehe.. We went to Greenbox on Wednesday. We didn't sing k since I-Don't-Know-How-Long.. So the 4 of us which include Wan Huey, Erika, Louis and I went to Greenbox sama-sama.. 3 hours is like so not enough.. We were just warming up and ding~~ time's up already.. We wanted to extend but then full house so no chance.. The 4 of us decided to crash Connaught pasar malam since it is still early.. Louis brings the bad luck coz rains starts pouring when we reached Connaught.. We waited for like an hour ++.. The rain stil didn't stop but just drizzling so we decided to go just in case it rains heavily again.. Louis were so excited about the chao dao fu.. Lolz.. It started to rain again when we just step into the pasar malam.. We only got 1 umbrella and Erika is sick.. So the other 3 kena rain lo.. Buy buy buy then we went to 100 yen shop to eat. Walao, the whole table is full of food. We couldn't finish it but overall it is satisfying.. Hehehehe.. After that, we went for dessert, tau fu fa tong yuen..Yummy!! Erika said she needs to get an alarm clock so we stop by a clock stall.. Hahaha.. Erika choosing alarm clock in one end, Louis choosing watch for his gf in the middle and I saw a very cute turtle clock in another end.. Ended up, all of us bought something from that stall except Wan Huey.. The turtle clock reminds me of Jerry.. Hehe.. We went back happily after that.. hehe.. Spend the whole Thursday with Wan Huey.. Lolz..

Spending more time with friends which also mean spending less time with bf.. He is busy this week and I'm busy going out with my friends.. Guilty ler always left him at home.. Hopefully we can spend more time together after my exam.. Hehehe...

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Boring, I'm very boring..

Yes.. No plans for today as Wh and Louis are havin meeting at 6.. I was bored without notes to study.. Seeping is the only thing I can do. I had enough, in fact I had more than enough.. Read some magazines and then online.. I used up all my phone's batt for games and surfing the net.. I only had one meal today that is breakfast.. Up til now, I didn't eat anything yet.. Am I hungry? No, not yet. Not in the mood for eating tho..

I'm almost bored to dead now.. Hmm.. Luckily is only one day.. If more than one day, I will die..I rather go to college and study.. Attend classes like usual.. It will be fun than staying in the room...

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Relax relax...

I want my weekend to be relax enough for me to start studying next week.. So I will spend my weekend shopping, sleeping and watching drama.. Hehehe.. I still don't have my full notes but then I asked my sis to print it out for me already.. This is gonna be a movie marathon weekend.. Me likey!!

Finally, assignments is all clear out.. Owh.. I miss Ms Loh already... She is the best lecturer/tutor this semester and I heart her much much.. Hehe..

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Kelvin's farewell..

I just came back from Kelvin's farewell.. Hehe.. I very much enjoyed my high school friend's company. It's so fun.. Of coz, we had lots of delicious dessert.. Me likey! He made 3 cakes that is chocolate mousse cake, new york cheese cake and blueberry cheese cake.. I didn't eat the blueberry cheese cake but it look nice.. I specially likie one of his dessert which i don't know what is it.. It's like a piece of very thin biscuit wih fruits on top. Love it very much..I wish to have Kelvin to cook for me everyday.. Hahahahaha.. He is leaving to US next week. Gotta miss him.. I'm lost when I'm on my way to Hee Boon's house.. I'm really not familiar with Kampung Jawa's road.. Hehe.. Ended up, Ren Quan and Hee Boon have to come to rescue.. Actually, I turned in earlier.. Hehe.. The road there very dark.. Scary~~ I park my car in Hee Boon's house and then follow Ren Quan's car.. Hehe.. All the lost thing will happen because my boy ffk me.. But then I forgive him because he got work to do.. I'm gonna upload pictures in facebook..

Today, Velvet seemed to be sick coz he basically vomitted 5 times.. I don't know what is wrong with him.. Mt task for the day is to clean all his vomit.. Hahahaha.. Maybe he misses daddy and mummy.. Poor Velvet..

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Worry sick!

Exam's timetable's is out and it is time to study. Gosh! So fast final already.. I'm not ready for it.. I'm worried that I might not score this time.. I don't know.. I'm fatigue.. I just need lots and lots of rest.. Arghh.. Very very scared la.. How how how? Sigh.. Someone help me???

I guess I'm the only one who can help myself...

Saturday, August 8, 2009

I don't know what to say!

Things has been different lately.. Ever since my sis changed her job, she becomes an outgoing person.. Which at some point, I still couldn't get used to it but I cannot be bother either. Looking at her reflects at my non-social life right now.. Gosh, when was the last time I went to GreenBox this sem? I don't remember. Every week also assignment and more assignments. I might look at myself thru my sister right now. But one thing different is she is at home and I'm in KL which means I have more freedom than her. It is good to change but just she change too slow. But heck, it's better than non right?

I'm in the mid of getting sick or not! I had this very bitter tea which my daddy forced me to drink yesterday. Today, I feel slightly better but still with mild headache. Ish.. I receive an email from my live drama group mate said she wanted to change the story.. Our presentation is in less than a week's time.. I don't know what comment should I give her. I'm kinda tired to argue with almost anything..

Yesterday was a bad day for me.. I went to college not feeling well.. And then we had our class presentation which Louis is the script writer.. I didn't blame him for the wrong format because I know he did the script til late at night. I look at the script and then change a little here and there. We went and print the script out. Ms Loh was so kind and said if we got no confident then we just hand in the script and no need to present. But of coz, we wanted to present. Louis found some sound effect and then the file got corrupted because it was infected by virus.. Great! There goes all the sound effect. In the end, we manage to find some music and do our manual sound effect and of coz with Justin's help.. At least we made an effort to present right? Ms Loh said he kinda like our storyline and that made my day a little. Andrew printed the English assignment and he didn't realized that their id number missing.. And he printed it without page numbering.. I wonder what is wrong. The very pissed and sick me change it and plan to reprint.. I went to TBR after class with Alicia. The naive me thought it was just the cover page in the file but then there were actually the whole assignments and I printed it all out.. Fuck!! I was damm pissed when I saw that. Wasted my 7 bucks.. Fine! I went and buy chicken rice and then when I was carrying the soup, it spilled.. Right on my fingers.. Note: it's HOT SOUP!!! How bad my day will be? We went back for English class and I was damm moody already. After English, we went to V Block to book our audio lab. We couldn't find Ms Loh..THank god Louis spotted her in the car park and he called me.. I was like a mad person running to the car park.. Evrything is done by then and I went back to hostel.. Mild fever I had.. It was a very bad day!!

And today, I got a GOOD news.. My groupmate wish to change the story for Live drama where the presentation is less than a week.. I seriously got no comment about that.. I'm tired and sick. Let it be! and GOOD LUCK to ME!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

From left to right and right to left

Ok, I didn't manage to post up things that I wrote in the morning due to sudden Internet down. Well, I basically forgot what I wrote so here is a brand new post.. I attended morning class (freaking 8am, ok).. It's a big deal for me because I was late for the class.. I was late for 10 minutes and dang~~ I was the first to arrive still.. What a punctual class mates that I got!! Lolz.. Anyway, I survive thru the boring English class.. Derek was sick and couldn't attend but he m to come for recording make an effort to come for recording later.. Louis on the other hand feel a bot sick because he sleep too late yesterday.. I got few hours to kill before recording time.. I went to Old Town in Sri Rampai with Alicia. We had meehoon for breakfast and my tummy is not feeling well the whole day.. We sit there until almost 2pm.. Of coz, Michael (Alicia's bf) came too.. I am the lamp post.. OMG!!! I guai guai watch my gossip girl lo coz I got nothing to do. I don't have the English with me so I cannot ammend anything.. I enjoyed my Gossip Girl and really hope that I download season 3 as soon as possible. It is released already according to Derek.. Yea, so basically I'm having tummy discomfort the whole day. We finally finished recording around 4 something. We went to McD to finish up all our assignments. Poor thing Derek can only watch us eat and he cannot do anything. Anyway, we plan to have dinner together at night which he have to cancel because he is so sick.. We can have dinner next time, better take care 1st. So dinner canceled and we all went back. I showered and pack my dinner.. Watching the final episode of Gossip Girl and dang~~ I'm having toothache.. Damm irritating!!! Lost all my mood but I manage to finish my Gossip Girl too.. I love CHUCK BASS to bits.. He is so damm cute!! With his cool and low tone voices, OMG.. He makes me melts.. Lolz. Anyway, just need to take care of myself as well because I've been sleeping late and drink less water.. That's all for now.. Ta~da

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Happy Me!

The happy me finally finished up her Gossip Girl Season 2 in 2 days which excluded episode 19. It's time to get started catching up with America's Next Top Model again. Oh, I miss ANTM very much. And I couldn't watch it coz I'm not at home all the time. Now, I've got the cd's from Derek, I can watch it again. I missed 3 cycles already. Gosh! Btw, I can't wait for Gossip Girl Season 3. The storyline is making me spice up..

Love it to bits. Gotta go packing now..

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Weekends, I LOVE and HATE at the same time!!

I have this love hate relationship with weekends mainly because, I enjoys the relaxation over the weekends but then I have to do my laundry as well.. I'm a very lazy person when it comes to laundry.. I have to handwash most of my clothes ler.. I get to sleep more during weekends which I love to bits.. Sleeping seems like far away from my this week.

I was so busy this week because I got 4 assignments to hand in, 1 presentation, 1 quiz and 1 midterm.. Crazee can? I know nuts about the drama assignment which driving crazy that day. I went shooting for Ann's drama on Tuesday in Yogurt's house. I woke up early that day so Yogurt asked me to go her house to have breakfast with her as well as help her in her drama too. In the end, we come up with nothing.. Totally clueless about drama.. I only spent my time shooting and then hide in Derek and Kc's room to look for the textual evidence.. Shootings ends around 6pm so Wh asked Louis and I joined her coz she wanted to finish her English.. Three of us plus Erika went to McD in Ampang and started to do our assignments till 11 something. I manage to come up with 1000 words that night, thank god! Luckily, Pei Xuan and Janyse sent me their parts or else I will die! That night, I had arguments with my boy because I was back late and he is worried sick about me..I was so busy I ignore.. Bluek!! Very bad hor? But no choice la, time is very precious to me that night.. AFter that we made up..when i got time!! Haha.. Wednesday morning, I woke up early to finish up the final part.. I manage to finished all of it in time but then I made a mistake by not checking their work.. As the result, I have to print that assignment twice.. Learn from mistakes lo.. I got drama midterm the same day and luck is on my side coz I manage to do it.. I didn't attend Radio & DJ that day because I was dead tired.. I went back, shower and then bf came to fetch me!! Dinner time.. We went to Connaught again coz I missed the Takoyaki.. He was reluctant to go at first but then gave in when I said I was craving for Takoyaki with little bit manja!! Haha.. His weakness = me!! Too bad! I was told that my presentation is on Thursady instead of Friday. I was so shocked because I not yet finish the report.. Louis said we can hand in our report next week which make me relieve for a while.. He is the one who is going to prepare the slide show. I was late for 5 minutes on Thursday morning.. But I was last group so not affected.. The presentation is ok and we had quiz that day too.. Luckily, Louis get a easy topic.. AIDA!!! hahaha.. Friday, PSA assignment.. Thanks to Wh for the sound effect and Derek for editing for us.. I love both of you!!!! Muackss muackss.. Friday, PC fair!! Surprisingly, I got nothing to buy.. I manage to get myself a new headphone coz my old one cacat d.. Hehe.. ANd that's all I got.. Good, save money!! Home is the place I went at night!! Hehe.. I sleep quite early coz I'm very tired!!