Monday, January 31, 2011

Where is my CNY mood?

Morning peoples!

CNY is just around the corner and I definitely not feeling it yet. Yes, it is getting worse each year because I don't have the excitement to celebrate it. Mainly because I've grown up? Or just the environment changed? Or just the fact that I had a painful lost in December last year? You may have guessed it. It's my pet dog, Velvet. People may think, it is just a dog.. Why feel so sad and bothered? You can always buy a new one.
NO!! It isn't the same, ok. It is my dog and it's been in the family for 10 years. He grow up on my family and also learns from us. He is different. No other dog can replace him. Really.. I guess you must have a pet yourself so that you will understand how it feels to lost it. This year is definitely different without him. Arghh.. Enough of the emo thingie.

My brother will not be back for CNY.. He will only come back after CNY with his wife aka my sister in law. I think I've mentioned it before right? Then we will all be busy with his wedding which took place in May. Oh ya, did I mentioned? I will be going to China with my parent in March.. to meet the in law family. Lolz. I guess I need some time away from Malaysia. I feel so suffocated with things and problems. It is just things that I should deal with but sometimes I'm just plain tired. Sigh.. Life life life.. Just have to deal with it.

The boyf came the last 2 days to accompany me. I miss him so much that I keep on bug him to come.. Hahahaha.. He spent the full 2 days with me and I'm loving it. Too bad, he still have things to do today which also mean he will only be here on CNY.. The evil him did something hilarious yesterday. I sleeps in the upper part of double-decker bed so people don't usually go or sleeps on my bed because it's troublesome. I went into my room wanted to asked him to go for dinner. But he is nowhere to be seen. Then, I realized, something is weird about my bed. Yeah, he hide there. Covering himself with my blanket and also taking the bolster to block himself. I went and open the blanket and he burst into laughter. He is so cute, aint he? Hahaha.. He did it for the second time in my study room. I had a mattress lying against the cupboard and there is some space between the mattress and the door. Mind you, my door is open. I went into the room and asked my sis where is him? My sis casually said he went downstairs and burst into laughter. I smell something fishy going on and my instinct asked me to turn around. Ta-da.. There he is, hiding behind the mattress.. I really don't know whether to be angry or laugh at his action. But his action definitely melts my heart. When he is here, I didn't use my laptop at all. I've had him to accompany and do crazy stuffs to make me laugh then why should I need a laptop for? Oh, I miss him now.. Very very much.. Another reason for me to be anticipating for CNY..

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The crazy and happy day

Yesterday marks one month of Velvet's missing. Sigh.. I'm sad but life stills going on. He will always be remembered.

Louis asked us to go KL yesterday to shop. Since I ffk them last week, this week I make an effort to go. I wake up around 7am to prepared and then headed to Port Klang KTM Station. That stupid station's Touch N Go machine is not working and caused me to missed the train. In the end, I have to wait for another half an hour. Sorry Fai for keep you waiting. Finally meet Fai Fai in the train and time always passed faster when you have company. We reached KL Sentral in a short while. We meet up with Wan Huey there as she sent Erika to KL Sentral to take board on the train to Ipoh. Louis came a moment after. The 4 of us happily started our journey to shopping.. We first went back to Danau Kota to fetch Rui Xanne and then off we go to Times Square.. On our way to Xanne's house, we saw this..

There is horse in it.. I casually said to Wan Huey, "Kesian that horse.. They have to stand in the same position until they reached their destination." And she burst into laughter and asked me to take this pictures of them.. We were dead hungry so we rushed to BBQ Plaza to had our brunch. Again, we ordered the Express Lunch set and in the end, everyone is so so full. Which explains the behaviour below.. Muahahaha.. I don't see any link of that post with Brunch..
After brunch, we went shopping in Times Square.. Louis is the one buying things. I did bought something too which is a shawl. Dead cheap ok.. RM 10 for a shawl and it is my favourite colour, RED.. I know my sis won't buy this kind of colour so I bought it. Louis is so happy shopping for his CNY.. He went into one of the shop and make us waited for very long thus the picture belows explains all..
This is the expression of waiting for Louis.. Xanne, Wh and I waited for Louis outside the shop for so long so we decided to camwhore..
Wh trying to look as fair as Xanne but seems like FAIL MAX..
This is the shot we all love so much because we happens to make faces at the same time. Finally, Louis bought his shoe and joined us. And I guess Fai Fai seeking for attention or he just plainly wanted to be extraordinary.. But definitely fail again..
After that, Xanne left for high tea with her friends so there are only 4 of us to continue shopping.. We passed by the main entrance and saw the decoration. We decided to stopped by and take pictures..
I must admit I admire his acting skills.. He can really act well and he looks like he is from zaman-zaman dahulu.
We managed to squeeze in and we looked so small hiding behind him.. Expert in camwhore.. Don't siow siow..
This is funny because Wh forced Fai Fai to take our pictures and then thus, the happy family is here again.. Louis seldom smile that broad and nice so this is memorable.. After all the picture taking session, we decided to drop by Sg. Wang to sing k. Fai tried very hard to stopped us from singing k but he cannot changed our determined mind.. Hahahaha. When we wanted to walk to Sg Wang, it rained heavily until we have to choose alternative ways which is MONORAIL. But after we reached Sg Wang by MONORAIL, the rain stops. $^#$@%@^$* Ok la.. Bear with it lo..
Inside the k room, ini orang patern liow liow.. Hahahah.. We enjoyed singing k so much and Xanne joined us back later and we had so much fun..
Btw, I also saw a promotion in Greenbox which is people who was born in the year of RABBIT get to sing k for free until February I think. My boy was born in the year of RABBIT so I'm definitely bringing him to sing k la.. After he is not that busy.
While Fai is busy singing, the 3 of us decided to camwhore sekali lagi. Don't you think that Wh looked like a vampire? With her lips super red and super sexy.. *vomits* Ok, minus the sexy part. I love taking pictures with my babies.. I realized we didn't really take pictures for such a long time already.
We even take pictures when we are waiting for the lifts.. Hahaha.. We sing until 8.30pm then cannot tahan liow, have to ask the person for bill. Something funny happened when the lady come and clean the table. Louis is singing a hokkien song and she stayed to listen to him. Then, we all laughed when we see that and distracted Louis so he couldn't sing well. Of course, we laugh out loud after that..
The final pictures in the k room which Wan Huey required me to take. And after much attempt, we finally successful in taking a clear and nice pictures. There are lots of blurry one before this because they just can't stop moving. Ad guess who we saw there? It's Yu Hang.. hahahah.. Like that also will meet her.. She is in the next room.
And lastly, a group picture of us.. The end of shopping day..
I reached home at 10.30pm.. It's late I know and my lovely boyf come and pick me up in Wh's house then send Fai and I home. So sweet of him. He then stayed in my house until 12am.. I miss him so much because I didn't get to see him for so many days already. We did cuddled a bit before he went back. I'm dead tired but waited for him to go reached home which is 1am. After talks to him on the phone, I straight away sleep jor..

I really missed them when I'm in Klang and glad that we finally meet up. It is a fun and crazy days which lots of funny things happened in the process. For those who didn't turned up such as Cindy, Bobo and Jing Fong, hopefully we can meet again before internship starts. And of course, I'm having so much fun with Xanne.. I think we should do this more often. Don't you think so, Xanne? :)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

The ugliness of discount

It is taken in a supermarket which I will not named. Yeah, they are queuing for Shandy apparently. I am there for this reason too but then I ended up leaving because there are no more Shandy available. Why waste my time standing under the hot sun? This part of people is only half of them. The other half was standing under the hot sun. Wow, the power of discount.

I failed to get the Shandy but I got few cartons of Carlsberg for my brother's wedding.. Yippie.. The feeling of victory. Coz some people couldn't get when I was queuing to pay. For the nasty supermarket who didn't have enough supply, don't sell.. What is the point when all the people is pushing and pulling to get it? Then no point having discount when all you got is not enough. The ugliness of business because they were rather seeing people rushing and pushing and all just to buy their discounted product. Eew.. Very bad..

Today is definitely a very hot day because when I sleep in the afternoon, I sweat. Ok la, I did set the wrong time for alarm so I wake up later than I'm supposed to be. Then still wing wing dei from sleep.. I hate hot weather seriously.. I also don't like rainy days because it makes me wet if I want to go out. I know I'm hard to please but I myself also don't know what I want..

Tomorrow will definitely be a better day because I'm meeting my buddies.. *loves and joys* Muahahaha.. Gotta spend a whole day with them. Oh my god, I'm missing them as I'm typing this. Yeah for tomorrow.

Saturday, January 22, 2011


Seriously, I've been too free.. Minus the times when i help daddy and mummy in pasar malam/pagi. Therefore, time other than helping daddy is used to read things that I write 2 or 3 years ago. I realized, lots of things happened in these 2-3 years. Arguments, made up then arguments again. Hell, my life revolves around arguments. I had plenty of arguments with my boyf alone. There are lots of things to complain and upset. Now I remembered, it is not easy for us to come until this stage therefore I must appreciate it. Of course, there were this huge arguments with one of my friend. It was until a point where I feel I totally lost myself and I don't know who to trust anymore. It was a very down moment for me because I was so confused with all the peoples around me. Anyway, it is over and i find it entertaining when I read it all over again. Some are the things that I totally forgot about it. Memories.... Amazing isn't it?

I don't remember if I post it but I did jot down my thoughts on peoples and life. I've been thru lots of ups and downs. Yeah, you must be thinking, how much a 23 years old can go thru? I bet my life ain't easy because of the failure that I faced and every other problems. I definitely fall more and also gained more.

However, everything of the above makes me realized that FAMILY is always the best. No matter how, they will stood by your side no matter what. I really love my family despite losing one of my dearest last month which is my Velvet darling. He is definitely one of my family and I missed him so so much. Every now or then, things will reminds me very much of him. Now that he is gone, all we left with is memories with him. I do hope that he will be in a better family although I will curse that family for kidnapping him.. Definitely learn more and become more mature in everything.

Tomorrow will be family day because I'm going to supermarket with parents and siblings to get CNY stuff, drinks, snacks and etc.

I'm not emo ok.. Just thoughts..
xoxo, Ling

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Just another LAME post

How's holiday treating you so far?
Mine was alright of coz with a lot of missing..
I miss my BUDDIES so much..
I miss all the CRAZY time we spent together..
I miss my BOYFIE.. Although we just met yesterday..
But we used to meet everyday.. Lolz
Finally, I unpacked my clothes, wash them and arranged them accordingly in my wardrobe..
Fun and happy to see my things so organized..
The Boyfie came yesterday and we spent some quality time together.. Hehe
CNY is just around the corner and there are lots of things to be done.
Till then, have fun peoples..

Monday, January 17, 2011

Getting high..

Second day of holiday.. I'm still doing nothing much except catching up with friends and also family.. *loves* Yesterday, I went to the airport to send my cousin who went to New Zealand. I guess she reach there safe and sound already.. I had a small bbq session with family plus boyf.. It is so fun. My brother got inspired to have a bbq session when he saw mum is doing kuih kapit. So, we bbq 17 chicken wings and some breast meat.. We had fun chatting and making fun of each other.. Somemore feeling super full. After bbq, we all clean the things and floors happily.. Hahaha..
Today, I went to airport another time to send my brother because he is going to Vietnam. No worries, he will be back again soon with his wifey aka my sister in law. I've been sitting in the car half of the day because after going to airport, daddy went to Assuntha to get some document certified then to Petaling Street. I saw a very very cute Chip Chip luggage in Petaling Street!! I want!! No time to ask for price.. Will do it some other time.. I need a big big luggage when I go to China in March.. Feel like packing the whole house.. No la.. Kua cheong only.. Maybe whole room la. Hahahaha.. Can't wait to see my brother wedding picture.. And also my sister in law..
I guess I should start unpack tomorrow or my sis will kill me!! Lolz.. And also I realized my hair is very long now I feel like cutting it.. Yeah!! Cut hair! Favourite but usually will regret after that.. Hahahaha.. I'm super high now..
My boyfie change my line to prepaid without telling me 1st.. Ish ish.. But still need to change it sooner or later.. No choice.. But he should inform me earlier la!!! Hmmph..

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Beautiful Saturday

What a Saturday morning.. Facing notes since 6am.. Btw, today is my LAST PAPER.. Hopefully I can apply what I've studied.. Exam stress me out until pimples also pop out already. The consequences of not preparing for your exam early. Hahaha..
After my paper, I will be heading home.. I miss home.. miss my family and of course my Toshiba baby.. I wonder if my brother still at home. Hmm..

I didn't post about my previous paper which I think is disastrous. I did study for it but I didn't even thought that the question will turned out like this. 30 marks for a question? That's insane. I don't know if things I applied is correct but I really hope that I can pass.
Mr Lim, can you be kind enough to at least give me a pass? Thank you very much.

I can smell my holiday now.. Wakakaka.. I wonder what should I do during my holiday.. CNY shopping? Spring cleaning? Or vacation? Arghh.... Can't wait for my holiday.. Countdown to freedom.. 6 and a half hour to go!! Yeah baby.. Freedom is waiting for me!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Day 3 of exam.

Day 3 of exam.. I realized that I've stressing out for exam this semester. For the past exams, I'm ready for exam most of the time and not as stress out as this time. Yes, I studied and memorized but then I'm so scared that my mind will go blank in the exam hall. I'm so nervous while waiting outside the exam hall until I cough non-stop.. By the way, I've not been sleeping well yesterday night because I not yet memorized everything. I wake up at 3am to continue my studies. Then went out with ma buddies to study then to college.
Thank god, questions is straightforward. Thanks, Ms Theresa.. I managed to answer all of the questions.. However, my stomach feelings unwell since morning. At first, I thought it is me being nervous but the actual fact was, PERIOD... Yeah, came at the wrong timing. I'm having stomach cramp and my waist also pain the whole afternoon.. Even at this moment when I'm typing this. Arghh.. I still got 2 papers. Can you just let me finish all my papers 1st?
I guess the answer is NO coz you are here already.. I have to deal with you anyway. Hopefully, you are being good after resting for a day.. Thank you for your cooperation.
But the pros of having period? More attention from the bf because he come and find me plus buys me gummy bears.. Because I want to drink pearl milk tea but he doesn't allow. So he substitute it with gummy bears. Only he knows me the best. Love him max! When I miss him, I will eat it.. Hahahahaha.. And hopefully it will ease my cramp..

Friday, January 7, 2011

First day in exam..

Now, I'm watching Korean drama and totally don't have the mood to study because I feel so exhausted. I finished my 1st paper which is Statistic feeling exhausted and couldn't put in anything else into my brain. I decided to rest tonight and study tomorrow. Not that English is not important but I was too tired to study.. Statistic really takes up most of my brain juice today. I went into the exam hall feeling extremely nervous because I'm so worried that I don't know how to do. In the end, I don't have enough time to finish all the question. Blame it all on the graph paper because the box is so small and very hard to calculate. Anyway, what is done is done.. Let's just pray that I can pass this paper.. *keep my finger crossed*

I miss home!! I want to go home and enjoy my holiday with my family. CNY is approaching and I will love to spend it with my love ones. I miss Velvet out of sudden. My 2011 CNY will not be the same anymore. There will be no more hugging Velvet because he is too scared of fireworks. And also decorating his lovely home. I will definitely feel the loss during CNY.

Because of exam, I didn't meet my lovely boyf for so many days already. I miss him so much.. I miss having him with me. I miss all the moments spend with him. He is been going through tough times at this moment because of work. I'm not there for him but I will give him moral support of course. I hope he will go through this soon enough and gained back himself.

I love you, lao gong!! Muackss..

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Exam is just around the corner

Hello everyone! From the title, you are aware that my exam is approaching.. I've spent these few days studying my statistic. Thanks to kc, I've learned a lot about statistics. However, it is very exhausting. I've use lots of brain cell these few days.. Hopefully, I can pass my exams with flying colours. I cannot accept failure anymore.. Just said I kiasu.. I admit.. I have to be kiasu to graduate in time. I don't have any time to waste anymore..

I've been practicing a very healthy lifestyle. Sleeping early and wake up early.. I'm having weird dreams recently until I cannot tahan lo.. The most recent1 will be I went back to Klang during weekdays and I'm very very scared being caught by my dad. So, I have to sneak here and there.. Walao.. Go home also so kesian.. Maybe I miss home.. I've stayed home most of the time.. I actually enjoyed it.. Lolz..

Arghh.. So many days didn't see my boyf already.. I miss him so much.. Wonder what is he doing now.. Ish ish.. Tak biasa la.. But then have to study.. No choice.. See you again 1 week later baby.. :(

Stress ah!!! Wa very stress!! Who can save me? Who can help me??? Exam and also problems that keep knocking on my door.. Haiyo, can I ignore? Leave me alone la.. Very hard meh? I guess so.. Anyway, I've learned things the hard way therefore its time to close the door of my heart.. Because you don't deserved it!!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone!!

You must be wondering how I spent my New Year Eve, right? Well well well... I spent it at home talking on the phone with the boyf.. Hahahahah.. Lame, I know.. Since it falls on a Friday so I thought why not come home.. I didn't want to squeeze with people outside as I'm not feeling that well recently.. I scared I might faint anytime. Lolz. For the first time since Diploma, B5 did not celebrate New Year together.. But I know our hearts are together for sure..

Brand new year, brand new thinking.. I've learned to accept the fact that Velvet is gone for good. But the memories with him will always be with me.. Never change..
I love you Velvet!!
As for now, I will not have any pet because losing it or watching it die breaks me into pieces.. Maybe, in the future I will get a pet but definitely not now.. My boyf asked me to buy tortoise as a pet because they can definitely live longer.. I wonder.. Hahaha..

I shall leave the past behind and look forward.. My final's is approaching and I have yet start studying.. That is so normal for a last minute person like me.. However, I hope I can change this very bad habit this year.. I should plan my works accordingly.. And also to blog more..

So, I guess it's time to study.. Bye everyone.. Enjoy your New Year!