Thursday, April 26, 2012

Work? Which Field?

I'm not working yet after I graduated because of my daughter.. I've yet decide who will be taking care of her after I work. Another problem will be, which field would I want to work in.. Buddy, Wan Huey suggested that I work as a writer because she thinks I can write.. I wants to work in events company but then she said it's very tiring.. Dilemma.. But in the end also have to based on the salary offered.. My sister's ex-manager offered me job but she need me to start work immediately. I can't because no one take care of my daughter.. Her offer was satisfying but too bad, I have to pass.. Arghh... 

So, which field should I work in? Any suggestion?

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Women, in many ways..

I wonder how much a women will be willing to sacrifice for a man? Why does this question pop up? Few days ago, I was chatting with my sister in law and we, (sis in law and I) now a mum so basically our topic is about pregnancy and baby. Breastfeeding is very popular among mothers now because of the benefits of breastfeeding. But of coz, there are some women who refuse to breastfeed their children. As most of you know, natural birth is very painful and of course you body, especially your vagina will not be the same again. My sister in law told me that women in China rather do cesarean than natural birth because they didn't want their vagina to be 'loosen'. I read a comment from a women who gave birth in France and according to her, women in France do not breastfeed their children because they want their breast to be in shape. This is to avoid their husband to have affair. Their husband is their priority rather than their children's health. So, I wonder, how much a women will do to sacrifice?

I knew a women who thinks that she give birth means she did a big sacrifice and expect the husband to be grateful. She cannot stand a little bit pain and to her giving birth is extremely painful and the husband should do the rest. I know giving birth is very painful but you do not need to mention it every time like you are the only one going through that pain. I understand that a women would love her husband to be grateful and show appreciation after she gave birth but that doesn't mean everything that you husband did for you is nothing.. You are the only who suffers. your husband go through the labor process with you and also taking care of the child and doing other necessary things for you too.. It just make me realized that everyone is different and I cannot expect anyone to just thinks the same as I was.

I went through natural birth and currently breastfeeding as most of the mummy. But I do not think it is sacrificing or anything. My husband went back to KL after my daughter's full moon and I have to take care of my daughter alone. I have my family to help me as well and I'm learning. Learning on how to take care of my daughter by myself. Seeing my daughter who is now a healthy 4.6kg baby in just 6 weeks makes me happy as well.. Of course, she is my priority now. Everything about her matters the most. And when people like her, I'm happy too.. =)

So another question pop up.. Why some mother can leave their children just like that? My daughter had jaundice when she was 3 days old and she stayed in hospital for 8 days. I have to stay with her to take care of her. When we were in the pediatric ward, on the 2nd last day, a 19th month old girl was admitted next to Sammie's bed. She didn't have any illness but she didn't walk or stand and didn't want to talk so her aunt sent her to the hospital for check up. It was her grandmother who accompanied her. When we chat, her grandmother said that little girl's mum left her when she was 2 months old. Ever since that day, she didn't cry at all. I find it very hard to believe that a child did not cry at all. But it is proven when she was brought to insert iv, she didn't cry at all.. Only struggle and shout popo.. Seeing that, I feel sympathy. Her dad, aunt, grandparents all love her very much but her mum's leaving left her a scar which no matter how many people loves her, the scar still remain in her.

A women can left her daughter for money, a women can refuse to breastfeed her child because want to stay pretty, a women go can through cesarean to remained her sex life..

This leads to the fact that there are a lot of types of people.. What do you think, women? Which type are you?