Friday, October 23, 2009

Singapore, here I come!!

Another week had passed and results is finally out.. I was nervous like hell because I wasn't so confident in Drama and MNG.. But thank God I passed all the subjects.. I'm gonna be extra busy this semester because I'm doing documentaries and also involves in assignments that requires video shooting for my Film & Society and Broadcast Writing (TV) subject. Just wish me luck with hell amount of workload. And and I'm having 8am-6pm class almost everyday. I'm tired like hell but couldn't do anything coz the schedule is fixed.. Damm it. Even Ms Kik's class remained Friday because college is out of venue. Lousy!!

I couldn't wake up for my 2 days of 8am class.. I continuosly snooze my alarm and finally dragged myself to shower and then to class.. It was so hard to do so.. Raining everyday so I have to run under the rain almost everyday and sometimes don't have to coz kikilala will run to get her car. I'm being pampered by my friends too.. Hahahahaha..

Tonight, I'm going to Singapore with the family.. I feels so tired and will be more tired when I'm back from Singapore.. Just pray that I'm still alive by that time.. Haha.. Btw, I'm going to Pahang next weekend for my documentaries shooting..We are going to Orang Asli's village.. Anticipating and scared at the same time because we will be staying in the forest.. Leech~~ Eew~~ Just hope I can get thru it..

Saturday, October 17, 2009

For the sake of updating

Weekends again!! Me love!!

I came back early on Friday because of the last minute cancellation of class.. Yeah! My class is changed to Tuesday so no class on Friday.. Double yay!! Taking KTM is disastrous.. Very very long and tiring.. Gosh, it's been ages since I last took KTM back.. The bad side of being spoiled..

Grandma was admitted into the hospital on Tuesday because she fell down.. I was dead worried about her that I called daddy everyday to ask for her condition. Thank God she is alright now.. She was discharged today and healthy. But she cannot really walk because her wound hurts. Anyway, as long as she is healthy, other thing doesn't matter.. Yesterday, I went to the hospital with both my brothers and my bro's gf.. Around 5 something, we decided to go back to grab some food. When we were about to leave, we saw the doctor came so we walked back and my younger bro jokingly told her that we are back.. My grandma said, " I don't think you all went downstairs also then lie to me said you are back from dinner.." Cute and that makes us laugh..

My bro and gf will be going back this coming Monday.. I'm so gonna miss them.. It is very fun having his gf here tho..

I'm so tired.. I don't know why and I'm st8ill coughing... Sigh! Hate it because it interupt my sleeps everynight.. Hopefully will get better..

Friday, October 9, 2009

Typical 1st week..

1st week of college equals to cancellation of class.. Class is cancelled on the 1st and 2nd day itself.. *laughs* I spend my 3 days in KL with Wh baby, Erika and Ann baby.. I went to The Curve, Ikea, Sg Wang and Pyramid.. I came back on Wednesday evening and have to wait for my brother for half an hour because he is watching movie with his gf.. I went to Malacca with my family on 8th of Oct.. It was a one day trip.. Exhausting but fun.. Pictures will be up at fb soon because I was still recovering. Hahaha.. I'm very tired!!