Saturday, July 9, 2011

His birthday and Our Anniversary

2 days ago is my lovely lao gong's birthday and also our 3rd anniversary.. We made to the third year already.. Hahaha.. I bet our love story will never ends here and we will be happily together.. On that very special day, I have to wake up freaking early for my live interview session and I'm having a long break then an one hour class. In between the break, I'm already very sleepy and tired already. It is killing me.. I just wish to curl under my quilt and sleep my afternoon away but I can't. I had a date with my boyf.. I guess most of you will wonder what kind of romantic date that we had that day.. You are wrong.. We didn't had romantic date yet. We ended up having dinner with a bunch of his friends. It wasn't a romantic way to celebrate our 3rd anniversary but it was a nice and simple dinner.. Lol.. We will have our romantic dinner some other day.. Most probably after this weekend as it will be massive jam during this weekend..
I skipped class on Friday because I'm too tired. But yet, I didn't sleep well because I keep having weird dreams over and over again. I just want some nice sleep.. Is it very hard? I still got tons of assignments waiting for me and I need to plan for the so called romantic dinner.. This year, I didn't gave him any presents as I got no idea what to get him and I don't have time.. Sorry, lao gong!! :( But he got a Mont Blanc pen from his colleagues.. I want some of these colleagues too.. Hahaha..

I'm going to end this post with

Happy birthday and Happy 3rd Anniversary, Lao Gong!!
I love you and we will always be together, I promise!