Saturday, May 29, 2010

Mad shopping day with sis and her friend.

Crazee okie.. I've shopped from 10am til 7pm.. Call me mad or what.. For those who knows me, they will think that something is wrong with me. Because I'm not a shopping kind of person.. But this is exception because it's been so long since I last shop with sis plus she is kind enough to pay for me.. *evil laugh* I shopped the whole One U, Ikea and Ikano.. And I only manage to grab a top from Forever 21.. Ish ish.. I wanted to buy short pants from Padini but the cutting is so weird when I wear it.. There goes my short.. I didn't buy it...

For you information, I moved in with YOGURT already!! So, I don't have a cupboard/wardrobe.. Lol.. I didn't want to buy a new cupboard because 2 years later, I will have to move back with no extra place for the cupboard. I custom made my own cupboard lo.. Lolz.. I don't know how to explain.. Will post up pictures of it when I finished fixing it..

My legs are still sore from yesterday's shopping!! Gosh! I finally met my sis de friend, Darick and he is mad funny.. A very tall guy but looks older than he is supposed to be.. Something happened before he came and we all laugh like mad.. *inside jokes*

We actually plan to take those Sticker photo but our tired looks is not good enough for it. So we skipped.. But I did took some pictures with camera..


With sis..

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Releasing stress..

Oh my gosh, I've been exposed to mess recently.. First, my result is still pending although class is due to start. Ok, now, the result is released, my offer letter is still pending, my class is a mess because they divided the whole DBC into 2 classes.. Great! Followed by assignments which required grouping and gosh, we cannot even log into the CEL to get the information. Nice! Thank you SSSH for being such a mess and making my life so fucking miserable.

These few days, I've been thinking about a lot of possibility. A lot of what if? What if I stayed? What if I did not make that decision? What if that incident did not happened? Will everything will be the same? I really wonder? It's like thinking about millions of possibility..

I just have to stop myself from thinking. So, I spend my time going out and talking to my friends. I went to International Beauty Expo to have a look. Nothing special. I bought one Korean Beauty Square's BB cream for RM59.. At least buying something makes me happy.. I wanted to shop so badly.. Can anyone sponsor me? Sigh!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

I've been living in heaven..

So, I've been in KL this week although the result is still pending.. I got no place to stay at the moment but the kind Yogurt baby let me stay with her..*smiles* So, I crashed her place on Monday morning.. It was weird to be back to college seeing less people in the class. I've been nervous like hell because of the result. What if I failed? How am I supposed to split it out to my family? But I had fun this week which my gang of friend.
Monday, I went back and attend classes. After class, I meet up with Wan Huey baby and we went to McD with Derek and Yogurt baby. Yogurt need to go for interview so she left. The 3 of us lepak in McD and then we went to Wangsa Walk Mall. Initially, we wanted to watch Robinhood but showing time is too late. We walk around the mall aimlessly and finally settle down in Feeling Cafe to play pool. We left around 7 something. I went out with Jerry after that..

Tuesday, I went to college but the class ended after half an hour.. My god.. Wasted my time only.. Gosh! I took bus and went back. I had breakfast with Yogurt baby and Derek. Meet up with Wan Huey baby, Louis baby, Cindy, Erika and Meko in Pizza Hut.. WE had fun catching up and meeting each other. Gosh, I was tired by the end of the day.

Wednesday, we don't have class so we plan some outing. We went to Taman Pertanian in Shah Alam.. It was fun and very tiring at the same time. I got lots of mosquito bite.. But overall, it was really fun.. Now, I'm still suffering the aftermath.. LOlz.. We had lunch in Kim Gary, Sunway Pyramid. It was really fun because Yogurt is telling us about her part time job. It was hilarious. Now, I realize, there are lots of weird people in this world. We went back after that and we were dead tired by the time we reach home. Shower and all but still couldn't sleep.. So, Yogurt and I talk and talk until midnight.. LOlz..

Thursday, RESULT DAY. I couldn't sleep well because I was nervous like hell. I woke up around 9am. I know the result is still pending but I just couldn't sleep. Sitting down with my lappie and refresh every half and hour.. Finally, around 9.50am, I log in again thinking it will still pending. Poof, my result is out already. I PASSED.. Luckily and I scream like mad. It was Yogurt's turn to check and she PASSED too.. Both of us screaming like mad and jumping around.. Derek also PASSED and so he joined the mad group screaming also.. LOLZ. We have new B5 rules.. It was funny.. (inside joke) Around noon, Wan Huey, Erika, Yogurt and I went to Times Square for Shrek.. Meet up with Meko in Station 1 after that. Had dinner and balik.. Happy for the whole day.. lolz.. Overall, all b5 member and non permanent member graduate..

Friday, I skipped class coz it is freaking 8 am class.. Still being happy.. I went to college to ask about offer letter and hostel stuff.. I can only move in in June and it is freaking RM826 for one semester.. Yeah, price increased already.. Now, Yogurt baby offer to let me move in with her.. I'm still considering.. But I really had fun staying with her this week.. Thank you baby for letting me to crash in. So, now I'm still homeless in KL.. Lolz.. I'm in the same class as my babies.. So I'm very happy!! Hahahaha... Yogurt and I went to lunch with Wan Huey and Erika.. Fun fun.. And I'm back to Klang around 5 something.. Here I am, home sweet home.. I chatted with my brother yesterday. I told him that i graduated and he is so happy for me.. I feel happy too because he is being supportive all these while. All my family members is being supportive and I'm very happy to have them.. *loves* My brother said he will arrange time to come back for my convo.. Double happiness!! I'm happy that I finally did something to make my family proud.. And of coz my boyf too.. I make him promise to come to my convo no matter what.. Hahahaha..

Monday, May 10, 2010

I got my reasons for being MIA..

Hello, I know i've been MIA again but I can explain. I suffered from low blood pressure few days ago due to lack of sufficient sleep. I wake up in the morning feeling extremely dizzy and I couldn't walk straight.. (imagine that) I brushed my teeth using the longest time because I have the urge to vomit.. Finally, brushed my teeth and rushed into my bedroom and lie down. How I know I suffered from low blood pressure? My dad has this machine to test out blood pressure so I went and test it since my aunt is testing it. I got myself a 98/68 for blood pressure and 117 pulse per minute which is utterly abnormal. Dad jokingly asked me if I was scared by something that caused my pulse to be so fast. I remembered I was scared by a video in Facebook few days back. Ah, I swear not to simply open any video again..

Anyway, back to my Penang trip.

We woke up pretty late the second day and get ourselves ready to check out. We went to brunch in a coffee shop which sell superbly yummy asam laksa.. We intend to buy the cendol but the uncle said we cannot bring in the cendol and will charge us 5o cents per bowl. Ok, we will have the cendol after brunch. We ordered kekwa and he charged us RM1.40 percup. (Voon Liang and I thinks he purposely extra charged us.) Poor Yogurt and Ruoh Wen had the worst curry noodle ever.. We enjoyed our cendol after that and went to Chew Jetty.. We met Tiffany, Kit Mang, Pei Xuan, Wei Ying, Janyce and Jing Fong when we were walking back to our car.. What a small small world.A place that is used for filming in Ice Kacang Puppy Love. Cute place indeed because there are different jetty with different surname.. I saw Lim Jetty, Lee Jetty, Mix surname Jetty and etc. After that, we went to another place check in. After a hot day outside, staying in the aircon apartment is nice. But our plan doesn't stop here. We went to the beach in Hard Rock Hotel.. We had lots of fun playing kites and water.. We also had a very yummylicious dinner in Pizzeria in Hard Rock Hotel. Thanks to Mintz and Voon Liang for the recommendation. At night, we went to Gurney Drive despite being very tired for the water war earlier. I had rojak and become very full. Gosh, I have been eating all day. We went back and stayed up until 3am in the morning. The last day was spend with brunch and then buy souvenir and start our journey back to KL.. We dropped by Bidor and Erika's granfather treat us dinner. The journey back to KL is very tiring but fun at the same time. Yogurt, Voon Liang and I were in the same car and we talks about lots of things.. What a fun trip we had... I had some pictures from Mintz.. Wan Huey too slow d.. Muahahaha..

The three of us in Pizzeria
Muar Chi in Chew Jetty (yummy :P)
Posing in Chew Jetty
Wen, Ling and Mintz
We enjoying our cendol while Wan Huey enjoys taking photo
Posing with the kite.. In Queensbay
Lok Lok for dinner..
This is us in the hotel room..

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Reasons of my absence

Sorry for the long absence.. I've been to Penang with a bunch of Hotel Management friends and Broadcast Buddies.. My journey started off on Friday around 8pm.. I departed from home and I thought the traffic will be smooth.. To my horror, I stuck in jam in Klang itself and then stuck in another jam in PJ area.. Luckily my bus ride only depart on 11.59pm. I reached Chip Chip's house around 9pm and straight went to Yogurt baby's house to fetch her. We then went to Fairos for dinner/supper and I met Kui Cheng there.. Gosh, I miss him so much.. We had fun chatting and in the meantime, we are waiting for Wan Huey they all to come and pick up our luggage.. Lolz.. Around 11.00pm, we went to the bus station and waited.. The bus damm punctual lo coz he really starts the journey sharp at 11.59pm.. I didn't sleep well because I need a comfy bed to sleep on. And Wan Huey called quite often to check on our location. She is worried that we will ended up in Thailand.. Lolz.. I called Voon Liang and asked if he can fetch us and he said can.. Voila.. Transportation settled.. We reach Penang approximately 4.30am.. Voon Liang is still in his house so we have to wait for him.. While waiting, Yogurt and I chatted about lots of things.. Suddenly, there were this girl who is so muscular and tall walks towards us.. We were kinda freaked out but luckily, she just asked for time. Voon Liang came with Pui Min in a while (erm, actually quite long la) and fetched us back to their house.. The kind Pui Min let Yogurt and I sleep in her room while waiting for Wan Huey they all to arrive. I sleep til almost 9am then suddely wake up. I called Erika and Wan Huey but no one picked up. Mana tahu, they all sleeping at Voon Liang's house.. Lolz. Since nothing I can do, I continued to sleep.. Suddenly, Wan Huey, Erika and Ruoh Wen rushed into our room.. Then we decided to leave and went for breakfast. After breakfast, we checked into Cititel and we all are too tired so we chill in room and eventually, everyone fall asleep except Yogurt coz she went and shower.. When she finished, no place for her to sleep d.. Hahahaha... Voon Liang and Mintz suggested that we go Kek Lok Si at night because it will be beautiful with lights on. But, they only open at nights during CNY.. So no luck.. We had lok lok for dinner and then went to Queensbay to play kite.. It was so so fun!! We took a lot of pictures.. We went back to hotel and they decided to drink.. I just drank one cup and then go to bed because I'm very tired.. Anyway, part 2 will be continue in next entry..