Saturday, May 29, 2010

Mad shopping day with sis and her friend.

Crazee okie.. I've shopped from 10am til 7pm.. Call me mad or what.. For those who knows me, they will think that something is wrong with me. Because I'm not a shopping kind of person.. But this is exception because it's been so long since I last shop with sis plus she is kind enough to pay for me.. *evil laugh* I shopped the whole One U, Ikea and Ikano.. And I only manage to grab a top from Forever 21.. Ish ish.. I wanted to buy short pants from Padini but the cutting is so weird when I wear it.. There goes my short.. I didn't buy it...

For you information, I moved in with YOGURT already!! So, I don't have a cupboard/wardrobe.. Lol.. I didn't want to buy a new cupboard because 2 years later, I will have to move back with no extra place for the cupboard. I custom made my own cupboard lo.. Lolz.. I don't know how to explain.. Will post up pictures of it when I finished fixing it..

My legs are still sore from yesterday's shopping!! Gosh! I finally met my sis de friend, Darick and he is mad funny.. A very tall guy but looks older than he is supposed to be.. Something happened before he came and we all laugh like mad.. *inside jokes*

We actually plan to take those Sticker photo but our tired looks is not good enough for it. So we skipped.. But I did took some pictures with camera..


With sis..

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