Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Reasons of my absence

Sorry for the long absence.. I've been to Penang with a bunch of Hotel Management friends and Broadcast Buddies.. My journey started off on Friday around 8pm.. I departed from home and I thought the traffic will be smooth.. To my horror, I stuck in jam in Klang itself and then stuck in another jam in PJ area.. Luckily my bus ride only depart on 11.59pm. I reached Chip Chip's house around 9pm and straight went to Yogurt baby's house to fetch her. We then went to Fairos for dinner/supper and I met Kui Cheng there.. Gosh, I miss him so much.. We had fun chatting and in the meantime, we are waiting for Wan Huey they all to come and pick up our luggage.. Lolz.. Around 11.00pm, we went to the bus station and waited.. The bus damm punctual lo coz he really starts the journey sharp at 11.59pm.. I didn't sleep well because I need a comfy bed to sleep on. And Wan Huey called quite often to check on our location. She is worried that we will ended up in Thailand.. Lolz.. I called Voon Liang and asked if he can fetch us and he said can.. Voila.. Transportation settled.. We reach Penang approximately 4.30am.. Voon Liang is still in his house so we have to wait for him.. While waiting, Yogurt and I chatted about lots of things.. Suddenly, there were this girl who is so muscular and tall walks towards us.. We were kinda freaked out but luckily, she just asked for time. Voon Liang came with Pui Min in a while (erm, actually quite long la) and fetched us back to their house.. The kind Pui Min let Yogurt and I sleep in her room while waiting for Wan Huey they all to arrive. I sleep til almost 9am then suddely wake up. I called Erika and Wan Huey but no one picked up. Mana tahu, they all sleeping at Voon Liang's house.. Lolz. Since nothing I can do, I continued to sleep.. Suddenly, Wan Huey, Erika and Ruoh Wen rushed into our room.. Then we decided to leave and went for breakfast. After breakfast, we checked into Cititel and we all are too tired so we chill in room and eventually, everyone fall asleep except Yogurt coz she went and shower.. When she finished, no place for her to sleep d.. Hahahaha... Voon Liang and Mintz suggested that we go Kek Lok Si at night because it will be beautiful with lights on. But, they only open at nights during CNY.. So no luck.. We had lok lok for dinner and then went to Queensbay to play kite.. It was so so fun!! We took a lot of pictures.. We went back to hotel and they decided to drink.. I just drank one cup and then go to bed because I'm very tired.. Anyway, part 2 will be continue in next entry..

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