Saturday, May 21, 2011

China trip.. Finally

Yeah!! Finally I have time to write about my China trip. It took forever to just load these pictures.. Well, it was a very backdated post which I apologized numerous time for it.. Lol.. So, this is it.. My 1st day in China is basically me arriving in Pudong International Airport at 7.00am and then went out of departure gate at 7.30am.. I have to wait for my brother because he is late. Oh, it's raining that day so it is super cold. We have to take public transport aka train and bus to reach my brother's apartment. We went to breakfast first b4 heading home. I'm dead hungry. Their breakfast is so different than ours. They had healthy breakfast such as porridge, soya bean and also yao char kuai. Hmm.. I grab some yao char kuai and soya bean. We headed back to my brother's apartment after that. Dad, mum and I been sleeping in until afternoon. The weather is so cold that dad, mum and I couldn't get used to it. We had lunch and then took bus to Nanjing Road. Hmm.. A place to shop but too bad, it's raining the whole day.. Boo~~ Their bus driver drives like a mad cow. It's super fast and super dangerous. Super scary too. We meet my brother in Nanjing Road and had steamboat for dinner.. Nicest thing to eat when the weather is so cold. I've posted the picture of my steamboat dinner earlier so I will not post it again.. Hehe..

Even it is raining, people still went to Nanjing Road which includes me and my family as well.. It was a nice experience walking under the rain and luckily, I didn't catch a cold.
We are one happy family posting under the rain.. Lol.. Too bad, my sister and younger brother couldn't join us.. You can imagine how cold it is by the layers of clothes we wear.. It's not even winter for god sake.
The next day, sister in law (1st one) brought us to sightseeing in Shanghai. We went to Oriental Pearl Tower (I'm not sure with the name) and we can see Shanghai from there. It is beautiful and KL is nothing near that.. LOL.. I'm not in the pictures because I'm the camera girl.. It was fun but you will get bored because keeps seeing the same thing.
Then, we went to a quite famous street which I forgot the name.. I have to ask my brother.. But it is very oriental type of street and you can get lots of nice snacks there..
Look, it's my daddy posing in front of Haagen Daaz holding the "bing tong wu lou". In drama, the "bing tong wu lou" looks very nice but in actual, it is kind of sour and it has seeds in it.. And the sugar coated outside is kind of hard.. But worth the try though..
The best Xiao Long Bao in Shanghai. Lots of people is queuing for it.. And super cheap also.. RMB 7.50 for 16 Xiao Long Bao.. Can you imagine it? 4 of us shared 16 Xiao Long Bao while waiting for my brother to meet us after work.
Ta-da.. The yummylicious Xiao Long Bao ever.. We have to queue quite long to buy it and my mum drop the precious first because the soup is too hot.. Hahaha.. She didn't master the skill yet. Soon enough, she learn how to eat a Xiao Long Bao when my sister in law teach her.. Looking at it makes me crave for it.. Yum Yum..
Dad, mum and I pose together. Did you notice that my smile looks a little bit awkward? That is because I was eating the "bing tong wu lou". Lol.. It looks rather weird but not too obvious.. I'm still waiting for my brother to come.. We couldn't wait any longer coz we are tired. So, we went to Haagen Daaz to chill while waiting..
A very nice cup of hot English Breakfast Tea and also a platter of ice cream and cookies.. I find this cup of tea is so nice so I skipped that platter.. After chilling in Haagen Daaz, we went to The Bund..
You can catch up some nice scenery here where you can see the highest building in Shanghai and also Oriental Pearl Tower.. I forgot the name of the highest building because my sister in law only tells me in Chinese.. Sorry, you all have to check it out yourself.
This is the other side where you can see the hotels and building in The Bund.. The scenery is basically killing. It is so nice and the cold weather fits perfectly.
I love the lighting here.. Lol.. Look at the river and you wouldn't believe that there is actually a tunnel right under the river. Shanghai is so so advanced. They even build a tunnel under a river.
We went sightseeing again and I caught a priceless pose of my brother.. He purposely pose it for me la.. See how dramatic my brother is..
The very next day, we went to China Pavilion.. The ticket is so cheap, it only cost us RMB 20 for a person. But the queue is killing. We practically queue for 2 hours to get into the pavilion. It will be demolish in May so I guess it worth queuing right?
Daddy is happy because we bought the ticket without have to queue but what he doesn't know is the queue is not start yet. Luckily the weather is nice enough for us to queue or else I will sure pengsan lo..
It is the biggest among all in Shanghai Expo.. I only manage to get in this one as the others are all demolished.. Boohoo~~
I love this painting very much and it is indeed the nicest thing in the pavilion. It is basically a drawing and it can move. It can also switch from day to night. You can see how the people inside the drawing works and also do their daily stuff.. It is so amazing.. This is the night view.

While this is the day view.. It was a very long electronic drawing and I was so in love with it. I spend quite long there just looking and taking pictures of it.
Look at the crazy queue.. I took it when I was inside the Pavilion. It is freaking insane okay. Not only tourist is going in but local as well.. People in China is so freaking scary because there are peoples everywhere..
My brother took leave and brought us to Suzhou. We went to Tiger Hill while my brother and sister in law went and try on the wedding dress. We were shivering cold but having ice cream at the same time.. The feeling is superb. We have to walk up the hill but the lazy us decided to pay for the shutter and let them drive us up the hill instead.. Then, we slowly walk down by ourselves.
The famous tower. What is it famous for? For not being straight.. Lol.. I didn't take a picture with it because my brother is not with me and no one taking picture for me.. *sob*
Mummy was so clumsy that she fell down while walking. In the end, her leg bengkak and we have to rush back to Shanghai. But, we manage to catch a picture and also see how my father is being caring towards mummy because he is holding her all the time. He scared that she might fall down again.. *smiles*
The reason of falling down? She was too concentrate on the flowers. She thinks they are very nice.. So I took a picture of her and the flower..
I actually went to Shanghai Zoo with my parents because we got nothing to do. My brother and sister in law have to bring her parents to do their visa. So, I happened to bump into Cindy there.. LOL.. It's a swan btw. I didn't know I will meet Cindy even when I'm in china..I feel so touched..
Chow chow.. Can you imagine that? They even have pet area in the zoo where there are lots of dogs there. I wanted to bring them back so much.. But I guess I will be arrested so I just took pictures of them.. Plus my boy loves Chow Chow so much.. So this is for him..
The main attraction that brought us to the zoo is this, PANDA!! It is a bit dirty but hey, I see a real panda before and not just girls with dark eye circle..
We went back to the building to take pictures while waiting for my sister in law and her parents to come and meet us.. You decide, who does my brother looks like? Dad or mum?
Oriental Pearl Tower that looks very nice when the sun is shinning.. Owh, I want to go back again.. Honestly, I keep seeing Oriental Pearl Tower when I was in China until I was so sien of seeing it.. Then, when I'm back to KL, all I see was KLCC..
Happy family with nice scenery.. We went and meet the in laws and they were so friendly.. I like them.. Hahaha.. And they like me too.. How I know that? Because my sister in law told me when they came and stay with us for a month.. Now that they are finally back, I missed them..
Night scene of The Bund.. It's beautiful isn't it? We took it from Haagen Daaz in the opposite.. Enjoying ice cream and scenery.. Seriously, I had too much of Haagen Daaz in China until I'm so afraid to eat it. My brother got lots cash coupons so he lets us use it.. But it was too heavy for my liking.. I prefer mild or maybe fruit taste..
Last day, daddy was so excited because we can finally go home.. He is not very used to food in China.. My brother decided to let us try on this bullet train that takes only 8 minutes to the airport. And that boots makes me have to take it off in airport.. Arghh.. So mafan..
And lastly, a picture of me with the train's full speed.. 431 km/h.. It was very fast and convenient.. It was a tiring 11 days because I was carrying my dslr with me and it is very heavy.. But I had fun minus the part where I throw tantrums at my parents.. Sorry, daddy and mummy.. And also the part where I have to email my boyfriend because facebook, twitter and blogspot is banned in China.. Luckily I get to skype with him once a while.. I miss him so much during my stay in China..

And now, he will be going to China soon and I will miss him.. :( This is a very brief post about my trip and I hope you all like it..

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My apologies

I know I promised to blog once I'm back from Seremban but I didn't.. My bad okay? I'm sorry!! I have a very good reason for this, I promise you! I have guests in my house and my elder brother is BACK!! Which means I got no Internet to use because my house don't not have Wifi. *don't stare at me* Like I mentioned just now, I have guests which is my sister in law's parents. So, being the only one who don't need to work or study, I have to bring them out.. Or said accompany my brother to bring them out. Hahaha.. There are lots of wedding stuff needs to be done and I went out almost everyday. Now my waist and leg is like cacat already. Why I can blog now? Currently back to KL for my younger brother's orientation. Yeah, having a brother is troublesome but having 2 means double the trouble.. haha.. But also means double the love.. I got so many things to blog.. Apart from my China trip, Seremban trip (working purposes), KL trip and also Genting trip. I went to so many places in 2 weeks.. No wonder my leg patah d..

My brother's wedding is in 2 weeks time and hopefully we can pull through every obstacles so that my brother will have a very happy wedding.. *finger crossed* Results is out today and thank god I passed!! Thank you Mr Lim.. Classes resuming next week and I want to extend my holiday! Pls! Can I have longer holiday?

I wake up pretty early today for my brother's orientation and been waiting for him since then. 1 more hour to go and I can go back and sleep. I didn't sleep well yesterday.. I really seriously desperately need more sleep.. Thank you.. Byebye!