Saturday, November 28, 2009

Oh My God! My Dog is Soo FAT!!

Hello~~ I weight my doggie, Velvet a moment ago and gosh, he weight almost 7KG.. *fainted* I never thought he will be that fat.. Anyway, just some random facts..

This is the Egypt presentation pictures that I sum it up.. The aftermath of this presentation is extremely lack of sleep but worth it because Ms Kik is soooo impressed.. The memories that keep us all together.. No pictures of me being wrapped though.. Too bad..

This moment, I wanted to watch New Moon so badly.. I just have to wait until next week.. Seriously, I need to study for my midterm already.. I have 3 midterms next week and of coz some assignments to hand in.. Newscast, I not yet finish writing it. Matilah saya~~

Yesterday, we did a small celebration for my granny as last Thursday is her birthday. No pictures because no cake.. The weather is so hot that I keep sweating.. Imagine, having steamboat in such a hot weather.. Totally dehydrated.

I WANT and NEED to shop for bags so badly. My bag shopping syndrome is here... I really need to buy a bag.. Such a bad shopping habit.. Coz I ended up buying everything else but bag.. When will I get a nice and suitable bag?

On the other hand, I had so much fun last week.. Minus the extreme lack of sleep.. Been staying over at Wan Huey's for 2 days and going out everyday.. Muahahaha.. Spending money like nobody's business.. It's been so long since I splurge like this... Nope, I'm not buying any branded stuff..Purely on entertainment.. That's all..

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Refreshing morning

*open both hands and stretch body*
What a nice Saturday morning... I sleep for *counting* I also lost counts of hours of sleep. I feel so refresh and happy.. Lolz.. Anyway, last Thursday, I was in Wan Huey's house helping her in assignments and we only get an hour sleep. But the praising from Ms Kik makes all the hard work worth. I was enjoying their presentation all the time and I was the assigned "mummy". I'm the last section and the carry me out with me lying on the table. It was fun to actually act as a dead person. They teach the ways to wrap a mummy up and of coz explains the fact that their inner organ will be taken out. It was cool and of coz we did some fake organs. The wall pictures is awesome which credits to Wan Huey, her friend Silvia Sim, Ruoh Wen and Jesslyn for drawing it and *me*, Cindy, Yogurt, Erika, Derek and Kui Cheng for colouring it.. Muahahaha.. *self-praise* Arghh, I wonder how my France will turn out to be. *prays*

Anyway, I watched 2012 on Monday which cause me to be sleepy the entire week. It is because I'm having 8am class for 2 days straight. 2012 is nice and it brings impact to the audience. My New Moon is releasing.. I can't wait..

I still not yet buy the bag that I wanted.. :(.. But Erika promised that she will go shopping with me.. Happy!! Hahaha.. If I didn't get to buy that bag, it's fate and I shall find a new bag.. Muahahahah...

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Lesson of the day : Do not overturn the knob..

I open this page since morning but then didn't have the chance to write.. All thanks to my LAW assignments.. I crack my brain the whole day doing it. Anyway, I've done it now and tmr is my free day. Rest for one day.. Today, I learn how to ride a bike.. Yea, I'm gonna get a license with my brother. It is so scary plus exciting~~ Of course I know nuts about bike.. Luckily my brother learn 1st then only my turn. I can learn from his mistakes. I drive steadily at first but then couldn't stop properly.. Hahaha.. But after a few practices, I can ride smoothly.. Learning is fun and I shall take more lesson from daddy~ There are once I couldn't balance myself and then turn the fuel knob real hard and scared daddy.. Oops.. I'm sorry daddy.. But it was because daddy's didn't put his leg up when I start to ride.. Anyway, it was a very scary plus exciting plus funny experience..

I celebrated daddy's b'day with him today. I couldn't come home on Thursday due to classes so I made up to him today. Hehe.. Happy birthday once again, daddy.. I Love You~~

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Happy Birthday, darling!

Happy Birthday, Pink Darling!

Today is her 21st and I couldn't be there with her.. So sorry, darling! I really hope you had an enjoyable and lovely birthday!

Muackss Muackss..

I miss you very much!


Friday, November 6, 2009

Long post ahead..

I stopped update since Oct 23 and now is Nov already.. Gosh, why la the time flies so so fast? Anyway, my Singapore trip is so so mainly because it's the 2nd prayer trip again and I made anonymous enemy during the trip. (keep reading and you will know why)

I came back on Thursday that week because I replaced Miss Kik's class.. Friday afternoon, I was scolded by my dad because I still not yet pack my stuff.. I don't know why he so 'kan cheong'. But still I have to be a good girl and pack my stuff.. My initial plan was to sit with my dad since my brother didn't go due to exams. But then plan changed. They have this kind of drawing number of places and my mum drawed the last place. So cousin decided me and her switch places with mummy and aunt. And I was thrown to the last place where nightmares begun. Lolz.. Not that serious anyway. There were this 2 ladies sitting in front of us and one of the ladies shift her sits which makes the sits (the lying part) fell right on my knees.. The worst part is it hurts like hell and she didn't APOLOGIZE.. Both of them looked at me like I'm some alien screaming. Weird isn't it? Yeah, my knee ended up bruised and bleed a little.. We continued to chat and eventually slept. The bus stopped at some rest station and we got down where I had my nasi lemak ayam at 1am.. Hahahaha.. When we got back to the bus, my cousin overheard the tour guide said chewing gums are not allowed in Singapore.. Shit, I bought 3 and didn't realize that until my cousin told me.. Even my dad also didn't remind me.. Sigh!! I was like ' what to do? what to do? Throw it all away?'My cousin said ' crazy a? such a waste to throw it all away.' I continued ' then?' And she replied 'eat all la' Wow. It was such a big project because we chew all the chewing gums in half and hour time. I had 8 pieces while cousin had 7 pieces.. We chew 2 each time and find my mouth to be so tired and changed plan to chewing one at one time. We spit after the gums is not sweet anymore.. Hahaha.. What an experience. Make me having phobia towards chewing gums now. We reached Singapore around 4 or 5 something I couldn't remember. We went to the temple and then few places b4 goi ng back to the hotel. I sleep soundly for 2 hours and almost late for dinner.. Oops.. I had dinner and went to MerLion snap a few pictures and then went back to hotel and leave. The next day after visit some places then we left Singapore.. We stopped at many places in between before reaching home.. Argh.. Home sweet home.. I went back to college the next morning and straight away replace Ms Loh's class.. Then the study routine continued. Tired like hell..

Thursday, I went to Malacca with Wh, Yogurt, Derek, Kc, Cindy, Ruoh Wen and Jesslyn. They went there for documentaries while me, Derek and Kc went for vacation.. Hahahaha.. Thursday, we reached around 2 something. Checked in and then went for lunch.. Chicken rice ball~~ Then start shooting aka travelling.. While they were shooting at the red house(red church), Derek, Kc and I having our cendol opposite the red house.. Yummy!! The weather is so hot la.. Then we proceed to another church and then eventually walk the whole Malacca.. We plan to watch Jennifer's body in Dataran Pahlawan but then full... :( So we went and had our dinner at Wok and Pan. The food there is delicious and prices is affordable.. We went back after that and still shooting also.. All of us gather in Jesslyn's room at night and we web'cam with Erika.. Make alot of stupid move and then asked her to faster come to Malacca. Sleep around 12 something alomost 1 and wake up at 7.30am the next day.. Shower and waited for the others to wake up then went for breakfast.. Chicken rice ball again~~~ But I think 1st time's taste better.. Lolz.. Started to shoot again.. Then news about Ms Elly's resignation spread and we are in dilemma whether to continue or stop.. We continued and went back to hotel to rest and wait for Erika.. We were so hungry that we went to nearby places to search for food.. No more Chicken rice ball this time.. We settled down at a shop in Jonker and we ate different things.. Arghh.. Taste of different food.. Lolz.. Erika finally reached and we went to the red house to get her.. Brought her to cendol then bring her back to hotel.. Rested for a while then we went to dinner with Derek's family.. Yummylicious~~We plan to go to Jonker street and Satay celup but it is raining cats and dogs. We waited until 11 something then decided to just go to Satay Celup with umbrellas.. So the 9 of us went to Capitol, a not so nice satay celup.. Hahaha.. Eat then go back to hotel and shower then finally sleep.. The next day, Cindy knocked on our door to wake us up.. It was 9.30 but feels like midnight coz no sunlight in the room.. We packed and check out.. Then went to Mahkota for brunch.. Cindy and Jesslyn went back to KL 1st because they got AAR's concert to catch.. So the rest of us stayed until 8.30pm. We walked around Dataran Pahlawan again and then went to Jonker around 5 something. Walked until 7.30 then took bus to Malacca Sentral and finally bought tickets for 8.30pm.. Last bus though..Haha.. Jerry came and fetch all of us in Pudu.. LOve him~~ Then we went to Ampang for dinner/supper and sent Erika back.. Sleep is the most important things at that moment.. Haha.. I love going on a trip with friends.. Too bad Jerry have to work or else sure drag him there.. haha..

After we came back from Malacca, normal college routine again.. And I'm like having holidays for 3 days because of class cancelation.. Wh, Yogurt, Ruoh Wen and I went to Pavilion yesterday to watch Jennifer's Body.. The storyline is kinda blur because they didn't stated much about the demons and just killing and killing.. Then, we went shopping and Yogurt bought a new dress.. Kawaii neh~~ We went to Times Square and she bought winter cap..We went back around 5 something.. Then daddy came and pick me up at 8pm and I'm home..

Few days ago, I was told the news about 3 Kampar student that drowned in the waterfall. To my surprise, I knew one of the students which is the girl, Yew Shy Gin.. I was so shocked.. I found her name very familiar and so I onlined and read the news.. True enough, that is she.. She was my A Level coursemate. Although we are not close but I know her because she is Sue Ee's friend. This incident makes me feel that life is really very unpredictable. Today, we were alive and happy but tmr we will die.. Everything happens so quickly. It was really sad reading news about her and the grieving of her family, bf and friends.. Anyway, may she rest in peace..