Friday, February 26, 2010

Holiday again after a hectic week.

Today is a public holiday! Yay coz I don't have to go to college. College resumed in Monday and I started to feel the stress. Although it's a short sem, I still have to attend classes 5 days a week. Wtf right? Just leave the old routine of 1st week aside because LOUIS LIM didn't come back this week. Spoiled the tradition of B5.. Ish!! Anyway, been having fever and flu few days ago.. Maybe the weather is too hot, I assume. Or I've been consume too much of 'heaty' food during CNY..

Anyway, I was having headache yesterday because I didn't have enough sleep and I ran all the way to college in the morning.. It's something stupid that I did not wish to share.. :p Back to the story, I was lepak-ing alone then decided to grab some food in Jusco. I was craving for twister but the it is not available that time.. Boo~~ So, I did some bra-shopping and shopping cures my headache.. And I'm a happy girl again.. Haha..

I came back to Klang yesterday and my family went to Bar-B-Q Plaza without me! I'm left starving all night.. (just kidding) Dad and Mum plan to go to Dong Zen Temple in Jenjarom and the boyf decided to tag along.. The journey is long and I'm tired. There are nothing much to see there. I prefer the decoration 2 years ago.. Lolz. I decided to eat in mamak near my house. So the boyf and I ordered nasi lemak with rendang ayam. When I'm eating halfway, I look at the boyf innocently and asked if he is full? He asked me back why? I said I want to eat roti telur so he finished up my nasi lemak. Halfway eating the roti telur, I'm full already and he have to finished my roti telur. I know I'm spoiled.. Hehe. Luckily he can eat a lot..

I sleep quite early yesterday because still not feeling well.. Next week will be hell more hectic!

Friday, February 19, 2010

B5, answer my question!

Holla everybody!
Yesterday, I went to steamboat dinner with my high school friends. I had fun meeting up with them. We were supposed to meet up after dinner in Yin Cheng's (known as Darren now)house but then my darling Hee Boon couldn't make it and my boyf is working today so I pass this event. Sorry Woonie!! Hee Boon and Han Liang came to my house and we played mahjong.. A very very small tiles that I have at home. I guess I'm gonna buy a new one.. Hahaha..
Today, I have a full day without parents because they went to Singapore! Holla holla!! The boyf came around 11 something and waited for us (bro and I) to shower and we go out for brunch.. When we came back, we take the table, mahjong and drinks upstairs. We on the air-con and start playing.. Totally enjoyed ourselves.. Fyi, my mum hates people gambling even we didn't play cash.. 2 days ago, I'm gambling with my dad, bro and boyf and my mum is so pissed.. Hahahaha.. In the end, boyf and I lost RM36 in total. That money is used for bah kut teh the next morning. I thought daddy won't be home so early so bro and I decided to go BBQ Plaza for dinner. Mana tahu, when we called dad, he said he is on the way home d. We quickly eat and left.. Then we went to cantonese fried stall for second round.. Now very full cannot sleep d.. I want to go to Singapore.. I think I will have to plan it now..

B5, we go Singapore wan?

Back to boring day tomorrow coz the boyf start work already. And I got no car to go to KL to find my babies.. Never mind, I'm starting college on this coming Monday.. Shit, lecture and tutorial starts on 1st week itself.. Means no more B5 tradition? NOOOOOOOOO!!!! I need to enjoy b4 starting class.. College is sucks.. My schedule sucks as well..

B5, will we going to have out tradition? Anniversary dinner? Sing k?

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I met a lot of people tonight

Holla everyone. My house is having a very small steamboat party tonight and daddy invited all of my relatives. 2 of my aunts went to Bangkok and 2 more cousins went to Singapore so they couldn't attend. We were having fun talking and eating the scrumptious dinner... Plus I receive quite amount of ang pow tonight.. *happy* I was chatting with my cousin and sis when my daddy told us that another relative is come. God, her son is adorable and we only met once a year. Kids will always be kids. They only remember Velvet but not me.. They were super curious about everything. And they asked a lot of questions especially the youngest one.. I had a lot of fun asking and answering questions. They speak a very fluent english but they learn chinese in school. What an ironic thing. They were also curious about the tortoise. Hahaha.. They scared the tortoise because all of them wanted to feed him. In the end, the tortoise hide inside his shell.. Oh ya, they were saying that my bed is very messy.. That was embarassing.. *shakes head* But anyhow, I enjoy their company.. They were extremely funny when they laugh at my cousin Loon for being too old. Of coz, they were only 11, 9 and 7.

My boyf is coming back tonight and he will be here tmr.. Yes!! I miss him so much and of coz hope he can take care of hias tortoise.. Hahaha.. I'm very scared that the tortoise will die if I continue to take care of him.. Hope I will see him when I open my eyes tomorrow..

Monday, February 15, 2010

My brother's 17th birthday

Coincidentally, my brother's birthday falls on the 2nd day of Chinese New Year. So, we had a small celebration in Nando's in Jusco Bkt Raja. We asked Loon along.. We have a very friendly waiter serving us all night and he chats with us too. I'm satisfied with the service of coz. After dinner, we went home and cake blowing session. It's a blueberry yogurt mousse cake.. Yummy I should say. I'm still very full from dinner. Tomorrow night, my house will be having a steamboat party for my cousin Loon. I can't wait!! Hehe.. Plus my boyf is coming back tmr night.. Double happiness.. Muahahahaha..
Now I realize that having a pet is not an easy task especially a tortoise.. My boyf asked me to take care of his tortoise and I feel like slapping it already. He don't eat a lot which scares me coz I'm scares that he will starve to dead. In fact, he is testing my patience towards him that he keep running away whenever I'm feeding him. I think my Velvet deserves more care than the tortoise.. I really hope my boyf come back earlier.. *wish upon the stars*
On the other note, most of my relative went for vacation. As the result, I'm having the most boring Chinese New Year ever.. Arghh.. Boring until I went and find my baby Wan Huey yesterday.. Hahaha.. We have spend some 'quality' time together and had fun watching people fight. Anyway, this CNY is hot and boring.. I stayed at home the whole day and watch my dad and bro gamble.. What a day, huh? Hopefully I can have more productive day in this coming few days.

Friday, February 12, 2010

The total bitch

I've been in a very bad mood today.. I show no emotion and when I have to, I speak like a total bitch. The weather is too hot then I have to clean the house, change the sheets and etc. I called my boyf in the afternoon but then he said his phone is almost out of batt. Yea, that makes me more frustrated. I lie down on the bed reading the whole afternoon. Oh ya, my boyf brought his tortoise yesterday so that I can take care of him. My brother is fascinated by that tortoise that he keep asking me why the tortoise sleeps all day. I don't know and I only worry that Velvet will find him and bite him.. I thought of playing a good gf and try to kacau the tortoise coz he looks very bored, just like me but then he was so shy that he hide his head inside that bloody shell. When I was waiting for him to walk, he refuse. When I ignore him, he walks hell fast and hide underneath the bed. I was too lazy to care so I continue to read.
My boyf called later and chat with me. He said he couldn't buy me the book in time for Valentine's. He went to Midvalley and asked but they don't have the version I wanted. Then he asked them to called if other outlet have it. That person said they have it in One U so he rushed to One U. But then it was a lie. Oh, pity my boy. I'm happy that he go through the hassle to get me the book but I still didn't show much emotion. He was actually mad for going to One U for nothing so he kinda higher his volume. I'm sorry baby... I love you!

p/s : He asked the person to order that book just for me.. I love you much much!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Shopping day!

Yesterday, I went to Times Square with my brother. We took ktm and then monorial there. Gosh, I waited for more than half hour for the ktm. Ktm suck big time. I hate to take it but I just have to. Skip that part. I was there to support Wayne for her Ultimate Group roadshow. I didn't tell my brother that I was there to support Wayne because I thought he will refuse to go with me. But it turned out pretty good and he gets along pretty well with my friends. He even joke with them and that was out of my expectation. Lolz. Anyway, I had a very fun time shopping with my brother and I got myself a pair of shoes. Love it. My brother get himself a pair of shoe and 2 t-shirts. I thought of asking my boyf to fetch us back so that i can skip the ktm and I can see him.. But he got meeting so boo~~ I have to go back by train. Reached home around 7.30pm and straight away went out for dinner with the family. We went to Jusco for 2nd round shopping but the place is too crowded so we decided to go today.
Daddy asked me to go to Tesco with him this morning to get some CNY stuffs. I had groceries shopping in the morning and clothes shopping in the afternoon. I got myself 2 extra shirts. Hahaha.. And to my surprise, daddy decided to get himself a pair of jeans. In my entire 22 years of life, I never see my dad wear any jeans b4. Surprise surprise..
I feel so bad for not able to help my friend in her relationship problem. I don't know where to start and that makes me feel real bad. I really hope I can do something to help. Arghh.. Relationship is not going well among us recently. I hope everything will be ok soon. Sometimes, relationship between two people is something we can hardly explain. We have to tolerate, compromise or even change so that we can fit in. Some fits in very well and some have to work extra hard to make it work. This is life and we just have to fit into the cycle of life. Good luck everyone in finding the right key to unlock your heart. For those who found it, congrats~~

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Webcam is fun

Yesterday, I was webcam-ing with my boyf. It is fun. Hahaha.. I managed to capture a few of his funny pictures. We make funny faces, talk crap and etc. It was fun! I didn't see him for so long already. I miss him..

Tmr, I will go to Times Square with my brother to get his CNY clothes.. Yes, shopping again.. Muahahaha..

Thursday, February 4, 2010

I just want to be invisible

I don't know what is wrong with me lately. I'm too free? Too boring? PMS? The weather is too hot? I really don't know. I don't feel like talking. Oh wait, I actually don't talk much since I'm back home. I will talk on the phone with Jerry, talk to my brother, parents and sis (is she is around). I only talk when I'm required to. Pathetic life? Guess so. Just now, my sis was telling me her problems and I didn't really give any response. The truth is I don't even know what response should I give. I got no idea about that things that happens nor the person. She was so unhappy and said I'm always like that. I raised my voice a little and said I don't know how to respond and what to respond. She said ' I was asking for your opinion'. I didn't answer. This is the 1st case. Earlier, I called Jerry and then the line is cut off out of sudden. I thought he will call me back so I waited. After a while, I called him but couldn't get thru. I thought his phone is out of batt and he will be home soon. I waited like a fool for him to call back and he only called after 15 mins or so; I couldn't remember. And he told me he is not going home yet, just passing by. Great.. He said he will call me when he gets home. I waited again until 10 something then I called. I wasn't in mood already because of the argument between sis and I. Then he is so happy talking about his plan of buying houses. I will not enclose details and another time, I got no comment about it. That pissed him off. He sounded so upset and said why I react that way. See? I guess it's my problem because it happens two times in a row. My fault for not responding. Silence kills because he seems like he didn't want to talk anymore. He asked me to go to bed. Fine, I hung up.
I didn't sleep well since I'm home. I also don't know why. I've been having nightmares day and night. I tried taking nap in the afternoon but turns out that I slept but still aware of the surroundings. Or the dream is too real? I don't know. I kept having nightmares everynight and that makes me very tired. Stress? I don't think so because I'm having holiday now. That makes me didn't want to sleep. Because I will ended up being even more tired than b4.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Pictures of the short trip..

A car full of girls...
3 people that like to camwhore.. with shades
Angry looking bodyguard..
And now they are good again..

President and bodyguard 1 angry of each other

Supporter No.2 - Erika Hiew

Supporter No.1 - Cindy Law

Bodyguard 3 - Louis Lim

Bodyguard 2 - VeeLing Lim

Bodyguard - SookAnn Lee

President of B5 - Yogurt Lee

our properties..

Aiya, still busy with that?
The TV set.. Got DVD 1 le..

Louis: Eh, what is that? I also wana join!

Wondering what is so interesting there?

This is 姑姐 aka Cindy