Monday, February 15, 2010

My brother's 17th birthday

Coincidentally, my brother's birthday falls on the 2nd day of Chinese New Year. So, we had a small celebration in Nando's in Jusco Bkt Raja. We asked Loon along.. We have a very friendly waiter serving us all night and he chats with us too. I'm satisfied with the service of coz. After dinner, we went home and cake blowing session. It's a blueberry yogurt mousse cake.. Yummy I should say. I'm still very full from dinner. Tomorrow night, my house will be having a steamboat party for my cousin Loon. I can't wait!! Hehe.. Plus my boyf is coming back tmr night.. Double happiness.. Muahahahaha..
Now I realize that having a pet is not an easy task especially a tortoise.. My boyf asked me to take care of his tortoise and I feel like slapping it already. He don't eat a lot which scares me coz I'm scares that he will starve to dead. In fact, he is testing my patience towards him that he keep running away whenever I'm feeding him. I think my Velvet deserves more care than the tortoise.. I really hope my boyf come back earlier.. *wish upon the stars*
On the other note, most of my relative went for vacation. As the result, I'm having the most boring Chinese New Year ever.. Arghh.. Boring until I went and find my baby Wan Huey yesterday.. Hahaha.. We have spend some 'quality' time together and had fun watching people fight. Anyway, this CNY is hot and boring.. I stayed at home the whole day and watch my dad and bro gamble.. What a day, huh? Hopefully I can have more productive day in this coming few days.

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