Monday, February 8, 2010

Shopping day!

Yesterday, I went to Times Square with my brother. We took ktm and then monorial there. Gosh, I waited for more than half hour for the ktm. Ktm suck big time. I hate to take it but I just have to. Skip that part. I was there to support Wayne for her Ultimate Group roadshow. I didn't tell my brother that I was there to support Wayne because I thought he will refuse to go with me. But it turned out pretty good and he gets along pretty well with my friends. He even joke with them and that was out of my expectation. Lolz. Anyway, I had a very fun time shopping with my brother and I got myself a pair of shoes. Love it. My brother get himself a pair of shoe and 2 t-shirts. I thought of asking my boyf to fetch us back so that i can skip the ktm and I can see him.. But he got meeting so boo~~ I have to go back by train. Reached home around 7.30pm and straight away went out for dinner with the family. We went to Jusco for 2nd round shopping but the place is too crowded so we decided to go today.
Daddy asked me to go to Tesco with him this morning to get some CNY stuffs. I had groceries shopping in the morning and clothes shopping in the afternoon. I got myself 2 extra shirts. Hahaha.. And to my surprise, daddy decided to get himself a pair of jeans. In my entire 22 years of life, I never see my dad wear any jeans b4. Surprise surprise..
I feel so bad for not able to help my friend in her relationship problem. I don't know where to start and that makes me feel real bad. I really hope I can do something to help. Arghh.. Relationship is not going well among us recently. I hope everything will be ok soon. Sometimes, relationship between two people is something we can hardly explain. We have to tolerate, compromise or even change so that we can fit in. Some fits in very well and some have to work extra hard to make it work. This is life and we just have to fit into the cycle of life. Good luck everyone in finding the right key to unlock your heart. For those who found it, congrats~~

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