Sunday, April 26, 2009

What is wrong with me?

Yesterday, my bf realised that I've been reading his blog and we had a huge fight.. He was so FURIOUS that he refused to talk to me.. He won't act like that even if he is angry last time.. He would raised a little bit of voice but he won't ignore me.. Yesterday is the 1st time and you can imagine how angry he is.. He rufused to talk to me no matter how I begged him to.. After a whole long of 40 minutes, he still didn't talk but he just show action by taking my stuff.. This means he is fetching me back.. He didn't talk to me the whole journey back.. Until when we are back to my house, he talked back to me and said if next time he found out about me reading his blog again, he really won't talk to me anymore.. So, this is how much he hated Xiang!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Long lost..

Sorry for missing for so long.. I stayed at KL last weekend so I didn't have any chance to blog.. Last Friday, I went to Media Prima to support Yogurt.. We all thought she is signing the contract on that day but turned out we are conned to the recording.. Nevermind, at least I get some experience.. We record 2 episode.. It's very tiring.. Now I understand why laughing is a tiring job.. Anyway, I got a job offer for the weekend..
We went to BU8 the next day (Saturday) to work as part time actress (keh le fe).. Hahaha.. We waited for few hours then left necause we are not needed on that day.. Oh ya, we are back to Media Prima that day.. What a coincidence.. Sunday morning, I woke up at 4.30am because we are required to reach Media Prima at 7am.. Tired tired tired.... But the cash is so tempting so I have to go.. They offered breakfast but i didn't eat coz it's too early.. We just shoot as passer-by in the morning.. I didn't expect to be choosen to shoot later which is tiring becaeuse they took a very long time to finish a scene.. They shoot lots of angle for 1 scene.. No woned actress/actor got so much pay.. Acting is not easy.. We have to memorize the script and then give expression.. Kesian Ann and Wh, waiting for us the whole day... We had a meeting scene where the manager NG for numerous times.. He took half and hour and still cannot get his script right.. We have to change shooting others 1st.. Phew.. The office is so so hot... Really dehydrated... But at the end of the day, I gained cash and experience.. It is very nice when you understand things that they are talking.. Jargons for broadcasters.. hehe..
I just finished my Mass Media and Society exam yesterday.. I think should be ok because I know how to answer most of the question... Saturday, translation paper.. DIE.. Hopefully I can pass because format changed and then the lecturer suck big time.. I skipped her lecture, not because I'm lazy but bacause I don't know what is she teaching about.. Sigh!! I also don't have any clue about translation, Hui Bee some more come and ask me.. Haha.. How am I supposed to know when I myself not yet take the exam? Funny huh? Back to revision..
Translation study mode: ON

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy 21st!!

Titles tells everything mostr of the time. Yes.. I'm officially 21st now.. A big turning of life and I get to celebrate with all the people that I love.. Well, except for 2 who couldn't turn up.. But they make an effort to celebrate with me..
Wednesday 08/04/09
I roughly wrote I happened that day int the earlier post.. At night, we went to Cheras pasar malam and then bought foods and went back. I went to his house and then had dinner there. While watching TV, he asked me to help him take his pants because he stained something on his pants. I refuse but he insisted so I guess there is something waiting for me in the drawer.. Trues enough, it was small box of puzzle. He told me it was actually a photo frame.. So cute and thoughful because he asked his cousins to buy it in Singapore. I received sms wishes during midnight but too tired already so fall asleep.
Thursday, 09/04/09
It's my BIRTHDAY!! Oh.. 21st sound so old..They surprise me with a cake which I'm kind of touched. Ann baby couldn't make it because she need to bring team to tournament. But at least she make an effort to co-operate with them to surprise me. Hehe.. I got another 2 present from Jerry. It's a Secret Recipe's Chocolate Indulgence and a necklace.. But something else waiting for me behind.. I guessed it already actually. It is nothing but an IPhone.. I was surprise and he brought me to Midvalley so that the technician can teach me to use it. In that roadshow, I met a girl name Jean. We chatted while Jerry do the procedure stuff. Coincidently, she is from TARC too and she took account. She even stays in hostel before. Haha.. I don't know why we can chat so much.. I even got her number because I asked her to recommend me some freelance.. Hehe.. She is quite pretty also.. I told my sis I got an IPhone for b'day and she is so pissed and didn't want to talk to me.. I so sad... I seldom argue with my sis so I'm so upset.. It was my b'day some more..
Friday, 10/04/09
Attended 8am lecture again.. After lecture, we plan to go PC fair.. Jerry said he 12.30pm only can come so I tell Wh and Yogurt to meet up in Wangsa Maju LRT at 12.30pm.. But then he is late and I fucking pissed off.. Til some point, I call and tell him I'm going to LRT 1st. Yogurt tell Louis that she go by herself 1st.. So Louis, Hui Bee and I took bus to LRT.. Met up with Wh and Erika then Jerry called and asked if we want to follow his friend coz they driving to KLCC.. Since we got free ride, so we tag along.. But little did I know that Yogurt is still in LRT waiting for us.. I texted her coz I want to know if she reached already but then she tell me she is still there.. I immediately call Louis and asked him to call her.. She sound so unhappy when we meet her in PC fair. We have to apologize very long only she gets better.. After rounding the whole PC fair, we went to food court and had lunch and then left.. Jerry fetched me back to Klang.. I accompany sis to Tesco to buy soft drinks and we talked the whole thing thru.. We found a solution and finally talking again.. Happy happy.. My former supervisor, Kak Su gave me red packets.. ALthough is just some small amount but I'm happy because she had the heart..
Saturday, 11/04/09
It's my celebration.. Everyone came include my baby Pinky.. So so happy to see all my friends and family.. It was a tiring but happy day.. I told Woon about Xiang and she asked me to ignore him..We had fun talking and playing and eating... And I got quite a number of pressie.. Will post up pictures of my b'day party and pressie soon.. Tata.. I'm too tired..

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Why he want to do that to me?

I don't know why my bf wants anymore. It was always what he wants that concerned the most. He didn't think of what I want.
He can stop talking to me or ignore me completely whenever he want but I cannot. He can chat with my friends using my accounts but I cannot (he didn't specifies but i didn't do that b4).
He can show me black face the whole day but I cannot even do it for 10 minutes.
He can chat with his ex-gf but I cannot. (He can still tell me happily after the conversation)
He can do whatever he want but I have to asked or at least inform him b4 i do anything.
He won't tell me where he went until if I called but I must tell him where i wan to go b4 I go anywhere..
He is more the BOSS than my bf..
He only thinks what he wants but did he ever think that what I want?
I admit he is sweet and caring but that only applies when he is not moody.
When he is moody, everything that I did is wrong..
How long can I stand with his mood swing?
Why no one ever cares about me? My feeling maybe?
Am i easy to bully?
Everyone just have to hurt me like that?
I'm TIRED!!!


Sigh!! I'm having a b'day celebration this coming Saturday but most of my friend don't know can make it anot. I don't know should I be happy or what?
I went to lecture today with Wh baby. So tiring. We went to breakfast when the class almost end. It was so boring!! We went to TBR and had bread. Then went back to hostel while waiting for Hee Boon and Erika. Around 11sam, Hee Boon reached hostel with Ren Quan. We walked outside and Ren Quan offered to treat me to take cab. haha.. He must thought I'm a spoiled baby.. But it is very nice of him. We had lunch at Little Tree and we chatted alot. A lot about Xiang and Lay Ling... Hahahaha.. She treated me as sorry because she couldn't attend my party.. I went to Cannes to meet up with Wh.. Accompany her for a while then went back.. Here I am sitting in Jerry's office blogging.. I'm so tired..

Sunday, April 5, 2009

I'm a fool or what?

Titles tells everything. I feel like a complete fool right now. What is happening actually, I don't know? Why can't they be more kind to me? Always put me in this kind of situation?
Last week, a very very long secondary friend(which I know she dislike me) came and message me on msn.. Last time, we were not in good term because of a guy (which I think we still is in that term ) therefore it is surprising for her to message me. Deep inside I know is about that guy but since she approaches me, I might as well chat with her. She asked a lot of irrelevant question and then that guy.. Finally.. She can just straight to the point actually.. She told me a lot about that guy. Well, maybe I'm not the one who understand him so much.. Skip this part..

Will you bloody tell me the truth if I asked? If not, then what's the point of asking? It's just a waste of time and energy.. For once, will all of you just fucking leave me alone? I'm tired to listen to all the lies..

LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Back home

Weekends!! It's weekends again.. Last Tuesday, I had a huge fight with my bf.. I don't know why.. Somehow his words seems hurting me at the moment. Then i decided to forget about it and happily go to Greenbox with him, Louis, Yogurt and Yee Sain. But then he started to get moody again and we fight at night. A very huge row.. At the end, he apologize and we made up.. Finally, I had my beauty and sweet sleep..
The next morning, I skipped lecture and then sleep until 9.30am.. Bf called and i wonder why he calls so early. OK.. The night b4, he logged into my facebook to add his sister or something then Xiang went and message me in facebook. Oh my god.. Disaster.. Of coz I told my bf we didn't talked for a long time and all.. I didn't want another argument after making up the night b4.. But luckily Xiang realised it wasn't me so he stopped replying.. Thank god.. I'm saved from trouble..
In fact, I was sick since Tuesday night.. Until now, still not very well. I think I just have to rest more.. Till then, tata.