Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy 21st!!

Titles tells everything mostr of the time. Yes.. I'm officially 21st now.. A big turning of life and I get to celebrate with all the people that I love.. Well, except for 2 who couldn't turn up.. But they make an effort to celebrate with me..
Wednesday 08/04/09
I roughly wrote I happened that day int the earlier post.. At night, we went to Cheras pasar malam and then bought foods and went back. I went to his house and then had dinner there. While watching TV, he asked me to help him take his pants because he stained something on his pants. I refuse but he insisted so I guess there is something waiting for me in the drawer.. Trues enough, it was small box of puzzle. He told me it was actually a photo frame.. So cute and thoughful because he asked his cousins to buy it in Singapore. I received sms wishes during midnight but too tired already so fall asleep.
Thursday, 09/04/09
It's my BIRTHDAY!! Oh.. 21st sound so old..They surprise me with a cake which I'm kind of touched. Ann baby couldn't make it because she need to bring team to tournament. But at least she make an effort to co-operate with them to surprise me. Hehe.. I got another 2 present from Jerry. It's a Secret Recipe's Chocolate Indulgence and a necklace.. But something else waiting for me behind.. I guessed it already actually. It is nothing but an IPhone.. I was surprise and he brought me to Midvalley so that the technician can teach me to use it. In that roadshow, I met a girl name Jean. We chatted while Jerry do the procedure stuff. Coincidently, she is from TARC too and she took account. She even stays in hostel before. Haha.. I don't know why we can chat so much.. I even got her number because I asked her to recommend me some freelance.. Hehe.. She is quite pretty also.. I told my sis I got an IPhone for b'day and she is so pissed and didn't want to talk to me.. I so sad... I seldom argue with my sis so I'm so upset.. It was my b'day some more..
Friday, 10/04/09
Attended 8am lecture again.. After lecture, we plan to go PC fair.. Jerry said he 12.30pm only can come so I tell Wh and Yogurt to meet up in Wangsa Maju LRT at 12.30pm.. But then he is late and I fucking pissed off.. Til some point, I call and tell him I'm going to LRT 1st. Yogurt tell Louis that she go by herself 1st.. So Louis, Hui Bee and I took bus to LRT.. Met up with Wh and Erika then Jerry called and asked if we want to follow his friend coz they driving to KLCC.. Since we got free ride, so we tag along.. But little did I know that Yogurt is still in LRT waiting for us.. I texted her coz I want to know if she reached already but then she tell me she is still there.. I immediately call Louis and asked him to call her.. She sound so unhappy when we meet her in PC fair. We have to apologize very long only she gets better.. After rounding the whole PC fair, we went to food court and had lunch and then left.. Jerry fetched me back to Klang.. I accompany sis to Tesco to buy soft drinks and we talked the whole thing thru.. We found a solution and finally talking again.. Happy happy.. My former supervisor, Kak Su gave me red packets.. ALthough is just some small amount but I'm happy because she had the heart..
Saturday, 11/04/09
It's my celebration.. Everyone came include my baby Pinky.. So so happy to see all my friends and family.. It was a tiring but happy day.. I told Woon about Xiang and she asked me to ignore him..We had fun talking and playing and eating... And I got quite a number of pressie.. Will post up pictures of my b'day party and pressie soon.. Tata.. I'm too tired..

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