Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Why he want to do that to me?

I don't know why my bf wants anymore. It was always what he wants that concerned the most. He didn't think of what I want.
He can stop talking to me or ignore me completely whenever he want but I cannot. He can chat with my friends using my accounts but I cannot (he didn't specifies but i didn't do that b4).
He can show me black face the whole day but I cannot even do it for 10 minutes.
He can chat with his ex-gf but I cannot. (He can still tell me happily after the conversation)
He can do whatever he want but I have to asked or at least inform him b4 i do anything.
He won't tell me where he went until if I called but I must tell him where i wan to go b4 I go anywhere..
He is more the BOSS than my bf..
He only thinks what he wants but did he ever think that what I want?
I admit he is sweet and caring but that only applies when he is not moody.
When he is moody, everything that I did is wrong..
How long can I stand with his mood swing?
Why no one ever cares about me? My feeling maybe?
Am i easy to bully?
Everyone just have to hurt me like that?
I'm TIRED!!!


sOOk aNN said...

yoyo.. take it easy my dear baby..
Guys is always be the one to rule the world.
Easy Easy .. He plan everything for your own good.. ^^

Think positive. you will be alright..

Ng Choon Mei said...

erm... maybe you should talk to him??
Tell him what you are thinking?

take care le ah ling~