Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I'm going CRAZEE soon

See la.. Ini orang tak mahu layan saya.. Hahaha.. He was actually busy sending message.. I spent some quality time with him yesterday. *loves* I thought he will be working but due to him not feeling well, he went to work later than usual.. I love the feeling of seeing him again after separation for a period of time. In this case, 2 weeks.. The feeling is just superb.. Love it till the max! Cause missing each other adds some spice to the relationship. And I got pocket money from him.. Hehe.. Coz I kinda overspend this 2 weeks la.. Exam stress caused it so it's not considered my fault right? pheww.. feels better..

Today is National aka Merdeka Day.. Everyone went out and I have to stay at home to study.. Pity me.. I'm having another paper tomorrow morning.. I guess, burning midnight oil again tonight. I want my beauty sleep la.. I miss my boy boy already.. I don't want to study for exam already.. I want to shop shop shop...

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Get over with it

As days passed by, I only want to get over with the exam. I feel so hopeless in this exam.. All I want is to get over with it. First, I did not attend classes as assignments is taking up most of my time. Even if I attended, I cannot concentrate because I'm very tired. So, how not to worry? In the end, I didn't score high marks for course work for oarticular subjects. I also didn't really know what am I studying. Time is not enough and I feel tired all the time.. I know I cannot blame anyone for my poor time management but I never imagine advanced diploma will be that hectic. Now, I thought, is it a bad decision to continue with advanced? But it's too late to regret now.. Just can pray that I pass..

I wonder, is it because this semester is a full theory semester which makes us feel so hectic? Memorizing is my thing but I do not like memorizing notes for 5 subjects. Plus the exam schedule is crazy.. I'm having paper on SUNDAY morning. Yeah, you read it right.. It's a SUNDAY.. Wow, rushing for Raya also no need to have exam on Sunday kua. Anyway, nothing we can do to change it.. So just bear with it. I will be finishing my paper this coming Thursday but I will be dead tired by that time because I'm also having paper on Wednesday. Freedom is on my way now..

I think I under extreme stress where I cannot sleep at night and then I have the urge to shop. People who know me well enough will know that I usually won't have the tendency to shop.. So, I guess I'm really under exreme stress.. Who want to sponsor me cash so that I can shop after exam?

Friday, August 27, 2010

The week of hell..

It was few days ago when we went for group study again for final exam.. 25/08/10 is the day I'm having my first paper.. It was a very stressful paper because our tutorial is mainly about checking the assignments. I have no idea how the question will be asked and how we should apply the examples. Memorizing all the steps is not easy as it is a total stranger to me.. Words used is of course deeper than those when we were still in diploma level. After all the hardwork and memorizing, we finally sit for that particular on 25/08/10 at 2pm. I feel like falling into hell the moment I read the question paper. I know how to answer but not all.. I only can hope that I can pass this paper.. I've done my best already..
See, how hardworking I am.. Haha.. I'm not pretending for the photo sake but I'm really doing my own notes. The picture is taken by Yogurt for for fun because studying for long period of time. I want to be away from exam.. I don't have the mood to sit for exams anymore. I just finished the 2nd paper yesterday and there are 3 more to go.. How am I supposed to cope with the stress? I wonder.. This is the most stressful exam I've been sitting for so far. Now, I realized that diploma is easy compared to advanced. Maybe it is because I still cannot adapt with the sudden changes, that's why I'm feeling very stress.. I just need some time to clear my mind and concentrate.. On the other note, counting down for 3 more papers and I'm free like bird. Freedom, I love you the most..
Finally, this is another picture of baby Jennifer.. It is also the last night she stays in KL.. She went back on Monday evening. I kind of miss her now.. I wonder when will be the next time she come to KL.. She is very active and fun to play with. The only problem is very hard to capture her picture. I forgot to put the camera into kids & pets mode so most of the picture turns out blurry. No more playing with baby once coming home.. :( But never mind, we will meet again for sure, baby Jennifer.. Miss you!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Jennifer aka Chen chen in the house..

That baby Chen chen aka Jennifer.. She smile but didn't look up thus the outcome.. Lol. Fyi, she is Yogurt's niece and she is here to attend her mother's convocation for Master Degree together with her granny.. This is the second time she is here and she is definitely and absolutely better than last time.. At least she let us carry her and play with her.. She reached KL around evening on Thursday and from that moment itself, we start playing with her. She is so hyper active.. Good things though.. Anyway, she's been good girl on Thursday night.. But disaster struck on Friday morning when the adults is preparing her for the convocation. She cried out loud until everyone in the house is waken by her. Reason why? She is still sleeping and someone changed her clothes and wakes her up. She cried continuously for half an hour.. No one can shuts her up so I'm awake at 7am in the morning. She went out with her granny, uncle and aunt at 7.30am and everyone had peace at last.. Lolz.. I tried to sleep back but failed so Yogurt and I went downstairs for breakfast.. In the end, both of us bought short pants for a very cheap price.. *happy* Anyway, baby is back around noon and once again cried non-stop because her daddy left her on bed.. Hahahahahaha.. No one can shuts her up again and the remedies is her daddy.. I play with her in the afternoon b4 heading back to Klang.. I'm gonna see her again this Sunday when I went back to KL. She will only go back to Johor on Monday night.. I'm so gonna miss her..

Yesterday, I had a row with the boyfriend. I didn't know things that I said hurts him though. I'm sorry, baby.. I've used the whole night to say sorry because I've been avoiding it earlier.. Anyway, we are ok now.. Love him..

I'm so scared now because I'm losing the mood to study for exam as each semester past by. I've been so de-motivated all the time. The workload for this semester is killing me. Maybe diploma is easier which results in me having hard time to cope with adv.diploma. Guess, people have to grow up somehow. *prays hard that I will pass for all my paper*

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My Love Story

I still remember.. That was 2 years ago when I failed my A Level and was forced to make decision between studying or working.. But under my friend's encouragement, I choose to study and so I took up Broadcast Communication. I was actually worried that I might not able to fit in because my classmates or course mates will be 2 years younger than me. I'm lucky enough to have my A Level friends such as Xien Xien to accompany me during my orientation week.

That particular day, I decided to go to Midvalley to meet up with Byron (friends that I've known thru working) and have lunch with him. When I reached Midvalley, I couldn't get Byron so I went to Pizza Hut to have lunch by myself. After I finished my lunch, he called. I went and meet up with him and accompany him for lunch. He said one of his friend will come and join us. He asked if I mind.. I, of course said no, I don't mind. We were chatting and his friend came when Byron finished his meal. Byron introduced his friend to me. I couldn't even remember his name but being polite, I said hi and tell him my name. That is the place where I met him, Midvalley... Byron was rushing back to work after his break and he asked his friend to send me to lrt. I was left with that guy loitering around Midvalley. We did chat a little and he really wants to send me to lrt. He asked me where I stayed and I answered, Setapak. He told me he knows that place and he could send me back straight to Setapak. I wasn't very comfortable with that idea because I only met him for the first time. But I decided to trust him and thank him for sending me. When we left, it was raining cats and dogs outside. He said since he is going to Setapak, he might as well find his friends to yum cha. He called his friend and he don't know how to go to his friend's house. I knew that place because Pinky darling used to stay there. After he hang up, I told him I know how to go and offered to bring him there. I was expecting him to send me back after that but he asked if I would go and yum cha with them.. I don't know what I was thinking but in my mind I thought, why not? Since it's still raining and I didn't want to get myself wet so I went. He introduced me to his friend and we had some short chat. While he was away to the restroom, his friend asked me, how long have you been knowing him? I answered spontaneously, I just knew him few hours ago. His friend was shocked and asked him another time to double confirm when he came back from the restroom. He said yes, we only knew each other few hours ago. After chatting and all, we left. He send his friend back first and while waiting for a car to reverse, I actually asked for his number. He gave me of course and that is when I finally remembers his name. Jerry because he said, do you know Tom and Jerry? I'm that wicked and intelligent little Jerry.. Hahaha.. It was funny. I really thought he will send me back but no. He asked me if I would like to go to Connaught pasar malam with him? I was texting with Pinky and she said she will be going there too.. I was so excited to meet her so I agreed again. But when I reached Connaught, Pinky darling said she cannot come because Liang went to KL already.. Boo~~ The both of us walk along the pasar malam akwardly because there are too many people in Connaught. An hour later, we finally done exploring the pasar malam and left. This is the time where he offered to bring me to a place that have a nice view of KL.. I don't know why but I stupidly agreed to go with him. It's actually quite late already and Byron start calling me. He asked me where am I and I said I don't know. I told Byron that I'm still with Jerry. He of course worry sick about me. Jerry brought me to this housing area where it's a condominium and we can see the KL view from there. It's quite cold too.. We chatted about ourselves from study,relationship,work, family and etc. Basically, I knows everything about him in a day. He was so comfortable with me until he told me almost everything about him. I did share a little about myself but not all. He finally fetched me back and I reached hostel around 12am. Yeah, when I reached hostel, I find it pretty freaky that I will go out with a stranger until so late.. He called after he reached home and we chatted for a while. I was so tired so I went to bed after talking to him for a while. What freaks me out is he said he said he had feelings for me the 2nd day we met. I didn't know people can develop feelings in such a short time.. Jerry come and find me every night just to have dinner with me.. And we were officially together on his 21st birthday, 07/07/08..

When I recall back the day we met, it makes me feel that it is FATE that brings us together. We were 2 people from different places and background and it is impossible to meet. I'm studying and he is working. We don't have the same friend circle except for Byron. Coincidently, we went and meet the same friend at the same time.. And now, we are celebrating 2 years anniversary and still counting on. Throughout these 2 years, I actually learned how to control my temper and how to communicate with my other half. I feel loved all the time and I still do right now although we will have arguments sometimes. Frankly speaking, he was very very good to me and sayang me alot.. With only one phone call, he will be there for me no matter what happened. If I wanted to go anywhere or do anything, he will try to arrange his time for me.. He will always try to get me things that I like without any complain. He will work hard to make me the happiest girl.

I know sometimes I'm not matured enough and only thinks about myself. You bear with my childish attitude and willing to stay with me through thicks and thin. You treat just like I'm the most precious things in the world. Here, I just want to say, I Love You and will always do..

To readers, don't go out with strangers until so late because you will not be lucky like me to meet a good guy. Lolz.. So, this is my love story.. What about yours?

His 21st birthday..

In my house.. Too free XD

Our couple ring..

Us with our chip chip..

My convocation..

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

One week full holiday..

Last week, I've been down with fever. Last Monday, I wake up with mild fever but still go to college. I attended class from 10am til 6pm. But when night reach, my body temperature rises and I had headache. The very bad news is, I have to hand in my last assignments the next day. With the high body temperature and headache, I have to finish correcting the grammar. Thank god, I finish it in time and get some rest. That night, I was so sick that I couldn't sleep well. Luckily, I got extra care and I've recovered the next day..

The next day, baby come and find me. He brings me to breakfast and ordered wan tan noodle. I couldn't finish it and lucky to have baby finish it. After breakfast, baby brings me to Low Yat because he wants to buy new laptop. We shopped around for Toshiba brand lappie. Lolz.. In the end, he settled for a new lappie. His lappie is mine now while he is using mine. Love him so much. Muackss.

Wednesday, I'm having my last presentation. I'm still not feeling well so I guess my presentation is not that good. I've been sweating and keep coughing. But luckily, everything is over now. That day, I feel bloated with air. When we reach home, I went and vomit. After vomiting, I washed my face and looked into the mirror. I was shocked because there are red patches all over my face. I called baby and he said he will come and bring me to the doctor. Doctor said nothing very serious and the red patches is just aftermath of fever. My fever is on and off so I decided to go home on Thursday. I rest at home until Sunday and finally recovered. But still very weak and couldn't eat much.

I just finish all my assignments and I'm sick. Gosh.. I guess it's better to be sick now than when having final. I sleep for one week already. I feel so much better now.