Tuesday, August 3, 2010

One week full holiday..

Last week, I've been down with fever. Last Monday, I wake up with mild fever but still go to college. I attended class from 10am til 6pm. But when night reach, my body temperature rises and I had headache. The very bad news is, I have to hand in my last assignments the next day. With the high body temperature and headache, I have to finish correcting the grammar. Thank god, I finish it in time and get some rest. That night, I was so sick that I couldn't sleep well. Luckily, I got extra care and I've recovered the next day..

The next day, baby come and find me. He brings me to breakfast and ordered wan tan noodle. I couldn't finish it and lucky to have baby finish it. After breakfast, baby brings me to Low Yat because he wants to buy new laptop. We shopped around for Toshiba brand lappie. Lolz.. In the end, he settled for a new lappie. His lappie is mine now while he is using mine. Love him so much. Muackss.

Wednesday, I'm having my last presentation. I'm still not feeling well so I guess my presentation is not that good. I've been sweating and keep coughing. But luckily, everything is over now. That day, I feel bloated with air. When we reach home, I went and vomit. After vomiting, I washed my face and looked into the mirror. I was shocked because there are red patches all over my face. I called baby and he said he will come and bring me to the doctor. Doctor said nothing very serious and the red patches is just aftermath of fever. My fever is on and off so I decided to go home on Thursday. I rest at home until Sunday and finally recovered. But still very weak and couldn't eat much.

I just finish all my assignments and I'm sick. Gosh.. I guess it's better to be sick now than when having final. I sleep for one week already. I feel so much better now.

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