Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A little bit here and there

Oh my, it's August already. When was the last time I updated this blog? Probably a month ago.. Next month, I'm starting my first ever full time job. Because of this, this month I'm gonna be busy as bee. I have to continue attend class, find my daughter a babysitter (disaster happened), go holiday (against my wish), and etc.. First of all, I started class in June and still going on until next year. So, it'll be a hectic year for me. My baby is supposed to be send to my mother's house when I'm working but things just don't go my way. Mom needs helps on Wednesday and Friday because she needs to work so I asked my neighbour to help. But last minute, the maid has high blood pressure and high cholesterol level so she can't help me.. Okay, health comes first of coz.. I also didn't want anything to happen to her.. So I'm struggling with another babysitter. 

Yesterday, I went to my mother in law's house and decided to give it a second try. She too, cannot because she needs to work.. But she will help me ask around. *fingercrossed* Then, holiday.. As you all know, Raya is just around the corner which also mean that holiday. So, my mother in law decided to go Johor and Singapore to visit her siblings. She asked us to tag along. Not that I didn't want to go but bringing a 6 months old baby (she will be 6 months old by then) to vacation is kind of troublesome. Shower, feeding, sleeping, carrying and etc.. But hubby decided to tag along being a good son to fulfill his mother's wish to bring her granddaughter back.. Hopefully Lil Sammie will be good by that time.. 

Oh, another thing.. I actually plan to stop breastfeeding and I know it needs time so I'm trying very hard to adjust with it.. And, I started to feed Lil Sammie with porridge.. I have to blend it so it will be easier to digest and so far, she is taking it well.. I gave her my Lil Isabelle's formula to try on and she seems okay with it so I guess it is not a problem to start her formula.. I wanted to continue to breastfeed but then working makes it so hard for me so I have to give that up..

Now, Lil Sammie can flip and turn but couldn't crawl yet.. All she can do is turn direction.. Haha.. But she likes to grab EVERYTHING within her reach and put it in her mouth. Oh, imagine the horror.. When I take the things away from her, she cry.. See la, use her crying power to get what she wants but sorry, I will not give you anyway.. But her daddy will.. Bad bad daddy.. She will turned 6 months next week. Ah, time passed so fast.. Just a moment, I'm pregnant with her.. Then gave birth to her and now she is 6 month's old already.. She just likes to play and things that she likes to play is exciting kind.. Haha.. 

Seeing my mother makes me heartache.. She is lack of sleeps and needs do far more lot of things than last time yet some people are not appreciating her efforts. She is not made of iron okay.. She is human with blood and flesh and she will be tired too. To those who ditch your responsibility, we keep quiet doesn't mean we are nice to be bully.. Just wait and see..