Tuesday, June 29, 2010


OMG! Another assignment due this Thursday, b4 8am. What kind of tutor will set the time b4 8am? Crazy ok!! I'm so tired after rushing 2 assignments last weekend. I'm really looking forward to go home this coming weekend. I wonder, why can't assignment is as easy as blogging? Lol.. I know it is impossible.. But dream for a while also can right?

As mentioned in previous post, I'm very busy since last week. I talked to my friend the other about relationship. Sparks.. Is it very important? I've been in the relationship with my current boyf for almost 2 years already. Things change from time to time because he is busy with work and I'm busy with studies. We spent less time together and we only met 2 days every week. If lucky, maybe 3 or 4 days a week. Slowly, I'm not his first priority anymore. I understand that he got lots of things to do and I can bear with it. But what I hate the most is, he don't call often anymore. And of I call him, he will brush me off with excuse such as "I'll call you back later, very busy now" That also makes me hate calling him from time to time. Does that also mean that we already lost our sparks in relationship? I've been spending more time with my friends. And now, with most of my friends being attached, I feel so bad sticking to them. It is like being the "lamp post" all the time.. Sometimes, looking at my bestie who jus being in a relationship makes me jealous because I do miss all the "sweet" moment and all the caring thing he will do for me. But, everything changed!

That is so like me.. Life has to go on... Another 2 weeks will be our 2nd year anniversary... Just wait and see..

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Assignments is killing my health..

I'm now in McD Ampang rushing my individual assignments.. Hopefully I can finish it on time.. God Bless Me!! It's been a very tiring week because a lot of assignments need to hand in next week. I just need some time to sleep and to hang out.. I've been sleeping at 2 the earliest this week. People who know me will say, that is so not like you.. But no choice.. I have to.. I wonder how long it takes for me to finish up everything.. I still have to polish my Law assignments..

Monday, June 21, 2010

This is what we do..

Pose for the camera.. From different angle..

Saturday, June 19, 2010


The thought of doing assignments today is vanished when I woke up with a sore throat and later on, flu. I actually sleep early yest (if 12 am is consider early) so that I can do my assignments today.. But.... I'm sick.. I hundred percent sure it's Yogurt's fault.. Nah, just kidding.. So, my assignments is pending.. AGAIN!!!

Sorry to my assignment mates.. (not that they care either that I didn't do, haha) But I will eat my medicine and sleep earlier today.. No more 12am la.. 11.59 ok? Lol..

Saturday, June 12, 2010


I've change my blog template and background.. Feeling very happy because I'm tired of looking at the same old template.. I've done my moral assignments too.. Just waiting for Yogurt's story before I can conclude everything.. Hopefully I can get a good night sleep tonight..
I talked to Woon thru Skype today.. I was happy talking to her again..Lol.. I miss her already.. I feel slightly better when she told me she is doing fine in Glasgow.. Miss you miss you!!

I need a getaway!

I had a very relaxing/stress week.. You must be wondering if I'm relax, why will I be stress? Well, I'm relax because I didn't even started my assignments yet and stress because of that. I don't know why but having nightmares almost every time I sleep which caused me to have sleepless night..

Last Tuesday, I went to airport to send Woon off.. I do not like airports that much because the moments of bidding goodbyes is unbearable. Yeah, it makes people wants to cry.. T.T I went to the airport with the boyf. I had some catch ups with Woon's bro, Jun Hor.. Hahahaha.. We were all grown ups already.. Time flies really really fast.. I have hard time watching her leave because it really makes me want to cry.. But I guess it is even harder for her parents and Tian Long to watch her leave.. We will meet again one year later.. I will be here waiting.. Lol. And I hope she can adapt with the environment real soon..

I often wonder what will it be when it's my turn to leave? Haha.. I even ask my boyf silly question such as, If I left, will you miss me? I know, childish side of me.. Done with sending off and airports... Classes makes me very tired.. It is mainly because of the time.. Finish class late or start class early.. You name it.. Gosh.. And assignments are pilling up.. Someone pls slap me so that I can be awake b4 the due date.. I need a holiday!! I want to get away from college..

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Bye Bye

I'm gonna officially bid Diploma goodbye.. After the convocation, I'm done with Diploma.. As I'm entering the next stage which is Advance Diploma, I find it very hard to cope. I blame it all on Tarc's management which left us student feeling hectic. I think by next week, I will be adapting with it as assignments starts kicking in. Hopefully, the four of us can pull it thru. I'm really glad that I've finally made my family proud by graduating with a merit. I was utterly happy when my brother is so happy for me when I deliver the news. I really hope he can make it to my convo. It means a lot to me. Really.

Another goodbye is to my bestie/childhood friend Woon Sze Jing as she will be leaving to UK on the 8th of June.. I'm so gonna miss her because she is always there to help me when I"m down and of course update me with her life.. We've been friends for so many years already.. Now that we will be apart for 1 year, I will definitely miss her like hell. And, for Tian Long that will be leaving on the 25th of June, I still not sure whether I can make it to airport or not. But I will still miss his silly jokes and him making fun of me.. Also, he is there to help me when I'm having problems. 1 year! We will meet again one year later..

I went out with Woon, Tian Long, Tyng, Lay Ling, Hui Tat, Irvin, Wen Hsien, Michelle and Ling's cousin to Pandamaran for dinner. We had a long catch up and fun chatting. I wonder when we will have this kind of outing again because the organizer is leaving to overseas. Hmmph.. Tyng will be leaving to Aussie soon.. Everyone is leaving now.. I will miss all of them..

I'm already get used to staying with my Yogurt baby.. In fact, I like staying with her because she is the one taking care of me.. Lol.. Staying with her is fun because we will talk everynight b4 sleep..I love chatting with my bestie.. hehe...

Recently, I bought my precious iPhone a new cover.. It is a chio red colour.. Lolz.. Soon, my property will all turned red.. Lol.. Call me crazee but I love red.. Red means passion and coolness.. Hahahahah.. I think I should pick up a few skills of make up.. Sis been complaining that I've been relying on her so much..

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

What a long long day!

Hey people! I've been thru the most tiring day in this week.. (I know this week is not over yet) I wake up early in the morning at 9am to attend class.. I was late for 20 mins.. Oops.. I did last minute laundry b4 going out which cause me to be late. Class was boring as usual and I couldn't really concentrate.. So, I was relieved when the class is finally over. I waited for Wan Huey for quite long and the weather is so hot.. Finally... She came.. Yogurt and I hopped into her car and we went for lunch in Genting Klang. After that, I went to plenty of bridal houses with Wan Huey to try her luck to look for jobs. I love going to bridal houses to have a look at their clothes and environment. One of them even showed video.. Pretty interesting but I think the video is kinda funny.. Lol.. When we finally finished and wanted to go back, rain started to pour with strong wind and thunder.. Scary le!! And we were soaking wet when we get into the car. Cool! But when we were back in GK, the weather is just nice.. Apa ini? Ish!!

We went to TBR to print some forms and then find Erika. I couldn't eat with them because my boyf called me last minute and asked me to go Low Yat with him.. Yeah, getting a new 'baju' for my iPhone baby.. Pretty sharp red.. Like it so much.. Thank you Chip Chip.. Then, we went to Midvalley to have dinner and did some transactions.. Rushing here and there is tiring.. BUt I felt pampered after such a long time being neglected.. Lol.. Not blaming the boyf but it's been very very long since we spent some quality time alone. Love you baby!! Our next stop is his house coz he needs to print something.. After that, we went to Puchong because he needs to hand something to his client.. And finally, back to GK.. Phew!! What a long day!!

I wonder when will be the next time we spent time alone again.. *finger crossed* I really miss hanging out with you..