Saturday, June 5, 2010

Bye Bye

I'm gonna officially bid Diploma goodbye.. After the convocation, I'm done with Diploma.. As I'm entering the next stage which is Advance Diploma, I find it very hard to cope. I blame it all on Tarc's management which left us student feeling hectic. I think by next week, I will be adapting with it as assignments starts kicking in. Hopefully, the four of us can pull it thru. I'm really glad that I've finally made my family proud by graduating with a merit. I was utterly happy when my brother is so happy for me when I deliver the news. I really hope he can make it to my convo. It means a lot to me. Really.

Another goodbye is to my bestie/childhood friend Woon Sze Jing as she will be leaving to UK on the 8th of June.. I'm so gonna miss her because she is always there to help me when I"m down and of course update me with her life.. We've been friends for so many years already.. Now that we will be apart for 1 year, I will definitely miss her like hell. And, for Tian Long that will be leaving on the 25th of June, I still not sure whether I can make it to airport or not. But I will still miss his silly jokes and him making fun of me.. Also, he is there to help me when I'm having problems. 1 year! We will meet again one year later..

I went out with Woon, Tian Long, Tyng, Lay Ling, Hui Tat, Irvin, Wen Hsien, Michelle and Ling's cousin to Pandamaran for dinner. We had a long catch up and fun chatting. I wonder when we will have this kind of outing again because the organizer is leaving to overseas. Hmmph.. Tyng will be leaving to Aussie soon.. Everyone is leaving now.. I will miss all of them..

I'm already get used to staying with my Yogurt baby.. In fact, I like staying with her because she is the one taking care of me.. Lol.. Staying with her is fun because we will talk everynight b4 sleep..I love chatting with my bestie.. hehe...

Recently, I bought my precious iPhone a new cover.. It is a chio red colour.. Lolz.. Soon, my property will all turned red.. Lol.. Call me crazee but I love red.. Red means passion and coolness.. Hahahahah.. I think I should pick up a few skills of make up.. Sis been complaining that I've been relying on her so much..

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