Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I'm an official diploma holder!

I know I'm late by 2 years but at least I graduates right? Lol.. Happiest moments because I finally graduate and together with my gangz.. Since the beginning of my diploma, Louis is the one in the same assignment groups from the beginning til now.. And we manage to sit side by side during graduation.. Xiao Kan, thank you for everything which includes the problems that you bring to me.. LOl.. To my B5-Gang, I love you all so much coz we still stick together thru all the tough moments.. E3 Gang, we will always bring on the E3 spirit whenever where we are.. To Derek and Kc, I'm really glad to have the both of you to brighten up my life.. Love the both of you, housemates! To Jerry Koh, thanks for listening to my whining and comfort me whenever I'm stress.. But hor, I still want my chip chip la!

And lastly, to all my family members, daddy,mummy, kor kor, jie jie and di di for supporting me and be there for me.. Jie, thanks for the flower and sorry because I spoiled it.. Kor, thanks for coming back all the way from China to attend my convocation..

Now that my convocation is over, it's time to go back to reality which is assignments.. Bye for now..

Lim sibling's..

Ling and How(elder brother)
Ling and Hsia (sister)
Ling and daddy and mummy
Ling and Jerry (boyf)
Ling and Louis (Xiao Kan)
Ling and kawan-kawan sekalian

Pictures will be updated soon.. Coz others in wan huey de camera..

Friday, July 16, 2010

Surprise? Not..

I'm not going to talk about how we meet yet.. Because I'm very occupied at this moment. Tomorrow is my convocation and I got another assignments to hand in next Wednesday. I still don't have any idea how to do it.. And it's killing me.. I feel so suffocated..Things is getting pretty packed up until I cannot breath. Last Thursday, I had my midterm. I studied until midnight but I still don't know what is it about. The next day, I don't know how to answer.. I feel very bad because I realized that I did not really know what am I studying this semester. I'm so blur about what is going to come out for final exam and what we are studying actually. It was very tiring.

How I wish I can take a few days break and be away from college, homeworks, assignments and anything regarding college. I actually set a very high aim for my Advance Diploma because I did not did very good for my Diploma. For that, I feel bad for not giving full commitment in my studies. *cries*

I talked to Kelly few days ago. She congrats me for my convocation. She said she feel glad because I talked to her. When I read that, I feel bad. But everything is ok now... We are friends again. That day, I chatted with few friends that we did not contact for a moments. Surprise! Haha..

Gotta do my assignments now.. I had lots of thoughts recently but don't have the time to jot them down.. Weird thoughts.. Lolz.. I have weird dreams also coz assignments is so torturing.. I had nightmares almost every night. Sigh!!!!!!

On another happy note, my brother is on his way back to Malaysia. But I will not go home tonight. So I only get to see him tomorrow which is in my CONVOCATION! Woohoo~~ My big day! At least feel slightly better seeing my brother and all my family member tomorrow. Anticipating for it.

Wan Huey forced me to promote our PR company.. Lol.. Company that we created just for the sake of assignments.. Our main goal is promote for Polycom where we have to prepare proposal for this product. As a director, I need to see the proposal and agree on it.. While, Yogurt is the PR director and Louis is the Finance director.. Wan Huey will be the advertising director..Muahahaha.. So I can just asked them to do all the works.. (in my dream la) Till then, bye!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary My Love

Today, 07/07/2010 is my boy's birthday and our 2nd year anniversary. Just wanted to wish him





Actually, I never thought that we will come this far. Because my past relationship always ends pretty fast.. I really appreciate the time we've spent together and wish he feels the same.. Oh, time flies and we are together for 2 years already.. Maybe in next entry I will write about how we met..

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

An unexpected day

I'm now blogging in my room with dims of lights and my sleeping roommate. I went out with my boyf today. A very happy evening because we did what he likes to do rather than just what I likes to do. For those who didn't know, my boyf is just one year older than me which is 23 years old but he has lots of weird hobby.. Lol.. Currently, he is obsessed with chinese tea sets.. Such a weirdo, I know that.. I accompany him to choose and he actually asked me which one I like. He took the one I chose. Sweet! He is so cute when choosing things that he liked. Just like a kid. I like the childish side of him. Lol.. In the end, he bought me my favourite java chips.. Love him til max! But then, I keep coughing after drinking it. Haha..

Two more days to his b'day and our second anniversary. What should we do that day? I don't know. Surprise? Dinner? Cakes? Hmmph. Just let me think about that. I don't even know if he is free on that day itself. This is my first time celebrating 2nd year anniversary. My past relationship didn't get to go thru one year anniversary. I don't know. They just stop at one or b4 one. Weird? I know. So, this is the first, I guess..

My mood is swinging like a bitch these few days. I wonder if I'm having PMS or just plain stress. I'm very happy this minute and then very grumpy the next minute. What is wrong with me? I wonder.

Thursday, July 1, 2010


I've finally completed my last assignments for this week. Well, more to come next week but it's time to relax just a while..I will be going out with bestie tomorrow to chill out for a while.. I'm in super good mood right now which I don't know why.. It's like the 180 degree changes from afternoon's mood. Gosh, I was so stress this afternoon for not doing anything. Tired and not in mood to do anything. But kawanku, Xien Xien made my day. He actually wants to come and find me but I was so tied up with assignments at that moment. Sorry buddies. I actually skipped my tutorial and balik rumah tidur.. Sorry daddy, I'm really tired.. I actually had a nightmare.. Guess what, I dream of the ways to do the communication theories assignment. In the end, I woke up in horror because I haven't started anything. But mood turns better after I came back from dinner and talked on the phone with my boyf.

Talking about my boyf, we actually had a row yesterday but things work out eventually. We are okay now. And of course, it helps to pull us closer..

Anyway, I'm going to sleep now because I have to wake up super early tomorrow.. Btw, I'm having midterm tomorrow morning too.. Insane tutor! Lol.. Thank you gang saya sekalian! Keep up the good spirit! Muahahaha..