Tuesday, July 6, 2010

An unexpected day

I'm now blogging in my room with dims of lights and my sleeping roommate. I went out with my boyf today. A very happy evening because we did what he likes to do rather than just what I likes to do. For those who didn't know, my boyf is just one year older than me which is 23 years old but he has lots of weird hobby.. Lol.. Currently, he is obsessed with chinese tea sets.. Such a weirdo, I know that.. I accompany him to choose and he actually asked me which one I like. He took the one I chose. Sweet! He is so cute when choosing things that he liked. Just like a kid. I like the childish side of him. Lol.. In the end, he bought me my favourite java chips.. Love him til max! But then, I keep coughing after drinking it. Haha..

Two more days to his b'day and our second anniversary. What should we do that day? I don't know. Surprise? Dinner? Cakes? Hmmph. Just let me think about that. I don't even know if he is free on that day itself. This is my first time celebrating 2nd year anniversary. My past relationship didn't get to go thru one year anniversary. I don't know. They just stop at one or b4 one. Weird? I know. So, this is the first, I guess..

My mood is swinging like a bitch these few days. I wonder if I'm having PMS or just plain stress. I'm very happy this minute and then very grumpy the next minute. What is wrong with me? I wonder.

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