Thursday, July 1, 2010


I've finally completed my last assignments for this week. Well, more to come next week but it's time to relax just a while..I will be going out with bestie tomorrow to chill out for a while.. I'm in super good mood right now which I don't know why.. It's like the 180 degree changes from afternoon's mood. Gosh, I was so stress this afternoon for not doing anything. Tired and not in mood to do anything. But kawanku, Xien Xien made my day. He actually wants to come and find me but I was so tied up with assignments at that moment. Sorry buddies. I actually skipped my tutorial and balik rumah tidur.. Sorry daddy, I'm really tired.. I actually had a nightmare.. Guess what, I dream of the ways to do the communication theories assignment. In the end, I woke up in horror because I haven't started anything. But mood turns better after I came back from dinner and talked on the phone with my boyf.

Talking about my boyf, we actually had a row yesterday but things work out eventually. We are okay now. And of course, it helps to pull us closer..

Anyway, I'm going to sleep now because I have to wake up super early tomorrow.. Btw, I'm having midterm tomorrow morning too.. Insane tutor! Lol.. Thank you gang saya sekalian! Keep up the good spirit! Muahahaha..

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