Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I'm an official diploma holder!

I know I'm late by 2 years but at least I graduates right? Lol.. Happiest moments because I finally graduate and together with my gangz.. Since the beginning of my diploma, Louis is the one in the same assignment groups from the beginning til now.. And we manage to sit side by side during graduation.. Xiao Kan, thank you for everything which includes the problems that you bring to me.. LOl.. To my B5-Gang, I love you all so much coz we still stick together thru all the tough moments.. E3 Gang, we will always bring on the E3 spirit whenever where we are.. To Derek and Kc, I'm really glad to have the both of you to brighten up my life.. Love the both of you, housemates! To Jerry Koh, thanks for listening to my whining and comfort me whenever I'm stress.. But hor, I still want my chip chip la!

And lastly, to all my family members, daddy,mummy, kor kor, jie jie and di di for supporting me and be there for me.. Jie, thanks for the flower and sorry because I spoiled it.. Kor, thanks for coming back all the way from China to attend my convocation..

Now that my convocation is over, it's time to go back to reality which is assignments.. Bye for now..

Lim sibling's..

Ling and How(elder brother)
Ling and Hsia (sister)
Ling and daddy and mummy
Ling and Jerry (boyf)
Ling and Louis (Xiao Kan)
Ling and kawan-kawan sekalian

Pictures will be updated soon.. Coz others in wan huey de camera..

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