Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Me in recent days

Good days!
I've been away for a while, didn't I? I'm just busy dealing with ma daughter.. Other than that, I'm also starting class yesterday.. What? Studying again? Yes! A one year course but it's a part time so I can work at the same time.. =) Lil Sammie has been a little bit kinky recently. She cries a lot when I brought her to new places aka my mum's house.. I guess child's memory is really short term.. She totally forgot that she used to stay there for months.. Haha.. I'm still thinking of how am I supposed to leave her under my mum's care when I went to work.. Will she cry non-stop? I wonder.. So, all I can do right now is to bring her back to mum's place more often..
Studying is pretty bored for me but at least I'm doing something more productive than staying home 24/7.. I'm currently hooked on a new game named Where's My Water? but my phone seems to have problem downloading it.. (I played using my sis phone btw) Maybe it's time for a new phone perhaps? LOL.. I wish but not now..
Things has been slowly turned out good for me and my family.. Grandma has been staying in my mum's house for quite some time now.. She is funny because she often recognized ppl wrongly and you will lost track of who she is referring.. Just last Sunday, we were having dinner (me, granny, bro and sis) I asked granny who is my brother? She cannot come out with a name then my bro casually said that he is my husband. I repeat after him and granny scolded me siow.. Haha.. At least she knows he is not my husband.. And she started to differentiate Lil Sammie and Lil Isabelle..
I whatsapp with my friends yesterday and I miss them so much.. I need more outings with my friends.. Pls come back now so we can hang out together..  =(
I'm very hungry now and hubby is still not back with my lunch. Grumpy!!