Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Kill me!!!!!

Somebody call 911!!!

My drama assignment is killing me.. I wan to die!!!!!

I don't know how to do..

No one can help me and no one for me to consult!!!

How How HOW????

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Review of the week..

Yes, no pictures like I promised previously.. Sorry, no time to upload.. Year 2 is crazeeeeee.... I got 12 assignments in total !! And 4's deadline is next week.. Luckily I have started on it..

Last Tuesday, we went to Tenji in Mont Kiara to celebrate Louis and Derek's birthday. Alicia and I was the one driving. I was fetching the sick Louis, the pre-b'day boy Derek, the cute guy Kui Cheng and my oh so personal GPS, Wan Huey.. Hahahaha.. We were lost in Mont Kiara itself. In the end, my 'GPS' is not working therefore we have to call to Tenji to ask for direction.. Lolz.. But the food is definitely worth all the hard work.. Too bad the variety is kinda limited but then still yum yum.. We can go round and round taking foods.. Imagine that.. I had a very nice time watching Kui Cheng eat because he makes you want to eat.. Lolz.. Although I'm very full on the end, I still feel like eating.. Oh my god!! I was so full and sleepy after that but then still can drive la.. Anyhow, we enjoyed the buffet very much..

Wednesday, the day of drama presentation.. I was so sleepy and tired.. But still, thanks to Louis and Derek for making my presentation a good one.. It was their birthday and they still come and help me.. Thank you thank you.. Surprise is awaiting for Louis as his gf flied back from China.. Sweet sweet.. I didn't have time to buy them a cake as I'm rushing for my drama.. Here, I wanted to apologize to Janice too because I didn't have time to properly introduce myself.. Hehe.. The presentation was so so because most of them didn't memorize the script but I got compliment from my tutor which boost a little of my confidence.. Hehe.. I was acting as Blanche, the flirty one.. Haha.. The day ended with my boy bringing me to Connaught pasar malam because he is having an off day.. Love him much much..

Nothing much happening in Thursday.. Just some normal debate happening in class with the topic of Money cause more problems that it solves. I, unfortunately get choosen for the agree party which is very hard.. But then, I have a very nice time debating with Derek.. Haha, I just don't know why he got so many idea to debate back.. But it was a funny 1 tho.. After debating, we went to McD for breakfast and then study for quiz as we get the info that we might have a quiz.. In the end, our class don't have quiz.. But I studied already so things that Ms Loh asked, I happened to know the answer.. Haha.. She was so surprise because all of us skipped her lecture that Tuesday.. Hahahha... Her expression worth a million.. I enjoyed very much in Ms Loh's class because I absorb better and most importantly, she remembers our name which makes us looks like friends. I love it.. After her tutorial, we are free and we went to Pavilion to hang out and we manage to come up with the idea for PSA assignment.. So proud of ourselves.. *blush* We went back to Audio lab at 4 because we booked it for our commercial assignment.. We manage to finish it by then and happy with the results.. I even can memorize the commercial right now.. Happily go back after that and meet up with my lao gong zai.. Lolz.

Friday, the day I used all my brain juice.. Morning, I got practical for Broadcast Writing.. We were given a task, that is to write a PSA.. I got cervical cancer.. Waited for Louis they all to come then we started to work on it.. We finished and present.. It was overall quite good.. Went to McD again with Alicia And Michael.. I'm the lamp post.. Gosh!! Finished and attended English.. Boring boring boring.. I read the script that Cris gave it to us.. It makes me headache.. Too much of conflict.. Then we decided to come up with a new one.. We went to Alicia's house after English and squeeze all of brain juice.. We finally manage to come up with 3 pages and went back to college. We are late and they started recording already. In the end, we record both and tutor said both also not a very good drama.. We have to rewrite.. Gosh, I was so tired.. Cris they all went back straight without trying to discuss.. Maybe we need to discuss on Monday.. Will see..

Weekend wasn't a relax time for me as I need to finish up my assignments. I haven't even start my drama assignents.. Everything packed in the same week.. And I have to start studying already because final is approaching.. Bless me.. And I get to spend more time with my boy which makes me a happy girl.. But the busy me coulnd't spend time with my dearest friend such as Hee Boon, Pink and Rin.. Sorry girls...Will make it up soon, I promise..

Sunday, July 19, 2009

A very meaningless post!!

I wrote an entry last Sunday but didn't manage to finish it. I guess I shall left it in the draft. It's over, no point posting it.. Anyhow, I'm currently suffer from cramp.. Damm, why now? I got drama presentation next week.. Gosh!!I have to memorize my script and now I remembered I haven't type the cover page and etc.. Things are all rushing in.. Line up pls!!

Hopefully I manage to film it by next week.. Have to thanks to my personal expert, LEONG WAN HUEY!! Hahahahhaa.. I want to finish that fucking presentation as soon as possible.. Thank you. Oh, and sorry to Derek and Louis because both of you have to help us on your b'day itself.. So sorry!!

Vey lazy want to post long long and upload pictures.. Lalala~~~~ So end it here 1st and will update again most probably after my presentation.. In the meantime, have a look at my Plurk or Twitter 1st..

Thursday, July 16, 2009


I'm numb..

I'm tired..

My heart broken.....

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Nothing.. Nothing

I'm missing home right now.. :( I didn't go home last weekend due to TT night and I'm now waiting for Friday, then I can go home.. Yeah!! Anyway, TT night was a blast.. Good job, Yogurt and Derek plus all the other committees..

(shout out loud)*Joseph Joseph!!! *

Too bad he didn't win but he definitely won the audience's heart.. It is better than the title right? And Sean the emcee too.. He is good and cool.. I really enjoyed it very much.. Thanks to kawan punya kawan, i got VIP tickets and manage to watch it in front.. I enjoyed very much of the show, well except the instrumental part.. It is nice but part of it is boring..I got pictures but then gonna post it up when I went home..

This coming Sunday will be OO night.. All the best to all my friends, the committees.. I shall wait for the show.. Home sweet home.. I miss you!!! and daddy and mummy and jie jie and ah boy and velvet.. Oh, and not forgetting my chinaman brother.. plus my boy... Hehe.. I think I'm exhausted.. Lolz.. Simply type...

Saturday, July 4, 2009

tough i need to be tough..

Basically, I'm very busy this whole week and that explains about my absence in this blog.. It seems dusty to me.. In fact, I'm very tired now.. It's been a hectic week. I personally busy for my assignments while my kawan-kawan busy for their TT night and OO night... I had my drama rehearsal on Tuesday and Wednesday and then proceed to my other assignment discussion. Gosh.. So many assignment's deadline is rushing in. I want to die. I've been to college early and back late. Sleepless night just to come up with something but then bah~ nothing came out.. I think I have to brush up my skills again. Finally, I hand in one assignment today. Thank god.. 11 to go.. I guess it's approximately 12 assignments this sem..I lagi want to die.. I can't help anything in TT and OO so all I can do is back them up in assignments. I hope i can help them in a way.. Sleepy la.. Me with my emotionless face everyday.. Save me pls someone.. I'm staying in KL this week for the sake of TT night and of coz my assignments.. Anything, assignments comes first.. I wana go do work and then to my dreamland 1st..Will update soon..