Saturday, July 4, 2009

tough i need to be tough..

Basically, I'm very busy this whole week and that explains about my absence in this blog.. It seems dusty to me.. In fact, I'm very tired now.. It's been a hectic week. I personally busy for my assignments while my kawan-kawan busy for their TT night and OO night... I had my drama rehearsal on Tuesday and Wednesday and then proceed to my other assignment discussion. Gosh.. So many assignment's deadline is rushing in. I want to die. I've been to college early and back late. Sleepless night just to come up with something but then bah~ nothing came out.. I think I have to brush up my skills again. Finally, I hand in one assignment today. Thank god.. 11 to go.. I guess it's approximately 12 assignments this sem..I lagi want to die.. I can't help anything in TT and OO so all I can do is back them up in assignments. I hope i can help them in a way.. Sleepy la.. Me with my emotionless face everyday.. Save me pls someone.. I'm staying in KL this week for the sake of TT night and of coz my assignments.. Anything, assignments comes first.. I wana go do work and then to my dreamland 1st..Will update soon..

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