Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My external hard disk

I'm very happy today because I finally bought the external hard disk that I wanted so long.. I didn't really know what brand to buy so I consult my buddies, Wan Huey and Sook Ann.. In the end, I decided to buy Western Digital, Passport. Thanks to Sook Ann for checking out the price for me last week.. And today, thanks to Chip that fetches me to Low Yat to get my new baby! No pictures coz I didn't bring my lappie and currently using Chip's brother lappie..

I finally met Chip's friend which I only heard about all this while. Man, he was cool because he will know my character and future by just counting my IC number.. Well, basically most of the things he said is true. And he can count my hp number to see if the number suits me. Turns out, I tend to argue a lot over the phone and esily got angry when I was on the phone. This is true because I often fight with Chip Chip when we are on the phone.. When we talk face to face, we seldom argue.. When he mentioned about that point, I laugh straight away. So people, if you want to discuss or talk anything to me, try not to do it thru phone. We talk face to face la.. Ok?

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Presentation, what a tiring day!

I'm very tired today because I had a 8am class.. Plus I'm nervous because I have a presentation at 10am. Although we were all ready to accept any scoldings from her, we were still pretty nervous. As Louis is the lucky one, we are the 1st to present.. Luckily she didn't really scold our class but nag a little. After my presentation, we, a bunch of E3 went to TBR for lunch.. A bunch as in all the E3 except Bryan, Dayana, Janice, Pei Xuan and Purani. We had three tables in total. We had a very fun time chatting and laughing. After lunch, we decided to change location because we were kinda noisy. Lolz.. So, me,Louis, Madeline, Choon Mei, Jenki, Connie, Justin, Alicia, Hui Bee, Jess and Heap Kai went to Wangsa Walk Mall's A&W.. Rest and chat then I follow Cindy to Ampang for their group' s shooting. Bad luck as rain started pouring and we wanted very long for it to stop. I was assigned to be the 'Malay' girl at 1st but I couldn't wear the baju kurung so they change. And they change their shooting time to tmr. I won't be there because I have to attend class.

I suddenly had the idea to call my boyf Chip because we both like it so so much.. So he will be my personal Chip.. Muahahaha!

Sunday, March 28, 2010


A very boring weekend because it is dedicated to my assignment. Sad case.. But at least I manage to finish it now.. Boring boring.. Boyf is working right now and I go no where to go.. Hmm... I guess I just gonna watch my series.. In fact I'm kind of tired because two assignments due in one week.. One more commercial production next week... Oh, and one more make good test.. Gosh.. Busy til can die wey... Btw, my license is out already. If I know it earlier, I would have go home. Coz my replacement class is canceled.. Yes, last minute cancel. So utter annoying..

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My new possesion!

Mine mine mine!
Depress Chip Chip!
Longer version of char siu zai
My space wawa
What is this?
Surprise from the boyf
Colourful and makes me falls in love with it head over heels!
The candy that I saw on TV!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Yay, I passed the test!

As mentioned above, I passed my motorcycle test along with my brother. I was so nervous.. I was assigned to number 8 while my brother is number 64. Gosh, I wasn't that nervous at first but I mistakenly turn the fuel knob which makes the bike to rush in front. From that time, I was nervous like hell. The instructor who used to instruct us when we are learning came and asked me to use gear 2 instead if I'm nervous. I seriously scared I couldn't pass this test. But, I safely passed the difficult part which is the bridge and I passed the test. I was required to sign the paper and my hand is still shivering when I was signing it. My part passed and the waiting part is killing me. I have to wait for my brother and will try my very best not to make him nervous. As you know, my brother failed his pre-test that's why he is more worried than me. But all the waiting worth a million because he passed too.. Wakakakaka.. We called the instructor so that he can come and fetch us. And then we called daddy. I bet daddy will be as nervous as both of us. True enough, he was so relieved when I told him that both of us passed the test. As the 1st timer, my brother of coz very very happy because he finally gets a P. Me on the other hand, feels normal when the anxious gone. The bad news is, I won't be having my license for the next 2 weeks as they needed it and I won't be back next weekend. So byebye to driving..

I'm utterly busy this week. I came back earlier last Sunday for Encore. Encore is ok and I enjoyed some of the show. Why said some? Because there were this guy which solo and he makes me wana puke by just looking at him. Muahahaha.. No further elaboration. Jesslyn's group, Ignorance won Encore. Alicia's group, Lullabies, although didn't win but I think their performance is quite nice and new to me.
Monday, I went to McD for breakfast and to study for my midterm with Sook Ann and Wan Huey. Then we had midterm at 10am. The question is quite hard because I didn't study much. After midterm, I ferry Wan Huey around because she need to fix her car. I fetched her back to college for recording. After that, fetch her to get back her car and then left. I went to Jerry's house and spend some time with him. Wan Huey called and decided to play a prank on Cindy. B5 crop her profile picture and then left her a comment. Muahaha.. So childish yet so fun!
Tuesday was the busiest day because I had class from 8am til 4pm. I didn't sleep well that night which makes me very tired.I didn't answer any question for that tutorial because I didn't prepare enough. After class, I went to the Sentul hall with Wan Huey because she needs to take pictures and videos while I have to learn how to go. We went back to Louis's condo after that for some filming and then dinner. Rest and sleep very early.. Around 10pm.. Haha.. Woke up early the next day to attend the nine school gathering by Kah Chin, Ah Moon, Ling Ling and their SS group. The show is awesome and they had a lot of variety.. I very very enjoy that show. The show ended around 3 something and we went back to college.. Attended practical class at 5pm. Wayne is so funny that he is bomb by most of us all the time. Finished class at 6pm and then chat with E3 gang until almost 7pm then left. Thursday, presentation.. This is the only presentation that I didn't do much preparation and I regretted. Because the case study that I chose is out of topic. But I still got marks for presentation. Still, I'm angry of myself for being so lazy. Sigh.. It's over and I cannot do anything. I came home on Thursday night because I need to take test on Friday.. Hopefully next week will be better!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Backdated post

Holla! I'm finally back from my Penang trip which obvious another prayer + food trip. The trip turned disastrous when the bus air con spoiled. The weather is hot and it lacks of oxygen. In the end, ah boy and I almost fainted. 1st time feeling that oxygen is that important.. Haha.. Doing nothing much in Penang except visiting temples and food.. Yummylicious! Too bad, asam laksa that I ate doesn't taste that good. But others is acceptable. I love spending time with family. As you know, I've been away from home 5 out of 7 days so spending some quality time with family is fabulous.. lolz. 8am in the morning...

I'm now in last semester of my diploma and everything seems so fast. In one month's time, I will be sitting for exams. I've been busy after CNY. Assignments is pilling and I had one subject which failing rate is very very high. Gotta prepared myself for that paper. Studies is so far so good and I've been spending less time with my friends due to clashing of schedule. Arghh! Hate it very much. I've been pampered like a princess by the boyf. He bought me a set of rummy which I think very cool (it's in black) and a chip bolster which I fall in love with. Other than that, he's been fetching me around so I don't have to take public transport. I will be a spoiled baby soon. He will be busier compared to last time and I just have to bear with it. No choice. On the other hand, I finally got my book and I'm so happy about it. Reading it b4 going to bed made my day. I love reading and most of my friends think I'm weird. Maybe I am but I just don't care what others think. I'm purely in love with books. I could spend a whole day in bookstores looking for interesting book.
Yesterday, on my way back to Klang, the boyf and I chatted randomly about a very good friend of mine. Of coz, we have different opinion in that matter and in the end, we argued. We ignored each other the whole afternoon and only made up at night. Maybe we are childish but then I think we just need to stand for what we think it's right.
My new toy!
Today I went for pre test for motorcycle. Thank god I passed. Will be taking the test this coming Friday.. Wish me luck everyone!