Saturday, March 20, 2010

Yay, I passed the test!

As mentioned above, I passed my motorcycle test along with my brother. I was so nervous.. I was assigned to number 8 while my brother is number 64. Gosh, I wasn't that nervous at first but I mistakenly turn the fuel knob which makes the bike to rush in front. From that time, I was nervous like hell. The instructor who used to instruct us when we are learning came and asked me to use gear 2 instead if I'm nervous. I seriously scared I couldn't pass this test. But, I safely passed the difficult part which is the bridge and I passed the test. I was required to sign the paper and my hand is still shivering when I was signing it. My part passed and the waiting part is killing me. I have to wait for my brother and will try my very best not to make him nervous. As you know, my brother failed his pre-test that's why he is more worried than me. But all the waiting worth a million because he passed too.. Wakakakaka.. We called the instructor so that he can come and fetch us. And then we called daddy. I bet daddy will be as nervous as both of us. True enough, he was so relieved when I told him that both of us passed the test. As the 1st timer, my brother of coz very very happy because he finally gets a P. Me on the other hand, feels normal when the anxious gone. The bad news is, I won't be having my license for the next 2 weeks as they needed it and I won't be back next weekend. So byebye to driving..

I'm utterly busy this week. I came back earlier last Sunday for Encore. Encore is ok and I enjoyed some of the show. Why said some? Because there were this guy which solo and he makes me wana puke by just looking at him. Muahahaha.. No further elaboration. Jesslyn's group, Ignorance won Encore. Alicia's group, Lullabies, although didn't win but I think their performance is quite nice and new to me.
Monday, I went to McD for breakfast and to study for my midterm with Sook Ann and Wan Huey. Then we had midterm at 10am. The question is quite hard because I didn't study much. After midterm, I ferry Wan Huey around because she need to fix her car. I fetched her back to college for recording. After that, fetch her to get back her car and then left. I went to Jerry's house and spend some time with him. Wan Huey called and decided to play a prank on Cindy. B5 crop her profile picture and then left her a comment. Muahaha.. So childish yet so fun!
Tuesday was the busiest day because I had class from 8am til 4pm. I didn't sleep well that night which makes me very tired.I didn't answer any question for that tutorial because I didn't prepare enough. After class, I went to the Sentul hall with Wan Huey because she needs to take pictures and videos while I have to learn how to go. We went back to Louis's condo after that for some filming and then dinner. Rest and sleep very early.. Around 10pm.. Haha.. Woke up early the next day to attend the nine school gathering by Kah Chin, Ah Moon, Ling Ling and their SS group. The show is awesome and they had a lot of variety.. I very very enjoy that show. The show ended around 3 something and we went back to college.. Attended practical class at 5pm. Wayne is so funny that he is bomb by most of us all the time. Finished class at 6pm and then chat with E3 gang until almost 7pm then left. Thursday, presentation.. This is the only presentation that I didn't do much preparation and I regretted. Because the case study that I chose is out of topic. But I still got marks for presentation. Still, I'm angry of myself for being so lazy. Sigh.. It's over and I cannot do anything. I came home on Thursday night because I need to take test on Friday.. Hopefully next week will be better!

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