Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My external hard disk

I'm very happy today because I finally bought the external hard disk that I wanted so long.. I didn't really know what brand to buy so I consult my buddies, Wan Huey and Sook Ann.. In the end, I decided to buy Western Digital, Passport. Thanks to Sook Ann for checking out the price for me last week.. And today, thanks to Chip that fetches me to Low Yat to get my new baby! No pictures coz I didn't bring my lappie and currently using Chip's brother lappie..

I finally met Chip's friend which I only heard about all this while. Man, he was cool because he will know my character and future by just counting my IC number.. Well, basically most of the things he said is true. And he can count my hp number to see if the number suits me. Turns out, I tend to argue a lot over the phone and esily got angry when I was on the phone. This is true because I often fight with Chip Chip when we are on the phone.. When we talk face to face, we seldom argue.. When he mentioned about that point, I laugh straight away. So people, if you want to discuss or talk anything to me, try not to do it thru phone. We talk face to face la.. Ok?

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