Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Presentation, what a tiring day!

I'm very tired today because I had a 8am class.. Plus I'm nervous because I have a presentation at 10am. Although we were all ready to accept any scoldings from her, we were still pretty nervous. As Louis is the lucky one, we are the 1st to present.. Luckily she didn't really scold our class but nag a little. After my presentation, we, a bunch of E3 went to TBR for lunch.. A bunch as in all the E3 except Bryan, Dayana, Janice, Pei Xuan and Purani. We had three tables in total. We had a very fun time chatting and laughing. After lunch, we decided to change location because we were kinda noisy. Lolz.. So, me,Louis, Madeline, Choon Mei, Jenki, Connie, Justin, Alicia, Hui Bee, Jess and Heap Kai went to Wangsa Walk Mall's A&W.. Rest and chat then I follow Cindy to Ampang for their group' s shooting. Bad luck as rain started pouring and we wanted very long for it to stop. I was assigned to be the 'Malay' girl at 1st but I couldn't wear the baju kurung so they change. And they change their shooting time to tmr. I won't be there because I have to attend class.

I suddenly had the idea to call my boyf Chip because we both like it so so much.. So he will be my personal Chip.. Muahahaha!

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