Saturday, January 30, 2010

B5's + Cindy + Erika's short trip

Heyya! I'm finally back from my short trip with my B5 plus Erika plus Cindy.. Destination this time is Seremban, Louis's humble hometown.. The day started with us, Yogurt, Soon Ann, Louis, Cindy and I travel to Seremban. Wan Huey and Erika join in later.. Our pro driver Ms Cindy Law 姑姐(inside joke *laughs*) make us reach Seremban in half and hour time safe and sound. The 5 of us went for lunch because some of them is dead hungry.. We had curry noodle and the guy that sells it kinda flirt with Cindy.. That becomes the jokes for the rest of the journey.. We checked into hotel later which named Seremban Star Hotel (SSH).. hahahahaa.. We still cannot escape from SSH even if we are in Seremban.. The room can fit in 7 people (actually 5 only but we squeeze in extra 2) and we can run like mad in the room.. B5 game of the day : Climb on the bed and crawl to the end with speed.. The outcome is hilarious and all of us laugh until stomach pain.. B5 winner of crawling competition goes to LOUIS LIM.. He looks very much like Na'vi in Avatar.. Hahahaha.. Since nothing much we can do in Seremban, the 5 of us went to Jusco Seremban 2 to catch a movie. Tiger Woohoo is our choice.. Although it is a local production but it is worth to watch. It was hilarious and have family elements in it.. After movie, we went to hawker stall to have tau foo fah and prawn noodle.. Our trip is all about eating only. We went back to hotel after that to rest and shower while waiting for Wan Huey and Erika.. Family Feud in my iPhone becomes our entertainment.. We play it until we ignore Wan Huey's message.. Lolz.. Wan Huey reached earlier than expected and we rushed out to fetch them. We 1st went back to Louis's house to get his car and mahjong wtf only go to Terminal 1 to fetch them. Our initial plan is to sing k but then Greenbox is full house and only available at 10.30pm. And they close at ONE AM.. Cheat money 1.. So we decided not to sing and went for dinner.. We had western for dinner.. Yummylicious.. Love it to bits minus the mosquito bite.. We had a very long conversation then went back to hotel again.. 2 groups playing different things, 1 plays mahjong and another one plays Family Feud.. Lolz.. When everyone decided to sleep, Wan Huey suggested we go mamak.. Finally, we sleep at 3am.. Tired but fun.. The next day, we wake up at 10.30am and prepare to check out.. We went for breakfast and then Greenbox to sing k.. *evil laugh* We sing until 5pm.. My throat is killing me by that time.. Is siew pao's time.. All of us is like aunty buying siew pao to bring home.. We had a very very long and funny conversation in the tau foo fah stall again.. We decided to go back to KL after dinner.. Cindy drives 160km/j and we do enjoys the ride... Muahahahaha... Btw, today is Thaipussam that is why some highways is jamming like hell.. I reached hostel around 10.45pm and luckily the guard let Jerry in or else I will have to carry my things out by myself.. Reached home around 12am.. My eyes is shutting down already... Btw, Jerry bought a hamper for my parents.. *loves* And all my parents said is ask him no need to waste money on this kind of stuff.. But daddy do smile when I told him it's from Jerry.. Hehe.. Dental appointment later.. But my sis is missing again.. I want to go shopping!! Gonna buy my brother's CNY clothes...

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Final is always killing me!

I will always very stress when it's exam. I mean since my diploma la~~ Coz I don't have any reason to fail. This semester stresses me more when I'm sick a day b4 my 1st paper.. Gosh! I cannot study and then lost my concentration. The worst exam period ever.. I was suffering on the 1st day of exam. I was shivering and head was spinning.. In the end I didn't do one case study.. It's a Law paper btw.. My boyf is sick too at the same time.. He got high fever.. Ish, what is wrong with both of us? But he recovered the next day.. My second paper is Broadcast Writing which I don't think I can score and scared I will fail.. How la? I'm lack of motivation that I only study a day b4 the exam. I lost my focus!! But the last 2 paper was alright coz I kind of found the lost me.. :P Now, one more paper left and I'm free~ Btw, my brother is back! Erm, but he will be going back tmr. He came back this time just to attend his buddy's wedding.. His childhood best friend.. Lolz..

I can smell my holiday now.. Hahaha.. B5 plan a Seremban getaway.. Finally, we get the chance to go.. Lolz.. Been planning since Year 1 Sem 1.. All Louis's fault.. Always ffk.. Haha... Which also means I get to see Pink Darling again.. Hahahaha.. More update after exam! Bye peeps!

Monday, January 18, 2010


I'm having final now.. Stress gila!! Currently burning midnight oil but still couldn't really study.. Maybe because I'm still sick.. Will blog more about it when my exam is over.. Just a short update..