Saturday, January 23, 2010

Final is always killing me!

I will always very stress when it's exam. I mean since my diploma la~~ Coz I don't have any reason to fail. This semester stresses me more when I'm sick a day b4 my 1st paper.. Gosh! I cannot study and then lost my concentration. The worst exam period ever.. I was suffering on the 1st day of exam. I was shivering and head was spinning.. In the end I didn't do one case study.. It's a Law paper btw.. My boyf is sick too at the same time.. He got high fever.. Ish, what is wrong with both of us? But he recovered the next day.. My second paper is Broadcast Writing which I don't think I can score and scared I will fail.. How la? I'm lack of motivation that I only study a day b4 the exam. I lost my focus!! But the last 2 paper was alright coz I kind of found the lost me.. :P Now, one more paper left and I'm free~ Btw, my brother is back! Erm, but he will be going back tmr. He came back this time just to attend his buddy's wedding.. His childhood best friend.. Lolz..

I can smell my holiday now.. Hahaha.. B5 plan a Seremban getaway.. Finally, we get the chance to go.. Lolz.. Been planning since Year 1 Sem 1.. All Louis's fault.. Always ffk.. Haha... Which also means I get to see Pink Darling again.. Hahahaha.. More update after exam! Bye peeps!


weiye said... not consider all my fault leh...zzz

Vee Ling said...

all ur fault la.. lim wei ye!! hahahhaaha.. but u made it up d..