Saturday, December 31, 2011

The last day of the year

It's the time of the year again.. New Year's Eve..
This year particularly, I feel nothing about New Year's Eve.. Maybe I'm old and lost the passion to party on New Year's Eve..LOL.. But the main reason is I'm having a baby right now so it's not a right time to party and go places that is super crowded. And another reason is my best friend's father passed away due to cancer. I cannot attend his funeral because I'm pregnant. I feel extremely bad because I know this is the hardest time to go through as I just go through it 2 months ago. always unpredictable. The time when we thought it will be better, it becomes the worse..

I attended my cousin's wedding (bride side) yesterday and my grandma suddenly asked my aunt why my dad didn't go and fetch her.. When I heard that, my heart shattered.. Sometimes she remembers and sometimes she don't. Sad to hear that..

Anyway, I hope that 2012 will be a better year for me, my family and also my friends.. I will definitely miss my friends a lot..

Monday, December 26, 2011

Don't mess with me

I finally went home last weekend.. I went home for a while only last 2 weekends because I got things to do. It was a very nice feeling being home again but yeah, shits happened. I just don't understand why you all like to bully my mum and still thinks that you are right. Sorry, I cannot tolerate with this because I've lost my dad and the only thing I can do now is to protect my mum. No matter what happens, I will have my mum's back. So, don't play with fire as I'm not a very good person for you all to deal with.

Just one weekends makes me realized that I always deals with shitty people.. Shitty peoples as in people with shitty attitude. Yeah, I've met a lot of people like this. So, when exactly do they leave me in peace? People that I always thought I can count on and trust will ended up becomes the ones that hurts me the most. So, do I still value friendship? Yes, very very much as I still have a bunch of best friends that have my back. As for family, we still have a strong family bond with each other and I can always go back to them just like how I always go back to daddy last time.

I talked to my sister last weekend and realized that my siblings and I are facing difficulties accepting the facts that dad is gone. The pillar of my family suddenly left and we are so lost because he is the one settling everything for us everytime we face problems. I know time will heal but the emptiness is there. Maybe after my baby is born, it will fills my heart a little.

I will not tolerate with these kind of people anymore as in friends or anyone else. Maybe you can say that I'm very cruel but do bear in mind that things that you all did to me is many times more cruel. If I can take it like a man, why can't you? Just stop feeling sorry for me because I don't need it anymore. I can still survive very well because I have other people that appreciate me as who I am.

Monday, December 5, 2011

One month anniversary

Exactly one month ago, I GOT MARRIED.. I know I'm late to announce this but I got too many things to handle at one time. If you read my previous post, you will figure it out..

Anyway, I'm thankful and happy that my friends and family was here that day to celebrate my big day. Biggest regret will definitely the absence of my daddy but I know he is there, in our heart. My wedding did not have games and all but my friends makes it happy and memorable for me. Thanks ji muis! I didn't got married from my house due to daddy's death so i went and rent a room in Premier Hotel. It was tiring but I had lots of fun. Yeah, emotion ups and downs in one week is freaking tired. I guess my family is tired too but they are all there to witness my important day.

After one month, I still cannot believe that I'm married. Basically, I still live like before, studying and went home as usual. LOL. Pictures are all in facebook which includes my wedding pictures as well.
I got to know some nice people from the bridal shop that I went. One will be the girl that serve me, Suet and also the make up artist, Penny. They were really helpful and caring.. I feel blessed.. Other than that, throughout the whole process of preparation, my hubby did most of the work while me, giving opinion. Thank you, lou gong for everything. Muackss.

My husband's family
His heng tai!
Vs my ji muis
my family
Lastly, us..

Happy one month anniversary..