Monday, December 5, 2011

One month anniversary

Exactly one month ago, I GOT MARRIED.. I know I'm late to announce this but I got too many things to handle at one time. If you read my previous post, you will figure it out..

Anyway, I'm thankful and happy that my friends and family was here that day to celebrate my big day. Biggest regret will definitely the absence of my daddy but I know he is there, in our heart. My wedding did not have games and all but my friends makes it happy and memorable for me. Thanks ji muis! I didn't got married from my house due to daddy's death so i went and rent a room in Premier Hotel. It was tiring but I had lots of fun. Yeah, emotion ups and downs in one week is freaking tired. I guess my family is tired too but they are all there to witness my important day.

After one month, I still cannot believe that I'm married. Basically, I still live like before, studying and went home as usual. LOL. Pictures are all in facebook which includes my wedding pictures as well.
I got to know some nice people from the bridal shop that I went. One will be the girl that serve me, Suet and also the make up artist, Penny. They were really helpful and caring.. I feel blessed.. Other than that, throughout the whole process of preparation, my hubby did most of the work while me, giving opinion. Thank you, lou gong for everything. Muackss.

My husband's family
His heng tai!
Vs my ji muis
my family
Lastly, us..

Happy one month anniversary..

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