Monday, March 30, 2009

Kill me!!

Weather is such a bitch nowadays.. When I have to go to college, it rains cats and dogs.. Like now, it's hot like hell.. No wonder I feels so sick. Everything is spinning around me.. Bugger! I hate this feelings. Yesterday, I went to the cemetry to pray my grandpa(fairypark). I missed him so much. It's been 11 years already.. Things changed but my love to him remained. I guess if he can feels me, his love to me also will remain.. The weather is so hot that i almost fainted.. Shit.. Luckily, I didn't.. Lolz...
Friends around me is so stress as committee of Orientation Odyssey Night.I should said I'm lucky to back out in time. Anyway, I feel so bad seeing my 3 out of 4 B-gang member so stress out.. Sigh.. It is not fun and organized at all. I don't know how to help and don't have the rights to interfere them doing their job. All I can do is to listen to them.. Hehe..

Sunday, March 29, 2009

I don't know what to say

I'm sorry.. This is all I can do.I have to said this.. people change when people around them changed. You don't realized doesn't mean you never change. I don't know.. I'm sad..

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Everything comes to an end

March is coming to an end while April is just around the corner. Which means my b’day is getting nearer. I still remember how I was so afraid of the arrival of my b’day last year simply because I screwed my studies so badly and still undecided on the courses to enrol. This year, the same fear appeared.. I don’t know why. Maybe because of the big 21st I guess.. Xiang mentioned in his blog that he will get me a pasar malam cream cake which I rather he forget my b’day.. At least I still got excuses to make him buy me something else. Last year of my b’day ended up so badly because I was so sick to celebrate. I spent my b’day on my bed with lots of 100+.. Lolz.. I had 2 years continuously sick on my b’day itself. I hope this year will be better *fingercrossed*

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Ah.. Finally it's over...

Finally, my midterm is OVER!!!!! It's not stress but just frustrating because I couldn't study.. Don't care.. Hopefully I really can start study this Saturday *finger crossed*. I went to the class happily for the test but turned out the teacher said it's an individual test.. Shit!! I don't anything at all.. Die die die.. Luckily the tutor give tips and then i copied a little idiom exercise.. hahahha.. So consider ok lo. 2 more weeks from now, i will have another test.. Sigh..

Test test..

Yesterday, I had my midterm test. Gosh, I'm really not in mood to study.. I ended up study the night b4, starts at 10pm.. Really pro right? I just can't bring myself to face the notes.. Even the next morning, my class got canceled and I'm hooked on Shopaholic Takes Manhattan instead of my notes.. That is frustrating.. But thank god I manage to browse thru the notes right b4 the exam starts and bang! The question that I browse thru came out.. Hahaha.. Am I lucky or what? I know I won't always in luck so I will study too.. I PROMISE!!!
I'm having another test today.. Bet it's on my luck again coz it's a translation test.. Good luck to me!!
I wanted to watch Confession of A Shopaholic today but I guess he just wouldn't make it.. I don't know.. He is not free for anything at all.. That is why I'm stuck in hostel 3 days out of 5... Pathetic I know but nothing I can do about that.. Plus I guess I'm gonna stuck in hostel 5 days out 5.. Wish me luck!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I'm a good girl now that i always hang out in library.. Nah.. Just that i got no one to accompany me and no where to go.. Lolz.. So here am I, sitting in the library with my lappie on and blogging.. I am sick now.. Not those serious type of sickness but it begins to show.. God.. I'm having a test tomorrow and an assignment to rush.. Why sickness have to choose this time to pay me a visit? I wonder..
My friend said this in his blog..


How true this will be? Ego? Stubborn? If someone having a combination of ego and stubborn, then his friend will leave and it will only left you isolated... Now I know why I left.. Lolz.. I do not agree with him in some point.. I just had some nice chat with him 2 days ago.. It seems like he changed.. I don't know it's in a good or bad way. Arghh...

I will gain my freedom soon as my boyfriend is not free for me anymore after my b'day. Anyhow, I don't know what to do with my freedom yet as I'm so close to him during the past few months. I have to adapt a new life again.. New life, here I come...

Sunday, March 22, 2009

What do you think?

I feel so much better after I slept.. Contented i must said.. I did half of my parts of assignment yesterday. The other half is because I don't have the Mass Communication theory with me. Too bad. I finally finished all the books that I borrowed from the library..
PS I Love You by Cecelia Ahern
Very touching I should said. It shows me how much love we can sacrifice for our loved one even after we are death. The one remained in the world is always the lonely one. Life is hard without the other half. This stories teaches how to move on with our life and encouragement..
Gerry (the husband) wrote 10 letters to Holly (the wife) in order to guide her through her toughest time.( his death) She is only allowed to open the letters one per month. She is anticipated and of course listen to her husband's instruction. Slowly, she run out of grieving life without realising.. Gerry's effort makes it all and it's very touching. But the movie got lots of difference. I wonder so it's not very nice to me.. *winks*
Confession of the Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella
This is a hilarious story about a women who fails to save up and in debt. Yet, she likes to shops. She will find lots of excuses for herself to shop. It is also about how she is going to find her way to settle her debt, by delaying it, run away or confront the banker? In the end, will she go for Luke Brandon, someone who is rich and they had an argument over respect or Tarquin, someone who she don't like but rank number 15 in Britain richest man? By the way, the movie for this is in the cinema on 26th of March 2009.. Do watch if you want to know more..
I read a friend's blog just now saying that why must miss someone? And only wood won't miss people.. And I guess he is the wood.. Lolz.. I also don't know why must miss someone but my heart seemed to stop at somewhere else.. So what is it like when you are really missing someone? Or you will just thought you are missing that particular person because it is a routine?

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Bad Cramp..

My day started with a bad dream followed by bad cramp.. How bad would it be? I wonder.. Bad cramp is already the worst thing in my life yet I have to rush for my bloody assignment that due next Friday.. Oh.. Shoot me pls, anyone? Yes, the price to pay for procrastinating.. But why oh why must the period comes at the wrong time of the month? Well, they don't bloody care because they will pay you a visit whenever they like.. Bloody hell.. I hate it so much.. But if don't come then I will have to worry... Sigh!


I have finally decided to changed to blogger as xanga took forever to load.. Which totally pissed me off..I've been waiting for almost 1 hour but that stupid page just wouldn't load.. Anyway, do relink me if you want at
I've discovered something that is shocks the hell out of me.. I found out that Xiang owns a blog.. That is really surprising.. I didn't expect him to write a blog..
Come to think of that, I guess I own quite a number of blogs already.. Guess it still counting.. Hopefully the blog don't died on me.. *finger crossed*
Till then,