Thursday, March 26, 2009

Test test..

Yesterday, I had my midterm test. Gosh, I'm really not in mood to study.. I ended up study the night b4, starts at 10pm.. Really pro right? I just can't bring myself to face the notes.. Even the next morning, my class got canceled and I'm hooked on Shopaholic Takes Manhattan instead of my notes.. That is frustrating.. But thank god I manage to browse thru the notes right b4 the exam starts and bang! The question that I browse thru came out.. Hahaha.. Am I lucky or what? I know I won't always in luck so I will study too.. I PROMISE!!!
I'm having another test today.. Bet it's on my luck again coz it's a translation test.. Good luck to me!!
I wanted to watch Confession of A Shopaholic today but I guess he just wouldn't make it.. I don't know.. He is not free for anything at all.. That is why I'm stuck in hostel 3 days out of 5... Pathetic I know but nothing I can do about that.. Plus I guess I'm gonna stuck in hostel 5 days out 5.. Wish me luck!!

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