Sunday, March 22, 2009

What do you think?

I feel so much better after I slept.. Contented i must said.. I did half of my parts of assignment yesterday. The other half is because I don't have the Mass Communication theory with me. Too bad. I finally finished all the books that I borrowed from the library..
PS I Love You by Cecelia Ahern
Very touching I should said. It shows me how much love we can sacrifice for our loved one even after we are death. The one remained in the world is always the lonely one. Life is hard without the other half. This stories teaches how to move on with our life and encouragement..
Gerry (the husband) wrote 10 letters to Holly (the wife) in order to guide her through her toughest time.( his death) She is only allowed to open the letters one per month. She is anticipated and of course listen to her husband's instruction. Slowly, she run out of grieving life without realising.. Gerry's effort makes it all and it's very touching. But the movie got lots of difference. I wonder so it's not very nice to me.. *winks*
Confession of the Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella
This is a hilarious story about a women who fails to save up and in debt. Yet, she likes to shops. She will find lots of excuses for herself to shop. It is also about how she is going to find her way to settle her debt, by delaying it, run away or confront the banker? In the end, will she go for Luke Brandon, someone who is rich and they had an argument over respect or Tarquin, someone who she don't like but rank number 15 in Britain richest man? By the way, the movie for this is in the cinema on 26th of March 2009.. Do watch if you want to know more..
I read a friend's blog just now saying that why must miss someone? And only wood won't miss people.. And I guess he is the wood.. Lolz.. I also don't know why must miss someone but my heart seemed to stop at somewhere else.. So what is it like when you are really missing someone? Or you will just thought you are missing that particular person because it is a routine?

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