Monday, March 30, 2009

Kill me!!

Weather is such a bitch nowadays.. When I have to go to college, it rains cats and dogs.. Like now, it's hot like hell.. No wonder I feels so sick. Everything is spinning around me.. Bugger! I hate this feelings. Yesterday, I went to the cemetry to pray my grandpa(fairypark). I missed him so much. It's been 11 years already.. Things changed but my love to him remained. I guess if he can feels me, his love to me also will remain.. The weather is so hot that i almost fainted.. Shit.. Luckily, I didn't.. Lolz...
Friends around me is so stress as committee of Orientation Odyssey Night.I should said I'm lucky to back out in time. Anyway, I feel so bad seeing my 3 out of 4 B-gang member so stress out.. Sigh.. It is not fun and organized at all. I don't know how to help and don't have the rights to interfere them doing their job. All I can do is to listen to them.. Hehe..


sOOk aNN said...

Thanks to be my great listener in college..
Feeling much better after getting your advice..
Til now..
You are the one who understand my character. haha..

Thanks a lot my fren

Vee Ling said...

u r mostly welcome.. Friends listens.. This is why we needs friends..