Saturday, April 4, 2009

Back home

Weekends!! It's weekends again.. Last Tuesday, I had a huge fight with my bf.. I don't know why.. Somehow his words seems hurting me at the moment. Then i decided to forget about it and happily go to Greenbox with him, Louis, Yogurt and Yee Sain. But then he started to get moody again and we fight at night. A very huge row.. At the end, he apologize and we made up.. Finally, I had my beauty and sweet sleep..
The next morning, I skipped lecture and then sleep until 9.30am.. Bf called and i wonder why he calls so early. OK.. The night b4, he logged into my facebook to add his sister or something then Xiang went and message me in facebook. Oh my god.. Disaster.. Of coz I told my bf we didn't talked for a long time and all.. I didn't want another argument after making up the night b4.. But luckily Xiang realised it wasn't me so he stopped replying.. Thank god.. I'm saved from trouble..
In fact, I was sick since Tuesday night.. Until now, still not very well. I think I just have to rest more.. Till then, tata.

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