Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Sigh!! I'm having a b'day celebration this coming Saturday but most of my friend don't know can make it anot. I don't know should I be happy or what?
I went to lecture today with Wh baby. So tiring. We went to breakfast when the class almost end. It was so boring!! We went to TBR and had bread. Then went back to hostel while waiting for Hee Boon and Erika. Around 11sam, Hee Boon reached hostel with Ren Quan. We walked outside and Ren Quan offered to treat me to take cab. haha.. He must thought I'm a spoiled baby.. But it is very nice of him. We had lunch at Little Tree and we chatted alot. A lot about Xiang and Lay Ling... Hahahaha.. She treated me as sorry because she couldn't attend my party.. I went to Cannes to meet up with Wh.. Accompany her for a while then went back.. Here I am sitting in Jerry's office blogging.. I'm so tired..

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