Thursday, April 23, 2009

Long lost..

Sorry for missing for so long.. I stayed at KL last weekend so I didn't have any chance to blog.. Last Friday, I went to Media Prima to support Yogurt.. We all thought she is signing the contract on that day but turned out we are conned to the recording.. Nevermind, at least I get some experience.. We record 2 episode.. It's very tiring.. Now I understand why laughing is a tiring job.. Anyway, I got a job offer for the weekend..
We went to BU8 the next day (Saturday) to work as part time actress (keh le fe).. Hahaha.. We waited for few hours then left necause we are not needed on that day.. Oh ya, we are back to Media Prima that day.. What a coincidence.. Sunday morning, I woke up at 4.30am because we are required to reach Media Prima at 7am.. Tired tired tired.... But the cash is so tempting so I have to go.. They offered breakfast but i didn't eat coz it's too early.. We just shoot as passer-by in the morning.. I didn't expect to be choosen to shoot later which is tiring becaeuse they took a very long time to finish a scene.. They shoot lots of angle for 1 scene.. No woned actress/actor got so much pay.. Acting is not easy.. We have to memorize the script and then give expression.. Kesian Ann and Wh, waiting for us the whole day... We had a meeting scene where the manager NG for numerous times.. He took half and hour and still cannot get his script right.. We have to change shooting others 1st.. Phew.. The office is so so hot... Really dehydrated... But at the end of the day, I gained cash and experience.. It is very nice when you understand things that they are talking.. Jargons for broadcasters.. hehe..
I just finished my Mass Media and Society exam yesterday.. I think should be ok because I know how to answer most of the question... Saturday, translation paper.. DIE.. Hopefully I can pass because format changed and then the lecturer suck big time.. I skipped her lecture, not because I'm lazy but bacause I don't know what is she teaching about.. Sigh!! I also don't have any clue about translation, Hui Bee some more come and ask me.. Haha.. How am I supposed to know when I myself not yet take the exam? Funny huh? Back to revision..
Translation study mode: ON

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